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Initially, Lin Mos index had been stable at about 30 points.

However, when he brought the hotpot, it actually broke through to 50 points!

And it would continue to rise!

“If I had known that hotpot could have such a good effect, I would have gotten hotpot long ago!”

The influence of hotpot on the involution index was several times that of barbecue!

There is no more need for barbecue!

Of course we have to eat hotpot!

“What a loss!” Lin Mo felt very regretful.

The barbecue he had eaten two days ago no longer felt good!

“If I had started eating hotpot on the first day, my combat skills would probably be at rank 4 now, right”

Lin Mo couldnt help but feel that he had made a mistake.

“Fortunately, the owner of the barbecue stall didnt set up his stall today and reminded me of eating hotpot! Otherwise, Im afraid I wouldnt have known that the effect of hotpot until the end of the martial arts college entrance examination!”

Previously, Lin Mo felt a little guilty towards the owner of the barbecue stall.

But now, this guilt was swept away.

Lin Mo even regretted not shattering the owners martial arts dream earlier.

“Eat!” At this moment, Lin Mo only wanted to eat to his hearts content and take back all the involution index he had lost a few days ago.

Lamb Rolls!

Shrimp paste!


Beef balls!

Duck intestine!


They were all provoking the students willpower over and over again!

It also increased Lin Mos index again and again!


After eating a mouthful of beef omasum, Lin Mos strength accuracy broke through to the level of “two strands”!

He was only one step away from the peak of rank 3!

“Keep eating!”

Lin Mo didnt care that the children inside were about to cry from hunger.

He continued to eat in large mouthfuls.

Lin Mo ate this hotpot for nearly two hours!

It was not until the class was about to end that Lin Mo called for the delivery man to send the pots and pans back to the shop.

“Burp!” After eating, Lin Mo couldnt help but burp.

He really was full!

He really felt good!

“But… while I feel good eating, this meal cost me more than four hundred yuan! Haoran didnt even pay enough for supper.

I have to make him pay more tomorrow!”

At this moment, prep class ended.

The students inside gradually began to leave as Lin Mos involution index plummeted.

“Classs over already My combat technique havent even reached the peak of rank 3!” Lin Mo was very dissatisfied.

“There are only about ten days left until the martial arts college entrance examination.

Arent you going to involute a little longer”

The further one progressed in combat techniques, the more difficult it became.

It seemed like such a simple step to increase ones strength accuracy from “two strands” to “one strand”; but in fact, it was much more difficult than improving it from “a hundred strands” to “thirty strands”!

Even though Lin Mo had the domineering enhancement of the hotpot tonight, he still could not complete this “slight” breakthrough!

“No! My strength accuracy must reach the level ofone strand tonight!”

The novice training field had issued a “Primordial Universe Bounty Mission” last night with the goal of stopping Lin Mos win streak.

If Lin Mo returned to the novice training field now, he would definitely be matched with powerful martial artists from outside the Beginner Village.

At that time, there would definitely be opponents whose combat skills had reached the peak of rank 3.

Wouldnt Lin Mos winning streak be broken then

Thats not okay!

“As long as the people in the prep class havent all left, as long as theres still one person involuting, Ill will not leave! Tonight, I have to break through to the peak of the third rank no matter what!” Lin Mo made up his mind.

One student after another walked out of the prep class.

Even the teachers began to leave the site.

Many people saw Lin Mo when they came out.

“This stalker dog has been here the whole day, right Hes still here”

“Isnt that obvious Jiangxue is still inside.

How could Lin Mo leave”

“He must have hoped that Jiangxue would see him when she came out!”

“Looking out all day for one backward glance from the other person —Damn! I almost began to believe in love!”

As the gym became less crowded, the lights began to go out one by one.

In the end, only one light was still on in the entire gym.

A dim yellow light shone on Jiang Xues lonely figure.

Lin Mos strength accuracy was stuck at “two strands”, unable to break through to the peak of rank three.

As for Jiang Xue, she was stuck for a few days and was unable to break through to the peak of the second rank.

“I clearly touched the peak of rank 2 a few days ago! Why cant I break through now” Under the lonely light, Jiang Xue practiced her combat moves over and over again.

This feeling of being so close had been bothering Jiang Xue for several days.

“Is this a bottleneck The feeling of being stuck at a bottleneck is really uncomfortable!”

Jiang Xue was furious, but there was nothing she could do.

She had also consulted the teacher in the prep class.

The teacher said that there were only two ways to break through the bottleneck.

One was to have a flash of inspiration and suddenly enlighten; the other was to train hard and accumulate strength.

Something like “enlightenment” relied on a sudden burst of inspiration.

It could only be chanced upon by luck.

Therefore, Jiang Xue could only hope that she could accumulate enough strength.

“As long as I dont die from training, Ill train until I die!” Perhaps it was because the feeling of being stuck at a bottleneck was too uncomfortable, or perhaps it was because her martial will was incomparably firm, but at this moment, Jiang Xues involution force completely erupted!


She firmly believed that as long as she worked hard enough, she would definitely be able to break through the bottleneck.

“Today, I must reach the extreme of the second rank!” Jiang Xues involution force was burning fiercely.

“There are still about ten days before the martial arts college entrance examination.

I might be able to have an inspiration all of a sudden and break through to the third rank before the exam!”

Jiang Xue was very unwilling to admit defeat!

In her opinion, since Liu Zhonghao from Haicheng Second High could break through to rank 3 and become an official martial artist, she could definitely do the same!

“Moreover, Liu Zhonghao is actually not much ahead of me.

He only broke through to the peak of rank 2 a few days ago.

Then, he was lucky for his inspiration to erupt again and he reached the third rank!”

Even though Liu Zhonghao had been ravaged yesterday, he was still the role model for countless ordinary students in Haicheng City.

However, someone like Jiang Xue, who was not much different from Liu Zhonghao to begin with, would not treat him as an example.

Instead, she would treat him as a target to catch up to.

If Liu Zhonghao could break through to the second and third ranks, why couldnt she

“Practice again!!”

After training hard for an entire day, Jiang Xue was actually exhausted.

At this moment, she was completely relying on her willpower to continue training.

Outside the stadium, Lin Mo was a little depressed.

“Sigh! Everyones gone!”

Lin Mo did not know how many people and who were still in the gym.

This was because he had not looked inside since finishing the hotpot.

Still, the fading lights and the decreasing involution index told him … the people inside were almost gone!

“Could it be that I really cant break through to the peak of rank 3 tonight” Lin Mo was very unsatisfied.

At this moment, his emotions were actually somewhat similar to Jiang Xues—he had been trying his best to stay idle for the entire day, but he had actually failed to break through to the peak of the third rank!

“Forget it! Theres probably only one or two people inside.

Theres no point in staying.

Lets go!”

Lin Mo was about to get up and leave.

But at that moment, he suddenly heard a wonderful system prompt.

“Congratulations, host! Your realm has broken through to the peak of rank three!”


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