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“Whats going on!”

At this moment, Lin Mo was not the only one who was shocked.

Jiang Xue was ten times more shocked than Lin Mo.

“How did I break through” In the gym, under the dim yellow light, Jiang Xues eyes widened.


In such a short period of time, without any warning, Jiang Xues combat technique had broken through to the peak of rank 2!

At this moment, Jiang Xue was completely dumbfounded.

She could not believe that she had broken through.

Just now, when Lin Mo turned to leave.

Although Jiang Xue felt that Lin Mos so-called “reminder” was complete nonsense, for some reason, there seemed to be a voice in her heart that urged her to try according to Lin Mos method.

“Anyway its just a random attempt.

I wont lose anything!”

With this thought in mind, Jiang Xue couldnt help but try.

“Being too particular about the details caused the me to be too rigid” Jiang Xue actually didnt agree with Lin Mos point at all.

Still, she tried to empty herself as best she could during this practice.


All her actions went with the flow.

She moved as she pleased.

She stopped thinking about any moves or details.

Previously, Jiang Xue had already vaguely touched the peak of rank 2, but she could not really grasp this feeling.

It was so close, but she couldnt break through… This made Jiang Xue almost go crazy, but there was nothing she could do.

But this time, according to the method Lin Mo had mentioned, with less than ten seconds of practice…

Jiang Xue suddenly felt enlightened!

Wasnt the breakthrough of the realm and the improvement of combat skills based offenlightenment

During this period of time, Jiang Xues accumulation had long been enough.

Now, this “enlightenment” was equivalent to utilizing her strength and reaching success!

She directly broke through to the peak of rank 2!


From trying to break through to actually breaking through—the entire process took less than ten seconds!

How could Jiang Xue not be shocked

Jiang Xue looked at Lin Mo, who had just walked out of the gym, with mixed feelings.

“It hasnt even been ten seconds! This is too fast!”

Lin Mo was also shocked!

He had just walked out of the gym door when he froze in shock.

Didnt he just break through to the extreme of the third rank How did he break through to the fourth rank in the blink of an eye

“Whats going on!”

The breakthrough was so fast that Lin Mo could not adapt quickly.

But soon, Lin Mo thought of a possibility.

“Could it be that Jiang Xue broke through to the peak of the second level Then, because of her sudden breakthrough, it turned into an involution index value and returned to me, allowing me to break through too”

After thinking about it, this seemed to be the only possibility.

“Lets go and see if Jiang Xue really broke through.”

Lin Mo was about to turn around and take a look when he saw that the last light in the gym had gone out.

Immediately after, Jiang Xue walked out of the door.

“You really havent left!” Jiang Xue said withouot surprise when she saw Lin Mo.


It was as if it was normal for Lin Mo not to leave.

If he did, it would not conform to the persona of a “Stalker Dog”.

“I…” Lin Mo was really at a loss for words.

Do you really think Im a “Stalker Dog” The reason why I havent left yet is because I want to figure out why my combat skills suddenly broke through to the fourth rank!

Stalking you

Wishful thinking!

“No matter what, I want to thank you!” Jiang Xue said before Lin Mo could say anything.

“Thank me” Lin Mo was slightly taken aback.

“Yes!” Jiang Xue did not hide.

“What you said just now touched me a lot! I suddenly understood some key points in cultivation, and my combat skills also broke through to the peak of the second rank!”


Hearing Jiang Xues words, Lin Mo was instantly certain that it was indeed because of Jiang Xue that he could break through to the fourth rank!

“Ha! Women! They really dont mean what they say sometimes!” Lin Mo thought disdainfully.


“You say no verbally, but your body is very honest!”


A second ago, she had told him not to disturb her cultivation, but in the next second, she had cultivated according to his method!

How shameless!

At this moment, Jiang Xue continued, “Although your reminder was definitely blind luck, I still have to thank you!”

‘Blind luck

Lin Mo almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

I saw your problem and kindly pointed it out to you; now you are calling it blind luck

“However… since you were able to get lucky, it means that you still have some spirituality in martial arts!” Jiang Xue continued, “If you didnt have a certain sense of martial arts, you wouldnt have been able to hit the blind luck! Thats it.

I just broke through to the peak of the second rank.

I need to go back and consolidate it.”

With that, Jiang Xue turned around and left without giving Lin Mo a chance to speak.

She still had that cold attitude!

Still …

She hadnt gone far when she stopped and looked back.

“Lin Mo!”

“Whats the matter” Lin Mo was walking home in the other direction when he heard Jiang Xue calling him.

He had no choice but to stop and ask.

“I dont think you should completely give up on the path of martial arts!” The two of them were a little far away, so Jiang Xue could only shout louder, “There are still more than ten days before the martial arts college entrance examination.

With your intelligence in martial arts, I think you still have a chance to get into a specialized martial arts university!”

Lin Mo rolled his eyes.

What bloody specialized martial arts university!

He was already wondering what conditions those top universities would offer for him to attend.

If the benefits given were not good enough, he would probably not even take a look at Qingmu University.

But here… youre talking to me about specialized schools

“Forget it!” Lin Mo couldnt be bothered to waste his breath and left directly.

He waved in the direction of Jiang Xue behind him.

“Dont forget about it!” Jiang Xue was still working hard.

“Dont give up! Only by walking the path of martial arts will you discover that the future is infinitely exciting!”

Then, in the darkness nearby, he passed two familiar shadows.


The two of them held hands.

One of them looked at Lin Mo and Jiang Xue enviously and whispered, “Look at them.

Dont they look like love”


“Darling, dont talk nonsense!” the other corrected at once.

“The opposite sex is only meant for producing offspring.

Only people like us are true love!”


Lin Mo quickly walked home.

He had long forgotten about Jiang Xue.

He first opened the package, took out a bottle of A1 evolution medicine, and drank it.

Then, he placed the remaining nine bottles in the fridge.


Then, he eagerly put on the virtual helmet and logged into the Primordial Universe.

“Rank 4 combat technique…” Lin Mos eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

Last night, the novice training field had issued a “Primordial Universe Bounty Mission”.

Today, there would definitely be experts from outside the Beginner Village coming to the novice training field to stop Lin Mos winning streak.

“No matter who comes today, Im going to defeat all of them!”


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