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Haicheng City.

On an unnamed mountain peak in the suburbs.

A telescope was crossing more than ten kilometers to pay attention to the artificial lake of Haicheng Martial Arts High School.

On the screen, Lin Mo and the simps were dispersing by the artificial lake.

“Weve found the mission target!” the martial artist with the binoculars said to his four companions.

“When do we get to work” The one-eyed martial artist with a fierce appearance emitted a trace of killing intent.

His tone seemed to be a little impatient.

“Be professional! Of course well move at night!” A lean martial artist retorted disdainfully.

Then, he looked at the binoculars martial artist.

“Boss, isnt this mission we accepted a little too…”

“Am I the one who wants to take it” The binoculars martial artist said angrily, “The employer is really giving too much! I cant refuse! — Everyone, take a good rest first.

Lets do it tonight!”

Lin Mo had no idea that he had already appeared in peoples binoculars.

After all, no matter how sharp Lin Mos senses were, it was impossible for him to sense a gaze from more than ten kilometers away.

At this moment, Lin Mo was surprised by his involution index.


At the end of the 20-minute morning break, the involution index actually rose to 48 points, which surprised and delighted Lin Mo.

“Look at that involution!” Lin Mo couldnt help but sigh with emotion.

“I still underestimated the involution level of the college entrance examination sprint! With an involution index of 48, my punching force can increase by 9.6 kilograms in an hour! After idling for a day, my punching force will probably increase by more than a hundred kilograms!”

Lin Mo realized that he was too conservative before!

He originally thought that it would be quite good if his punching force could reach 2,200 kilograms or 2,300 kilograms during the martial arts college entrance examination! But now, it seemed that… with this degree of involution and the many A1-level evolution potions, it would not be surprising even if his punching force reached 2,500 kilograms!

Moreover, the involution potential of the first and second year students had yet to be fully developed!

When the development was complete, the involution index would definitely improve!

“I heard… in the hierarchy of Celestial Martial Artists, the requirement for a one-star martial artist is to have a punching force of 2,000 kilograms, and a two-star martial artist has a punching force of 3,000 kilograms.

If I take the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination as a two-star martial artist, will I shock the entire country”

Just as Lin Mo was fantasizing about the future, the class teacher, Lu Yanan, quietly walked over.

“Lin Mo, have you been living a comfortable life” Teacher Lu deliberately teased.

The entire school was involuting, and only Lin Mo was idle!

No wonder Teacher Lu couldnt help but tease him.

“Hehe!” Lin Mo smiled.

“Im still short of a bed! It would be even more comfortable if I could make a bed in the classroom!”

“You really have the guts to think that!” Teacher Lu glared.

“Even I dont have such treatment.

Do you think youre the principal!”

“Teacher Lu, the principal is watching outside the window!” Lin Mo reminded him.

Teacher Lu was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

He jumped up in fright, but when he looked out of the window, there was no sign of the principal.

Only then did he realize that he had been fooled by Lin Mo!

“Im not joking with you anymore.

Lets get down to business!” Teacher Lu said, “Hows your preparation for what I told you last time”

“To get the first and second years involuting” Lin Mo was coincidentally thinking about this matter and immediately patted his chest, “We can start work anytime!”

“Then what are you waiting for Hurry up and start!” Teacher Lu said, “Do you need any assistance Just tell me!”

“I dont need anything else.

Ill just borrow the school radio station!”

Five minutes later.

Lin Mos voice sounded on the school radio.

“Hello, hello, hello! Can you hear me” Lin Mo tried the radio equipment before announcing, “Hello, everyone.

Im Lin Mo from Year Three Class 10!”

Lin Mo was quite famous in school.

As soon as he finished introducing himself, many discussions appeared on the campus.

“Lin Mo”

“The good-for-nothing who gave up on the college entrance examination and chose to become idle”

“Why is he on the radio”

“Could it be that hes explaining from the perspective of a loser about the regret he felt after giving up on the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination”

“Very likely!”

“Then hes really thick-skinned! He still has the cheek to announce this! He doesnt even want his reputation anymore!”

In the radio station, Lin Mo continued, “Im here today mainly to say a few words to the Year One and Year Two students!”

The Year One and Year Two students were bored.

They thought that the school had invited Lin Mo to preach.

But then, all the Year Two students expressions suddenly changed—

Lin Mo shouted abnormally arrogantly, “Students in Year Two, Im not targeting anyone specifically.

I just want to say… all of you here are trash!”


The entire Year Two cohort exploded!

“What is Lin Mo talking about”

“A third-year trash actually dares to mock us second-years”

“Who gave him the courage”

“Brothers, go! Go to the school radio station and kill him!”

The Year One students couldnt help but laugh.

“Haha! The second-year students are so pitiful.

They were actually mocked by a piece of trash!”

“Im guessing! The entire second-year cohort is probably furious!”

“I really want to see dog second years expression!”

And at that moment—

“And the Year One students!” Lin Mo paused for a moment before continuing, “You Year One students are worse than trash!”


The entire Year One cohort exploded!

Lin Mo smiled in satisfaction.

This was the effect he wanted! It was all in his plan!

First, anger the Year One and Year Two students!

Then, he would use his strength to beat them up!

And in the end, the Year One and Year Two dogs will feel the difference in strength and fully experience the humiliation from Lin Mo.

They will learn their lesson and become brave, motivated, and crazily involuted!

As for Lin Mo, he could comfortably sit back and collect the involution index.

Moreover, if the involution index decreased in the future, Lin Mo only needed to run to the radio station and shout a few words and scold them for being useless.

Then the involution index would rise again!

“Hehe! Year One and Year Two students, are you very angry Do you want to hit me” Lin Mo laughed evilly on the radio.

“If you want to hit me, come to the school radio station and look for me! Ill let you see if youre really worse than trash!”

Teacher Lu, who was at the side, had already given Lin Mo a thumbs up.

“Your method is much better than rigid preaching!” Teacher Lu clearly understood Lin Mos intentions.

“If those Year One and Year Two students find out that they cant even defeat the weakest Year Three student, they will definitely be greatly agitated!”

In high school, the third year of high school was the biggest year of growth.

As for the second-years, very few students punching force reached more than 800 kilograms.

In the entire second year, there were not many advanced martial arts apprentices.

Therefore, in Teacher Lus opinion, although Lin Mo was the worst student in the entire third year, he was more than enough to defeat the second years! As for the first years… they could just watch the second years get beaten up!

“Lets go! To the martial arts arena!” Lin Mo smiled.

“Today, I want to fight ten of them!”


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