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It was the hottest time of the summer.

At the Martial Arts Department of Haicheng City, Director Wang Tong, who had just finished lunch, returned to the air-conditioned room.

He crossed his legs and comfortably lit a cigarette for himself.

A cigarette after dinner reminded him of the cigarette after last night.

He had to admit that he was as happy as a god!

“Yin Jian is lucky to have a good mother!” Wang Tong couldnt help but think.

If not for his Uncle Wangs help, Yin Jian would not have been able to enter Haicheng Martial Arts High School back then, nor would he have had the resources to cultivate to a quasi-martial artist so quickly, and no one would have helped him clean up the mess in the female toilet yesterday.

In short, he, Uncle Wang, had contributed the most to Yin Jians growth!

“When Yin Jian grows up and becomes better, he will definitely thank me deeply!” Wang Tong thought about the future.

However, Wang Tong did not know that he had actually raised an ingrate for three years.



The office door was kicked open violently.

“Who!” Wang Tong jumped out of his chair in shock, anger written all over his face.

Who was so bold as to kick down his office door

However, when he saw Zhao Xu walking in, the anger on Wang Tongs face instantly turned into flattery.

“Chief Zhao, why are you here”

“Wang Tong!” Zhao Xu couldnt be bothered to beat around the bush.

“Im just here to inform you that from now on, you dont have to be the director anymore! Move out of this directors office this afternoon.

Ill arrange for someone else to take over your position!”

After saying that, Zhao Xu couldnt be bothered to look at Wang Tongs livid expression and strode away.

“Whats going on” Wang Tongs face was ashen.

“Why did Chief Zhao suddenly fire me Did I do something wrong”

Wang Tong relied on his ability to curry favor for over ten years in the Martial Arts Department to become an official.

But now, his position as the director had been removed by Chief Zhao without any warning.

Wang Tong did not even know why.

He thought that he had not done his usual work well enough and made Chief Zhao unhappy.

Similar things were still happening in Haicheng Martial Arts High School.

However, Principal Yans situation was slightly better than Wang Tongs.

After all, Principal Yan had been a teacher in Haicheng Martial High for so many years and had many students.

His actual power might be slightly inferior to Wang Tongs, but his connections were definitely much stronger.

Principal Yan was sitting alone in his office, planning what to do to become the deputy director of the Martial Arts Department.

“All these years, I still have a few proud students who have become the higher-ups of Haicheng City!” Principal Yans fingers tapped the table rhythmically as he calculated in his heart.

“There are some connections that I havent been willing to use for so many years.

Its time to use them! Coupled with the strong recommendation from Dean Wang Tong, the possibility of me climbing up is quite high!”

Just as Principal Yan was yearning to improve, his phone on the table rang.

When he saw that the caller was “Xie Xing”, Principal Yan immediately smiled.

Xie Xing was one of his favorite students.

After Xia country graduated from university, he returned to Haicheng City to work.

Although he was not in the Martial Arts Department, he still held an important position.

Principal Yan actually wanted Xie Xing to help him fight for the position of deputy chief of the Martial Arts Department.

Therefore, when he saw that it was Xie Xing calling him, Principal Yan subconsciously thought that the other party was well-informed and already knew that he had the intention to advance.

Therefore, he specially called to volunteer!

“Xie Xing, this child!” Principal Yan couldnt help but feel a little touched.

His eyes burned slightly.

“I havent even asked him, and he took the initiative to look for me! What a filial child!”

Thinking of this, Principal Yan picked up the phone.

“Xie Xing, why did you think of calling me today Do you want to come to my house for a drink tonight Your masters wife will cook personally!”

“Teacher Yan!” However, as soon as Xie Xing spoke, Principal Yans expression instantly changed.

“Did you offend someone”

“What!” Principal Yan was shocked.

He quickly calmed himself down and asked, “Whats going on Did something happen”

“Chief Zhao of the Martial Arts Department suddenly requested that you be removed from your position as principal!” The various martial arts high schools in Haicheng City were jointly managed by many departments.

Of course, the Martial Arts Department was definitely the most powerful.

As for Chief Zhao Xu of the MAD, his words carried the greatest weight!

However, Zhao Xu still had to take the feelings of the other departments into consideration, so he didnt fire him directly like he did with Director Wang Tong.

Instead, he suggested discussing it with the other departments.

Of course, although it was called a discussion, it was actually… If the other departments agreed, it would be a discussion.

If they didnt, then Zhao Xu would make the decision himself.

“What!” Principal Yan was shocked.

He was just fantasizing about improving and becoming the deputy director of the Martial Arts Department.

In the blink of an eye, his foundation was about to collapse and he couldnt even keep his position as principal

“Teacher Yan, did you offend Chief Zhao in some way” Xie Xing asked again.

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible!” Principal Yan said firmly, “Im quite close to Chief Zhao! I even talked to him on the phone a few days ago.

We had a good chat!”

“Thats strange! Chief Zhaos attitude is very firm.

It seems that he must get rid of you!” Xie Xing said, “I resisted the pressure and tried my best to persuade Chief Zhao to temporarily postpone this decision on the grounds that its not beneficial to the martial arts college entrance examination! But after the martial arts college entrance examination ends, if you still cant find out what the problem is, you definitely wont be able to keep your position as principal!”

“But I really dont have a clue!” Principal Yan, the little baldy, was about to cry.

“As you know, Ive always been kind to others.

I wont offend anyone at all! Let alone Chief Zhao!”

As for Lin Mo, who he had personally expelled this morning… Principal Yan subconsciously chose to ignore him.

After all, in his opinion, Lin Mo was only the most useless student in the school.

How could he pose any threat to him

Therefore, like Director Wang Tong, Principal Yan could not figure out who he had offended.

“Then I wont be able to explain it clearly!” Xie Xing said, “In short, Teacher Yan, think of a solution as soon as possible! Otherwise, with Chief Zhaos current attitude, you will definitely lose your position after the martial arts college entrance examination ends!”

“I understand!” Principal Yan said in a daze, “Thank you, Xie Xing.

After the issue is over, Ill invite you to a good dinner to thank you!”

At this moment.

Haicheng Martial Arts High School, in the classroom of Year Three Class 10.

Gao Haoran walked over with his phone in hand.

“Brother Mo, my father said that he wants to treat you to a meal tonight!”

“Huh Your father” Lin Mo was surprised.

“Im a little curious too!” Gao Haoran thought for a moment and said, “Could it be that he wants to thank you for saving me last night—But with those five pieces of trash, I can deal with them myself without you, Brother Mo!”

Gao Haoran still didnt really understand what he had experienced last night.

“Maybe!” Lin Mo already had a rough guess.

His strength must have aroused Gao Haorans fathers interest, so he wanted to see him.

“You agreed Then Ill call my father now” Gao Haoran said.

“As for the location, my father said that if theres no objection, lets set it at Haicheng Hotel!”

“Uh… change the location a little!” Lin Mo quickly said.

“Lets ask your father to eat hotpot together tonight!”

At Haicheng Hotel, he couldnt get an involution index.

If he wanted eat with someone, of course he would ask them out for hotpot outside the prep class!


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