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The sun was shining all morning.

However, Teacher Lu was not in a good mood.

“I f*cking…” The more Teacher Lu thought about what Gao Haoran had told him, the angrier he became.

“I was actually mocked by a bad student”

In the morning, as the class teacher, Lu Yanan wanted to lecture Gao Haoran in the manner of someone who had experienced it before.

He wanted to persuade him to work hard and cultivate instead of staying idle.

However, just as he said a few words, Gao Haoran told him that he had already obtained the guaranteed admission to a top school through his connections!

On the spot, Teacher Lu felt that Gao Haoran was bullying him!

What was even more infuriating was that… in terms of showing off, Teacher Lu really lost to Gao Haoran, this lousy student!

After all, Teacher Lu had only graduated from an ordinary undergraduate martial arts university.

In front of Gao Haoran, who was about to enter a top school, he could not be firm with his words! He was just an ordinary undergraduate student.

How could he show off in front of a top school student

In the end, Teacher Lu said that he failed to teach and fled back to the classroom.

“So what if hes guaranteed admission So what if he has a family background” Teacher Lu thought indignantly.

After holding it in for more than half an hour, Teacher Lu finally had to admit that it was really amazing!

Even though Gao Haoran was clearly useless, as long as he was guaranteed a top school, his future achievements would not be something that an ordinary high school teacher could compare to!

“Comparisons are odious!” Teacher Lu was about to become depressed.

“Why doesnt my family have a background Why cant I enter a top school”

Fortunately, before Teacher Lu fell into depression, he suddenly saw a figure.

It was this figure that made him feel much better!

“Lin Mo!”

This figure was Lin Mo!

“This is called lying idle! Whats Gao Haoran called—Thats called pretending to be idle, but in fact, hes deliberately messing with others mentality!”

“Gao Haoran doesnt do anything like a human!”

Teacher Lu thought angrily and found Lin Mo even more pleasing to the eye.

“Unfortunately, Lin Mo has already been expelled by Principal Yan! As Lin Mos class teacher, I cant do anything about it!”

… .

At noon.

Soon it was eleven oclock.

Teacher Lu suddenly received a notification on his phone.

He stood up with a whoosh and shouted, “Students! Students! TheXia Countrys Genius List has been released!”

“Xia countrys Genius List”

In the classroom, the 28 students who were training hard, as well as Lin Mo and Gao Haoran, who were lying down, couldnt help but look at Teacher Lu.

Every year, on the eve of the martial arts college entrance examination, the Xia countrys Genius List would be released.

In the entire Xia country, only the most dazzling 100 students could be ranked!

Every name on the list was a genius among geniuses! A genius among geniuses!

Among these hundred names, many would become the top scorer of the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination in the “one prefecture region”!

In fact, some states with weaker overall strength, such as Jiangnan Prefecture… In many years, even the top scorer of Jiangnan Prefectures martial arts college entrance examination might not be able to enter the “Xia Countrys Genius List”!

This list was only set up for the true geniuses!

Although the Genius List of Xia country had nothing to do with ordinary martial arts high school students, this did not stop the students from paying attention!

Of course, Teacher Lu understood the students anxiety and immediately projected the entire list.

The students looked over with wide eyes.

Lin Mo also watched carefully.

In the classroom of Year Three Class 10, the only person who could be related to this list was Lin Mo.

Of course, there would not be the word “Lin Mo” on the Xia countrys Genius List, but Lin Mo guessed that there would definitely be his online name… Black Earth!

[Xia countrys Genius List:

1st place: Ye Yi (Jingdu City)

2nd place: Su Mo (Jiangbei Prefecture)

… .

7th: Yan Yimo (Demon City)

18th: Zhou Qingfeng (Jingdu City)

… .

47th: Black Earth (Jiangnan Prefecture)

* * *

Lin Mo looked down and saw more than forty people before he found the word “Black Earth”.

“Ive displayed rank 4 combat technique in the novice training field, but Im only ranked 47th” Lin Mo was a little surprised.

This was much lower than he had imagined.

“Could it be that… there are many geniuses in Xia country who have reached the fourth rank in combat technique this year”

It was naturally impossible for the students in the class to know that “Black Earth” was actually Lin Mo! However, they were also deeply impressed by the name “Black Earth”.

Firstly, Black Earth was from their Jiangnan Prefecture and could be considered half a fellow villager!

Secondly, it was because… Black Earth had tortured their “Number One Genius” Liu Zhonghao too badly! Therefore, it was very difficult for any martial arts high school student in Haicheng City not to know of “Black Earth”!

“Eh Why is Black Earth only ranked 47th I thought he could at least enter the top 20!”

“A fourth-rank combat technique is actually ranked so low”

“Could it be that there are more than forty fourth-rank geniuses in Xia Kingdom this year”

“How is that possible! Its already very impressive to have twenty fourth-rank geniuses! I remember that there were only nine fourth-rank geniuses on the Genius List last year!”

“Then why is our Jiangnan Prefectures Black Earth ranked so low”

The students raised their doubts about this ranking.

Teacher Lu thought for a moment and explained, “Maybe its because Black Earths punching force is too weak… The last time Black Earth attacked in the novice training field, he was only a martial arts apprentice.

His punching force must not even be 1,200 kilograms!”

However, Teacher Lus words clearly could not convince the students.

“Teacher Lu, I object!” A student raised his hand and voiced his opinion.

“The Genius List of Xia country is mainly ranked according totalent, notcomprehensive strength.

When Black Earth was still a martial arts apprentice, he was already at the fourth rank.

It can be seen how shocking his brains thinking talent is!”


“Thats right! Black Earth even defeated Zhou Qingfeng in public! Why is Zhou Qingfeng ranked 18th while Black Earth is ranked so low”

“This Xia countrys Genius List is too lousy!”

“Dont tell me its a list made by fools”

… .

“Students, dont be too passioned!” Teacher Lu said helplessly, “Black Earth is the only one on our Jiangnan Prefectures Genius List this year.

Of course, everyone supports him! However, this list was released by the Xia countrys Martial Arts Administration.

Even if we are dissatisfied, its impossible to change anything! Therefore… if everyone has seen enough, you should focus on cultivating!”

Of course, the students also knew that the Xia countrys Genius List was only a pastime for them.

The most important thing for them now was to train hard and strive to get one or two points during the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination.

Therefore, everyone could only curse and curse before quickly returning to their training.

Still …

The announcement of the Xia countrys Genius List caused quite a stir in the entire country.


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