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“Yan Yimo Is that her”

A young girls figure appeared in Principal Yans mind.

The Yan Corporation was actually a relatively large family.

The Yan Clans ancestral hall was in Jiangnan Prefectures Jiang City.

In the Yan Clan, some of the clansmen who were doing well had moved to first-tier cities like Jing City and Demon City decades ago.

And Yan Yimo… was from the branch in Demon City.

Three years ago, Principal Yan had seen this genius girl at the clan meeting.

At that time, Yan Yimo had already revealed her talent.

However, Principal Yan never expected that the girl from back then would actually appear on the “Xia countrys Genius List”!

“Is our Yan Clan going to produce a true dragon” Principal Yan couldnt help but think, but he wasnt 100% sure.

Although Yan Yimos talent was very dazzling, Shanghai was still very big.

There might be geniuses with the same name!

He still had to call first to be sure.

Soon, Principal Yan dialed a number.

“Uncle, its me, Wen Hai!”

Principal Yans full name was Yan Wenhai.

However, the uncle on the other end of the line called him something else.


“Uncle…” Principal Yan said gloomily,” Im already so old, why are you still calling me by my nickname ”

“What Can I not” His uncle did not give him any face.

“Ergou, you havent called me in a while, right You called me out of the blue today because of my precious granddaughter, Yimo, right”

Principal Yan was shocked and asked, “Uncle, is the seventh place on the Genius List really Yimo”

“Hmph! How can that be fake” His uncle said proudly, “In the entire Demon City, who can compare to my precious granddaughter in terms of talent In my opinion, being ranked seventh on the Xia countrys Genius List is already considered low! She should be ranked second! This is also because the first place this year,Ye Yi, is really too monstrous.

In the previous years, she would definitely be ranked first…”

The old man was clearly very pleased with his precious granddaughter!

Principal Yan smiled obsequiously.

After his uncle was done showing off, he said, “Uncle, I have something to discuss with you!”

… .

Principal Yan wanted to ask his uncle for a favor, to transfer Yan Yimo to Haicheng Martial Arts High School to take the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination.

After all, Principal Yan had been thinking for the entire day and could not figure out how he had offended anyone, nor could he think of any way to protect his position as principal.

However… as long as Yan Yimo could transfer over, all the problems he faced now would be resolved!

In Principal Yans opinion, as soon as Yan Yimo came, he would definitely be the top scorer of the entire Haicheng City and the entire Jiangnan Prefecture! He would even break the previous martial arts college entrance examination records! As the principal of Haicheng Citys Martial Arts High School, if he could obtain such “great achievements”, who would dare to touch him

Who else had the ability to touch him

Chief Zhao of Haicheng Citys Martial Arts Department

At that time, it would not be Chief Zhao who would move him.

It would be him who would move Chief Zhao!

The more Principal Yan thought about it, the more excited he became.

He even used all his strength to please his uncle.

The flattery came wave after wave, making his uncle feel light-headed.

On the one hand, his uncle was nostalgic, and on the other hand, he indeed wanted to take this opportunity to obtain some benefits for the entire Yan family.

Therefore, he agreed to transfer schools in the end.

“Its done!” After hanging up on his uncle, Principal Yan jumped up from his seat excitedly.

“After the martial arts college entrance examination ends, I wont be Principal Yan anymore, but… Chief Yan!”

‘And its not a deputy!

Principal Yan was targeting Zhao Xus position!

… .

In the classroom of Year Three Class 10, Lin Mo, who was lying idle alone, naturally did not know how much commotion this “Xia countrys Genius Ranking” had caused in the entire country.

“I thought that with Haoran accompanying me today, I wouldnt be so bored! I didnt expect that I would still be lying in the corner alone.” Lin Mo looked at Gao Haoran, who was busy in the distance.

As for what Gao Haoran was busy with

There is no need to say.

Of course, he was busy asking his classmates one by one.

“Hi! Are you tight-lipped”

“If I had known that this little fatty was so smug, I wouldnt have agreed to his fathers request this early!” Lin Mo suddenly regretted agreeing too early.

He had originally wanted to fly Gao Haoran along with him.

Unexpectedly, he brought out a showoff!

He had yet to enter a top school, but he was already showing off!

“I really want to see what kind of expression Haoran will have when he finds out that Im his mysteriousUncle Lin.” Lin Mo suddenly thought with interest, “Forget it, Im his uncle.

Ill tolerate him if I have to.

If he wants to show off, let him… As for me, Ill continue to lie down and level up silently!”

After two days of hard work, Lin Mo had already drunk all the “water” in his huge thermos!

A total of 90 A1-level evolution potions should theoretically be able to provide Lin Mo with a full 900 kilograms of punching force.

However, in order to quickly increase his punching force, Lin Mo drank it too quickly, causing him to be unable to completely absorb the medicinal effect and waste most of it.

However, there was nothing to pity.

After all, the A1 evolution potion was bound to DNA.

If it was given to others, it might very well be harmful.

Therefore, it could not be sold at all.

He could only use it himself.

So what if it was a waste!

“Actually, theres nothing to waste!” Lin Mo thought again.

“Its precisely because I used the A1 evolution potion as water that my punching force increased so quickly! If I drank it slowly and waited for the medicinal effect to be completely absorbed every time, then now… my punching force cant exceed 2,000 kilograms!”


In just two days, Lin Mos punching force had broken through the 2,000-kilogram mark!

The exact value was: 2,022 kilograms!

With a punching force of more than 2,000 kilograms and mid-stage fourth rank combat technique—Lin Mo had actually reached the standard of a Celestial Martial Artist in all aspects!

From today onwards, Lin Mo was a “one-star martial artist”!

“However… I dont even seem to have received theofficial martial artist certificate yet, and Ive already become a one-star martial artist” Lin Mo felt that when he went to register, he would scare the staff of the Martial Arts Department (MAD) to death!

After all, there might not be such a situation in the entire Xia country!

“Its my fault for leveling up too quickly!” Lin Mo thought narcissistically.

However, he did have the right to be proud!

In two days, his punching force had increased by more than 600 kilograms.

Who else could have the rights!

“Moreover, after my punching force increased… the speed of my combat technique seems to have increased too”


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