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“Moreover, after my punching force increased… the speed of my combat technique seems to have increased too”

This was not Lin Mos imagination.

Three days ago, Lin Mo had already stepped into the fourth rank.

However, because after reaching the fourth rank, the difficulty of improving his combat technique had increased exponentially.

Therefore, the night before, even though Lin Mo had worked hard to “Hot Pot Barbecue”, even though the involution index in the prep class had reached a new high… his combat technique was still stuck at the early-stage of the fourth rank and could not break through to the mid-stage fourth rank.

However, last night, the involution index of the prep class was basically the same as last night.

However, Lin Mos combat technique had increased from the early-stage of the fourth rank to the late-stage of the fourth rank, directly crossing the entire mid-stage fourth rank!

One had to know that the further one progressed in combat technique, the more difficult it would be!

Breaking through from the mid-stage to the late-stage of the fourth rank was definitely much more difficult than breaking through from the early-stage to the mid-stage!

However, Lin Mos improvement efficiency in the past few days was clearly abnormal! The further he went, the faster it became!

After thinking about it, Lin Mo guessed that it was related to his recent crazy increase in punching force.

“Because my punching force has increased a lot, even if its the same involution index, my combat technique has improved even faster” Lin Mo guessed.

The speed of the increase in punching force would show an accurate value on the system interface, but combat techniques would not.

Lin Mo could only guess blindly.

“If nothing unexpected happens, my combat technique will reach the peak of the fourth rank tonight!”

Before the martial arts college entrance examination, his combat technique had reached the peak of rank 4

This was not only unprecedented in the various martial arts high schools, but even the geniuses in the special nurturing channels had never reached this level!

Not only had Xia country never appeared before, but it was also unprecedented on the entire Blue Planet!

In fact, not to mention the peak of the fourth rank, even the late-stage fourth rank… In the entire Blue Planet, no genius had ever reached it before the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination!

He was so lonely!

He just stood out!

“Lets go! Lets go to the prep class!” As soon as school ended, Lin Mo rushed out eagerly.

“Brother Mo! Brother Mo!” Gao Haoran hurriedly caught up from behind.

“I dont have to go to the prep class tonight! Ive already been guaranteed admission to a top school.

It doesnt matter if I go to the prep class or not!”

Lin Mo stopped in his tracks and looked at Gao Haoran.

His eyes lit up—he suddenly realized the “wonderful” use of Gao Haoran!

“Haoran, how can you not go” Lin Mo said quickly.

“You have to go! And every day!”

“Why, Brother Mo I dont even need to work hard anymore!” Gao Haoran was puzzled.

A despicable smile appeared on Lin Mos face.

“Haoran, dont you want to eat hotpot and barbecue outside the prep class”

When Gao Haoran heard this, his narrowed eyes immediately emitted a substantial light!


How could he not!

A few days ago, when he saw Lin Mo eating and drinking outside the prep class, Gao Haoran fantasized a lot… If only he could eat and drink in front of so many students, how satisfying would that be!

This feeling even exceeded his taste buds!

Its not how good the hotpot is! Its not how good the barbecue is!

Instead, it was what he had to eat while others could only look at—that was so delicious!

“Why did I almost forget about this” Gao Haoran slapped his thigh.

“Fortunately, Brother Mo reminded me!”

“And…” Lin Mo said again.

“Dont you want to share the joy of being admitted to a top school with your classmates”

Gao Haorans eyes lit up even more.

He pulled Lin Mo up and charged!

“Lets go! Brother Mo! Lets go quickly! Tonight, the two of us brothers will get drunk!”

“Why dont you call your father to come along” Lin Mo asked.

That way, they could be drunk as three!

“Forget it!” Gao Haoran said without thinking.

“With the elders around, I cant drink freely!”

Lin Mo didnt say anything.

He just looked at Gao Haoran meaningfully, as if to say—Am I not your elder

… .

To be honest, Gao Haoran was indeed a good at attracting hatred!

As soon as they arrived at the prep class, Gao Haoran pulled the teachers and students who had arrived early to share their “admission insights”.

The effect of this sharing was also very good.

Before the hotpot and barbecue were delivered, the involution index was already rising!

When the takeout was delivered and the meal officially began, the involution index directly exceeded 100!!

With the enhancement of such a high involution index, Lin Mo only ate for more than an hour before his combat technique broke through to the peak of the fourth rank!

This made Lin Mos eyes widen.

“This leveling speed is really abnormal!”

At the early-stage of the fourth rank, he could control the power of his internal organs.

At the mid-stage of the fourth rank, he could control the power of his bloodline.

At the late-stage of the fourth rank, he could even control the power of his bone marrow… and at the peak of the fourth rank, he could command all the power in his body!

It was already an extremely brilliant method of controlling strength!

Moreover… although Lin Mo was only a one-star martial artist, with such advanced combat technique, he was enough to sweep through all three-star martial artists!

“Haoran really didnt disappoint me!” Lin Mo looked at his good brother and nephew with increasing satisfaction and anticipation.

“I hope Haoran can help me increase my involution index when I get to university!”

“Brother Mo!” Gao Haoran did not notice Lin Mos strange gaze.

At this moment, he was already drunk.

“I finally know why you come to the prep class for supper every day!”

“Feels good, right” Lin Mo asked.

“It really feels good!” Gao Haoran said without thinking.

“There are still ten days before the martial arts college entrance examination.

Brother Mo will bring you here every day to have fun.

How about it” Lin Mo sent a team invitation.

“Even if you dont bring me, Ill still come!” Gao Haorans awareness was even higher.

As for Lin Mo, he turned to look at the gym and sighed silently in his heart.

“Im at the peak of the fourth rank, but… Im probably a little far from the fifth rank!”

It was as if there was a chasm between the fourth and fifth ranks!

Breaking through to the fifth rank from the fourth rank might be even more difficult than advancing from the first rank to the peak of the fourth rank!

Although the fourth rank was already very incredible, to put it bluntly, it was only a deeper level of mobilization and control of strength—the use of the power of internal organs, bloodline power, and bone marrow power that ordinary people could not reach!

Although the fourth rank exceeded ordinary people, he was still human.

And rank 5… was not human!

It had gone beyond “human”!

“I hope my combat technique can break through to thefifth rank before the martial arts college entrance examination!” Even with the addition of Gao Haoran, Lin Mo could not guarantee that he could break through to the fifth rank before the martial arts college entrance examination!

Breaking through to the fifth rank was like crossing a natural chasm!

“However, after I go back tonight, I can go to the pagoda forest in the Primordial Universe and test my strength!”

… .

Late at night.

In a quiet mountain in Xia country, hundreds of mountaineering backpackers arrived.

However, these backpackers were clearly not ordinary people.

Every one of them was a Celestial Martial Artist!

Moreover, they were all four-star martial artists and above.

One had to know…

A one-star martial artist needed a punching force of more than 2,000 kilograms, a two-star martial artist needed a punching force of more than 3,000 kilograms, and a three-star martial artist needed a punching force of more than 5,000 kilograms.

At the same time, their combat technique had to reach the mid-stage of rank 3.

As for four-star martial artists, the requirement was for their punching force to reach more than 8,000 kilograms and their combat technique to reach the late-stage of the third rank!

Although martial artists of this level were not considered top-notch experts, with more than a hundred four-star martial artists and above gathered together in the deep forest late at night, it was obvious that they were plotting something.

“Everyone must have seen this years Xia countrys Genius List, right” The leader was a six-star martial artist.

“The 100 of you assassins all have your own numbers.

They correspond to the 100 geniuses on the Xia countrys Genius List! Ill let you think of a way to lurk beside your corresponding geniuses from tomorrow and find an opportunity to attack!”




The assassins present responded.

“It wasnt easy for the organization to infiltrate Xia country and nurture you.

It cost a lot!” The leading martial artist continued, “But you have to remember—as long as you have the chance to kill the geniuses on the Xia countrys Genius List, you have to do it even if you have to sacrifice your life! Do you understand”


“Ive been waiting for this day!”

One by one, the killers shouted.

Being in the depths of the mountains, it was very difficult for even signals to cover this place, so they were not afraid of being discovered.

“Captain!” Suddenly, one of the black-clad assassins raised his hand weakly.

“I have a question!”

“Speak!” the lead captain said coldly.

“Um…” The black-clothed assassin showed his number, number 47.

“I correspond to Black Earth, ranked 47th on the Genius List! But… whos Black Earth Where should I find him”


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