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“Could it be that I won too many A1-rank evolution potions the novice training field couldnt afford to lose anymore”

Lin Mo had no idea that ever since he entered the novice training field, his every move was being broadcasted live on the internet.


His mumbling was naturally heard by the entire audience.

“How arrogant!”

“Hes really using the novice training field to farm potions!”

“Dont tell me that the novice training field actually couldnt afford to lose anymore”

“Yeah! If they arent a sore loser, why hasnt Black Earth matched up again after so long”

“One day, Im going to be as arrogant as Black Earth! Ill get ahead and show off!”

Xia countrys Martial Arts Administration.

The three team leaders of the management team of the Primordial Universe Beginner Village were livid.

At this moment, it was naturally impossible for them to drink tea and smoke casually.

After all… the people they had arranged had all been beaten up by Lin Mo!

“The novice training field cant afford to lose”

Seeing Lin Mos arrogant mutters and the discussions in the live-stream, the three team leaders felt like they had been slapped in the face.

‘Theyll be sore losers

Why would they care about a few A1 evolutionary potions

They were the leaders of the Martial Arts Administration! In the eyes of others, an A1-level evolution potion was extremely precious and difficult to obtain.

However, to them, they would not feel any heartache even if they were sent out a whole truck of it!

After all, no matter how much they gave out, it would not be out of their own pocket.

The Martial Arts Administration would pay for it.

And the Martial Arts Administration controlled the martial arts resources of the entire Xia country.

What was a mere A1-level evolution medicine

What these three team leaders really cared about was their reputation! They had already issued a Primordial Universe bounty mission, but they still couldnt stop a martial arts apprentice from winning

Did they not want their reputation

“What should we do now” the team leader, Nie Qing, asked in a low voice.

“Could it be that Black Earth is really at the fourth rank!” The deputy team leader, Old Luo, was shocked and puzzled.

In his understanding, it was impossible for a martial arts apprentice to reach the fourth rank! This had never happened in the past, nor should it happen in the future!

“Its impossible for him to be at the fourth rank!” Little Yuan said with absolute certainty, “At the third rank of combat skills, he can only mobilize the power of his muscles.

If he reaches the fourth rank, he can even mobilize the power in his internal organs, blood, and bone marrow… If his control over his body can reach such a level, no matter how low his bodys growth talent is, it will naturally evolve to more than 1,200 kilograms of punching force! Its impossible for him to still be a martial arts apprentice!”

When ones combat technique were too high, their punching force would automatically increase.

However, the three team leaders naturally did not expect that Lin Mo had just broken through to the fourth rank not long ago and that his punching force was indeed automatically increasing, but it had not reached 1,200 kilograms yet, so he was still not an official martial artist and only a martial arts apprentice.

“Theres another possibility—” Nie Qing suddenly said.

“Black Earth is a quasi-fourth rank!”

“Quasi-Fourth rank” Old Luo and Little Yuan were puzzled.

They had hardly heard of this term.

From the peak of the third rank to the fourth rank, the most difficult thing was to sense the power of the internal organs.

If he could successfully sense it, he would be able to break through to the fourth rank.

If he could not sense it, he would be at the peak of the third rank.

Therefore… he was either at the peak of the third rank or hes at the fourth rank!

Where did the “Quasi-Fourth Rank” come from

“Thats very likely the case…” The group leader Nie Qing, said, “This Black Earth should have already sensed the power of his internal organs! However, his physical talent is too poor, so even if he sensed it, he cant mobilize the power of his internal organs!”

The two deputy team leaders understood what he meant.

In terms of combat technique, he had already arrived at rank 4.

However, he was held back by hi physical talent.

On second thought, that was indeed a possibility!

Quasi-Fourth Rank, in terms of combat skills, had actually surpassed the peak of the third rank.

It was no wonder that he could beat the three peak third realm experts they had arranged.

“How bad is his physical talent” Little Yuan couldnt help but sigh.

“More importantly… even after being dragged down by his physical talent, he can still sense the power of his internal organs and reach the quasi-fourth rank How heaven-defying is his brains thinking talent” Old Luos focus was somewhat different.

“This mental talent is indeed shocking! However…” The team leader, Nie Qing, pondered and said,” The most important thing now is not how good his talent is, but our reputation! ”

“If we let him continue with his win streak, well lose face in the novice training field!” Little Yuan said unhappily.

“If it werent for the fact that I really cant enter the novice training field, I would have beaten him up personally!”

When Nie Qing and Old Luo heard this, they couldnt help but glance at Little Yuan—Can you be any more shameless Youre already a successful person in the martial arts circle, yet you still want to rush into the Beginner Village to bully newbies

“But Little Yuan is right.

No matter what, we have to stop his winning streak!” Nie Qing continued, “Its impossible for a peak rank 3 to pose any threat to him! Then we can only ask a Rank Four to attack!”

“Fourth rank Thats not easy to invite!” Old Luo frowned.

Rank 4 was not considered an expert in the entire martial arts circle, nor was it rare.

However… Celestial Martial Artists couldnt enter the novice training field.

Even if they accepted the Primordial Universe bounty mission, they couldnt enter.

Therefore, they could only look for “Fourth Rank” candidates among the official martial artists.

And that was more difficult.

After all… becoming a Celestial Martial Artist was much easier than reaching the fourth rank in combat techniques!

Those who could reach the fourth rank had generally become Celestial Martial Artists long ago.

And very few people who remained as official Martial Artists could reach the fourth rank.

“Ill arrange that.

I still have a suitable candidate on my side!” Little Yuan said.

“Besides, Ive long disliked Black Earth for daring to be so arrogant in my territory! This time, I must find someone to humiliate him!”

Lin Mo queued in the novice training field for more than ten minutes, but he still couldnt match an opponent.

“Am I going to end my win streak this way”

“Uh…” Lin Mo was speechless.

When others stopped in a win streak, they either lost or did not dare to continue matching.

As for Lin Mo Because he was too strong, he was no longer a match for anyone in the novice training field!

“This is probably the loneliness of being invincible, right” A forsaken expression appeared on Lin Mos face.

How lonely it is to be invincible!


Lin Mo saw the prompt for a successful match.

“It actually worked” Anticipation flashed across Lin Mos face as he rubbed his palms together.

Who would take the beating this time

Soon, Lin Mo and his opponent entered the arena.

However, what surprised Lin Mo was that his opponent in this match was unexpectedly arrogant!

“Black Earth” His short silver-haired opponent challenged him with disdain.

“Tell me, how many seconds are you prepared to last”


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