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He was rubbing his fist.

Lin Mo saw that he had received two consecutive emails in the Primordial Universes email address.

He clicked on the first one first.

“Congratulations on obtaining theNovice Testing Ground Invincible Medal!”

Lin Mos eyes lit up.

‘Invincible Medal

This looked quite impressive!

However, as he continued to read the details of the email, Lin Mos expression gradually changed.

“The Invincible Medal of the novice training field is the highest honor in the novice training field.

Only those who achieve a 30-game winning streak in the novice training field can obtain it! Those who obtain this medal can no longer participate in matches in the novice training field in the future!”

“Holy sh*t!!”

While reading the first half of the email, Lin Mo was still quite pleased with himself—what was this This was an unprecedented honor! It could be said that this medal was an official recognition of the strongest person in the Beginner Village!

But towards the end, Lin Mo couldnt help but curse!

“You cant participate in matches in the novice training field anymore”

Lin Mo was still counting on the novice training field to farm potions! If he couldnt participate in the matchmaking anymore, how could he farm potions

What was the point of this lousy medal

Fortunately, the contents of the second email immediately turned Lin Mos mood from gloomy to sunny.

The curses in his heart also turned into a smile on the surface.

“Congratulations on obtaining the right to drink unlimited A1-level evolution potions!”

“Hiss—” Lin Mo gasped.

‘Isnt that generous

What was the point of him painstakingly farming the training field every day He was just going after the potions!

But now, the novice training field had directly given him the right to drink freely!

“Even a beverage company wouldnt dare to casually issue such an unlimited drinking right, right I didnt expect the reward of 30 consecutive wins to be so generous!”

This reward was really beyond Lin Mos expectations.

If youre looking for a title, it gives you one! The Invincible Medal of the novice training field was full of pomp!

If youre looking for physical stuff, it gives you them! Unlimited A1-level evolution potion.

However, looking down, Lin Mo understood why the novice training field dared to issue such an “infinite drinking right”.

“The A1-level evolution potion can only increase the punching force to 2,000 kilograms, which is the threshold of a Celestial Martial Artist.

Above 2,000 kilograms, for one to two-star martial artists, one needs to take the A2-level evolution potion.

From two-star to three-star martial artists, one needs to take the A3-level evolution potion…”

Only then did Lin Mo understand that there was a limit to the A1 evolution potion!

When the punching force exceeded 2,000 kilograms, the A1 evolution potion would no longer have any effect.

If he continued to take it, it might even be harmful.

“No wonder he dares to give out unlimited drinking rights so generously!” Lin Mo muttered.

An A1-level evolution potion could increase ones punching force by 10 kilograms.

The so-called unlimited drinking right was less than 100 potions.

“Its just a hundred or so potions.

I was so exited!”

Lin Mo almost thought that he was going to change the water in the water dispenser at home to evolution potions.

“But its not bad.

This way, I wont have to continue wasting time farming A1-level evolution potions!” Lin Mo thought to himself.

“Moreover, my punching force will break through 1,200 kilograms tomorrow and Ill become an official martial artist! At that time, I can directly rush out of the Beginner Village and farm some higher-level evolution potions for future use!”

Lin Mo was still eating from his bowl, but he was already looking at the pot.

At this moment, the virtual helmet Lin Mo was wearing beeped.

“Detecting punching force… Detected current punching force of 1,175 kilograms, attribute to 1,100 kilograms rank… 90 A1-level evolution potions will be distributed to you in one go.

Please note to receive the package and have stored it in cold temperatures!”


Lin Mo still had nine potions left! In addition, as long as he stayed idle, his punching force would automatically increase! In other words… he could not finish so many A1-level evolution potions.

However, this was not difficult for Lin Mo.

There is a poor way to drink, and rich way to drink!

“Just drink it like water!”

With this in mind, Lin Mo took out the remaining nine bottles of A1 evolution potions from the fridge and poured them all into a thermos cup and placed it at the head of the bed.

This way, when he was thirsty when he slept at night, he could reach out and quench his thirst in one gulp.

Of course, no one would have thought that Lin Mo would really drink the evolution potion like water!

Even a genius like Zhou Qingfeng with special nurturing channels or the descendants of the wealthy families would be slapped in the face if he dared to humiliate the evolution potion like this!

But Lin Mo was different!

Lin Mo had too many potions he couldnt use all of it.

In addition, the A1 evolution potion was bound to DNA, so no one else could use it… Therefore, he could waste it however he wanted!

Lin Mo took a sip of the potion to moisten his throat before comfortably falling asleep.

At this moment, a topic was exploding throughout the Primordial Universe and the entire Internet—who was Black Earth

All the forces and universities speculated about Black Earths identity in reality.

No wonder a martial arts apprentice could cause such a commotion!

Who had ever seen a fourth-rank martial arts apprentice

Just how heaven-defying was this brains thinking talent!

Qingmu University, Jingdu University, Xia University, and many other top universities competed to announce that they were willing to accept “Black Earth” unconditionally and tailor a comprehensive cultivation plan for him!

Enrollment notices in the form of emails flew into Lin Mos email address like snowflakes.

As long as Lin Mo was willing, he could directly report to any top school when he saw these emails tomorrow!

The various martial arts forums were filled with posts about “Black Earth”.

“Who the hell is Black Earth”

“This brain thinking talent is more than heaven-defying! Its very heaven-defying!”

“Isnt that so Many powerful Celestial Martial Artists cant even comprehend rank 4 combat techniques, but he can!”

“Im willing to title him the strongest martial arts apprentice in history!”

“Stop talking! I, a five-star martial artist, have not improved at all for three years because I cant break through to the fourth rank!”

“Previous poster, youre already not bad! Ive been a four-star martial artist for four years, but my combat technique has yet to break through to the peak of the third rank.

Im afraid this will be how I end!”

“But who is Black Earth So many top schools have offered him an olive branch.

Why doesnt he accept it”

“No one knows Black Earths true identity except that hes from Jiangnan Prefecture.

Theres no other useful information!”

“Perhaps geniuses have rather strange personalities!”

“Im so envious of Black Earth! If it were me, I would definitely report to Qingmu University overnight!”

“Whats so good about Qingmu University Its far inferior to Jingdu University!”

“Jindu University brainless fan, do you dare to fight me”

“Qingmu University and Jingdu University both stand aside! Xia University is YYDS!” [1.

YYDS is slang for “forever god”]

Just as the discussion about “Black Earth” exploded online.

Zhou Qingfeng, who was already in the capital, had already rushed to Xia countrys Martial Arts Administration overnight.

“Deputy Team Leader Yuan, you have to give me an explanation for this!”

In the office of the management team of the Primordial Universe Beginner Village, Zhou Qingfeng was so angry that he wanted to tear down the roof of the office.

“Didnt you tell me that I were going to deal with a quasi-fourth rank martial arts apprentice”

“Well…” Little Yuan knew he was in the wrong.

After all, he was the one who had asked Zhou Qingfeng to fight.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Qingfeng, a fourth-rank Psychic, was pressed to the ground and beaten up by Black Earth, causing him to lose face.

“No one would have thought that a small martial arts apprentice would actually be at the fourth rank! Besides… werent you also careless” Little Yuan began to shirk his responsibility.

“Thats easy for you to say! Do you know how many people are mocking me online now Do you think I dont care about my reputation” As a rare Psychic, Zhou Qingfeng did not give this senior in the martial arts circle any respect.

Little Yuan hurriedly comforted him.

“Qingfeng, dont pay too much attention to the comments online! Those who say that youre lousy are just a small group of people who dont know martial arts.

How would they know that youre a respected Psychic”

“A small handful” Zhou Qingfeng glared at him.

He took out his phone and opened a data report.

“99% of the netizens say that Im a noob! Youre still saying a small handful”

“Most of these comments on the Internet are fake! Theres barely one in a hundred people that truly understand martial arts!” Little Yuan continued to comfort him.

“99% of the netizens say that youre bad, which means that 99% of them dont know martial arts! The other 1% know martial arts, so they definitely wont think that youre bad! If you dont believe me, after you accurately calculate this statistic to a decimal point, youll definitely see that its 99.0000%!”

“If you say so… this makes sense!”

Little Yuans comforting words had a certain effect.

Zhou Qingfeng thought about it carefully and realized that was true.

“Those who say that Im lousy definitely dont know martial arts!”

With that in mind, Zhou Qingfeng operated his phone to show a couple more digits past the decimal.

Then he saw: 99.9999%!


“I!” Zhou Qingfeng almost vomited blood.

“Deputy Team Leader Yuan, you have to tell me Black Earths true identity! I have to return the humiliation he gave me.

Otherwise, I wont be able to take this!” Zhou Qingfeng was about to explode with anger.

“We dont know Black Earths identity!” Little Yuan threw up his hands.

“You dont know” Zhou Qingfeng did not believe him.

“Your Beginner Village management team has the authority to manage the Primordial Universe Beginner Village! How can you not know who Black Earth is”

“I really dont know!” Little Yuan explained.

“We only have some simple administrative authority, and personal information is the core authority that belongs to the Primordial Universe!”

“Qingfeng, were not lying to you.

We really dont know! Not to mention you, countless universities and organizations want to know Black Earths identity now! But as long as Black Earth doesnt speak, no one can know!” Group Leader Nie Qing, who had been silent all this while, finally spoke.

“You should have heard that no country or organization has the core authority of the Primordial Universe! In fact… the Primordial Universe doesnt belong to the Blue Planet!”

“Then I can only suffer this humiliation for nothing” Zhou Qingfeng was still angry.

“Its never too late for a gentleman to take revenge!” Team Leader Nie Qing continued, “Besides, so many top schools have already extended an olive branch.

Are you still afraid that Black Earth wont appear You can just take revenge on him then.”

“Thats all I can do for now—Ill keep an eye on Black Earth.

If you have any news, tell me immediately!” Zhou Qingfeng said and left angrily.


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