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The school bell rang.

At the entrance of Haicheng Martial Arts High School, groups of students began to leave.

Some of the more sensitive students clearly felt a faint murderous aura when they walked out of the school gate.

Their feelings were correct—

At this moment, there were more than a hundred martial artists lurking around Haicheng Martial Arts High School!

Among them, there was no lack of high-level Celestial Martial Artists.

There were even several “Silver Lunar Martial Artists” in charge of leading the various teams.

There was even a powerful martial artist with the Radiant Sun symbol on his chest—this was the “Radiant Solar Martial Artist” who had come to preside over the overall situation!

The strength of a Radiant Solar martial artist completely subverted ordinary peoples understanding!

Even those modern high-tech weapons could not pose any threat to the Radiant Solar Martial Artists.

Even if a nuclear bomb was thrown at them, it might not be able to hurt them!

So many powerful martial artists, including this terrifying Radiant solar martial artist, had come to escort 90 A1-level evolution potions.

Actually, not to mention an A1-level evolution potion, even 90 higher-level A9-level evolution potions were not worth a Radiant Sun Martial Artist wasting his cultivation time on!


This escort mission was an S-rank mission issued by the Primordial Universe!

An S-rank mission had to have a Radiant Solar martial artist guarding it!

All the martial artists who participated in the mission actually did not know what the mission item they were escorting was, nor did they know what kind of special identity their target client, “Lin Mo”, had.

They only knew that this mission was an S-rank confidentiality level.

As long as there was a slight slip-up and a trace of information was leaked, all of them would disappear from the face of the earth!

Including that respected Radiant Solar Martial Artist!

Therefore, every martial artist who participated in the mission was extremely careful, afraid that they would make a mistake.

Some with slightly weaker mental fortitude were even trembling slightly the entire time.

“First team, everything is normal!”

“Second team, everything is normal!”


“Team Six should be normal!”

The person in charge of each team reported the situation to the Radiant Solar Martial Artist through his earpiece.

The captains of the other teams were all led by Silver Moon Martial Artists.

Only the sixth team was still the original team of Peppa Pig, the weakest.

Even the captain, Peppa Pig, was only an ordinary Celestial Martial Artist.

To be honest, Peppa Pig never dreamed that he would be able to carry out an S-rank mission in his life!

However, the D-rank and A-rank missions of the same target client two days ago were carried out by their team, so they knew the mission situation the best.

Therefore, they brought them along today.

“Should” The Radiant Sun Martial Artist said in a low voice, dissatisfied, “If theres a situation, theres a situation.

If theres no situation, theres no situation! Its an S-rank mission, but you actually gave an ambiguous report likeshould”

The other teams were also quite dissatisfied.

After all, this was a low-level mission team.

Their professionalism was poor!

“Well…” Peppa Pig explained quickly.

“There was a suspicious person who was a threat to the target client.

The last two times we were on a mission, we ran into him appearing around the target client with bad intentions.

We eliminated the threat in time! But this time, the suspicious person namedYin Jian didnt appear around the target client, but he was also in the guarded area, so…”

“Theres no need to say anything else.

I understand!” the Radiant Sun martial artist interrupted.

“The S-class confidentiality regulations eliminate all possible threats! Even the one in a million possibility has to be eliminated immediately!—Go! Execute the S-class confidentiality regulations!”

“But the suspicious person, Yin Jian, is hiding in the school now.

It will be difficult for us to sneak in without being discovered!” Peppa Pig reported.

“Ill use my spirit to block the perception of other experts for you! As long as you dont swagger in from the school gate, you dont have to worry about being discovered!” the martial artist said confidently.

“Sounds good!” Peppa Pigs eyes lit up.

He was actually looking forward to it.

Year Three, Class 14.

As school was about to end, Yin Jian had a bad feeling.

As the school bell rang, this ominous feeling reached its peak!

“No! I definitely cant get beaten up today!”

The beating he received two days ago had already traumatized Yin Jian.

Especially yesterday, it was so miserable! Even now, Yin Jian still felt a salty and astringent taste in his mouth.

He had no appetite all day.

“I feel that if I walk out of school now, something bad will happen!” Perhaps it was because he had been beaten up too much, but Yin Jian had a sixth sense.

“I cant walk out!”

However, after staying in the classroom for a while, Yin Jian still did not feel safe.

“What if they rush in and hit me” Yin Jian was worried.

Suddenly, he had an idea.

“If I go and hide, no one will be able to find me.

Then Ill be safe, right”

As for where he was hiding

Yin Jian quickly thought of an excellent hiding place—any normal man would never think of that place! Even if they did, they probably wouldnt go in to search!

Soon, Yin Jian found a female bathroom and entered.

Although the environment here was not good and it smelled a little bad, it finally made Yin Jian feel a little safer.

“Who would have thought I would hide in the ladies room” Yin Jian wanted to praise his wit.

“Even if they do, there are so many ladies rooms in the school.

Can those two evil people search them one by one”

He decided to wait here until it was dark and quiet before sneaking out and running home!

In any case, he could not get beaten up again today!


Yin Jian would never have thought that Peppa Pig and Captain Woof were “cheating at full speed”!

Within the range of the Radiant solar martial artists mental strength, theres no where for him to hide!

If Yin Jian had openly mixed in with the crowd, he might have been able to escape—after all, that Radiant Sun Martial Artist did not know him!

However, Yin Jians sneaky behavior made the martial artist suspicious at a glance.

Then, he immediately told Peppa Pig where he was hiding.

Within a few minutes, Peppa Pig and Captain Woof appeared in front of Yin Jian with bad intentions.

“Hehe! What a coincidence!”

Yin Jian was dumbfounded.

‘Ive been hiding like this and youre still looking for me And you can still find me

What kind of grudge was this

However, Yin Jian had already realized that he could not avoid this beating today! Thinking about how it was useless for him to grovel two days ago, he was still beaten up.

Today, Yin Jian decided to go all out and be tough!

“Go ahead!” Yin Jian looked fearless.

“As long as you dont kill me! Ill definitely take revenge on you in the future!”

Peppa Pig and Captain Woof couldnt help but look at each other.

They were actually just enforcing the S-rank confidentiality regulations.

Their main goal was to “control” Yin Jian, not to really beat him up.

However, Yin Jians words made the two of them feel afraid.

The two of them had been on missions together for many years and cooperated well.

Naturally, they understood each others thoughts with a glance.

“Anyway, the grudge has already been formed.

I might as well cripple him now!”

Now that they were enforcing an S-rank confidentiality law, even if this guy became crippled, it would be for nothing! No one would be able to find out about them later!

Thinking of this, ruthlessness flashed in their eyes.


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