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“Well …”

This question really stumped the leader.

‘Whos Black Earth

Not to mention the assassin organization, no one in the entire Xia country would know.

The only person who knew… might be the legend who controlled the core authority of the Primordial Universe in the outer realm battlefield!

This was very awkward!

An assassin couldnt even figure out who the mission target was… Was he still a proper assassin

“I dont know who Black Earth is either, but its not a big problem!” the captain said calmly.

“In any case, the success rate of assassinating geniuses on the Genius List is very low! Its already very impressive to be able to kill a genius in a few years! Therefore, it doesnt matter if theres one more or less Black Earth in this years mission.

It doesnt matter!”

Although these killers seemed to be very professional, disguising themselves as backpackers in the middle of the night and hiding in the deep mountains to discuss the “big plan”, in fact… the people who came here to discuss the big plan every year were basically the same group of people!

Although it was called an assassin organization, many people in it had almost forgotten that they were assassins and thought that they were really backpackers.

Every year when the Genius List was announced, it was time for them to meet up on the mountain.

After climbing the mountain, everyone would receive their number plates and be able to go to the city where the corresponding geniuses were to travel on public expenses.

But that was normal!

After all… how could a genius on the Genius List of Xia country be so easy to assassinate

If it was really that easy to kill, Xia countrys Martial Arts Department would probably not dare to announce this list to the public.

Therefore, the leader was right: it didnt matter if there was black earth in the mission or not.

“Besides, have you heard of the Barrel Principle” The lead captain looked at Number Forty-Seven and began to demonstrate his level of culture.

“How much water a barrel holds doesnt depend on the highest piece of wood on the barrel wall.

It depends on the shortest piece!—and your mission target, Black Earth, although hes extremely talented in combat technique, his physical growth talent is really trash! According to the Barrel Principle, people like him who have too obvious a shortcoming cant become great! So leave him alone!”

Killer 47 thought for a moment and retorted, “But Captain, Ive also heard of another barrel principle: as long as the longest piece of wood is infinitely long, then tilt the barrel so that it can hold infinitely much water!”

“Huh” The leader was stunned.

This was clearly beyond his knowledge.

After a moments thought, he waved at the people around him and said, “Beat him up and show him he was wrong!”


… .

Lin Mo did not know that because he was still hiding his identity as “Black Earth”, a pitiful little assassin had been beaten up in the forest late at night.

At this moment, Lin Mo had already logged into the Primordial Universe and was heading to the “Talin” of Jiangnan Prefecture.

In the tower forest, there were hundreds of ascetic towers.

The entry conditions of each ascetic tower were different.

Currently, Lin Mo only had the access to one of the towers, which was the Ascetic Tower (Rookie)!

Lin Mo came to the forest of towers in Jiangnan Prefecture and read some introductions to the “New Talent Tower”.

Only the third-year students of this year could enter the New Talent Tower.

Once the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination began, the access would be closed.

Like any other ascetic tower, the New Talent Tower had two modes: training mode and challenge mode.

As the name implied, the training mode was used to cultivate combat technique and combat experience.

Primordial Universe players with access could activate the training mode without limit, but the results in the training mode would not be included in the rankings.

As for the challenge mode, results could be ranked on the rankings, but each Ascetic Tower could only activate the challenge mode once.

For example, the New Talent Tower had two rankings, namely the “Historical Rankings” and the “Annual Rankings”; each rankings recorded a hundred names.

Lin Mo looked at the “historical list” first.

“The highest record in history is 72 floors There are a total of 65 people above 70 floors The rest are all on the 69th floor” Lin Mo was actually not very sure what the number of floors on the rankings meant.

He only saw that the names on the list had left messages to commemorate his entry.

“Number one: Ding Yi, level 72.

Message: Im first!”

“Number 2: Ultimate King of Trampling, Level 71.

Message: Im first!”

“Third place: …”

After reading a few messages, Lin Mo roughly understood.

“This should be an intergenerational shout!”

For example, the second-ranked Ultimate Trample King probably rushed to first place before “Ding Yi”, so he left a very domineering message: Im first!

But after a few years, Ding Yi appeared out of nowhere and rushed above him, leaving behind his later words: I am first!

“Interesting!” Lin Mo smiled.

“Im going to leave a message on it too!”

As for what to say, Lin Mo already had an idea.

In short, he had to be arrogant!

Lin Mo looked at the annual rankings again.

As he read, he immediately had a feeling—the value of the historical rankings seemed to be quite high!

On the annual rankings, there were none that reached over 60 floors, and only three people who had reached the 50th floor.

The results were 56th, 54th, and 51st floors!

“So lousy” Lin Mo couldnt help but blurt out.

But after thinking about it carefully, he understood.

The historical rankings recorded the most monstrous genius in the entire Xia country for so many years! Many of the names on it should be the top scholar of the national martial arts college entrance examination in a certain year!

And the annual rankings only recorded these third-year students this year.

Moreover, there were still more than ten days before the martial arts college entrance examination.

Those geniuses who really wanted to climb the rankings might not have even used up their only chance to challenge!

For example, Lin Mo had yet to begin the challenge.

“The rules of the Ascetic Tower are simple.

As long as I kill all the enemies on each floor, I can enter the next floor! The higher the floor, the more enemies I kill, and the longer I can last… It all determines the ranking!”

Lin Mo read the rules and roughly understood.

“Whats the point of training mode Isnt that a waste of time Lets directly enter the challenge mode!” Lin Mo quickly made his choice and entered the challenge mode.

But as soon as he entered, Lin Mo was dumbfounded.

He received a friendly notification from the New Talent Tower.

“Primordial Universe playerBlack Earth, please note that this challenge has begun! As you are not carrying any weapons, the entire challenge can only be carried out with your bare hands.

Please be careful!”

“The Ascetic Tower needs weapons” Lin Mo was a little confused.

“Why didnt the rules say anything about such an important matter”


Of course, the rules did not say anything.

After all, this was all common sense.

Moreover… under normal circumstances, no one would rush into the challenge mode without even entering the training mode.

“I have no choice! I can only rush forward with my bare hands!”

After all, there was only one chance in the challenge mode.

If he did not have a weapon, so be it.

He just had to rush forward!

… .

Primordial Universe.

**Tower Forest, Jingdu City**

There was also a figure preparing to activate the New Talent Towers challenge mode.

It was Lin Mos “old acquaintance”—Psychic Master Zhou Qingfeng!

Unlike Lin Mo, Zhou Qingfeng was fully equipped.

His entire body was almost armed to the teeth, making him look very safe.

His eyes were filled with confidence.

“Ill prove through this New Talent Tower that I, Zhou Qingfeng, am definitely in the top ten of the Genius List!”

Zhou Qingfeng did not like being ranked 18th on the Genius List! Therefore, he trained hard in the “training mode” for an entire night and prepared to activate the “challenge mode” to prove himself to the entire Xia country.

Moreover, in order to make his strength more convincing, Zhou Qingfeng had actually started a live broadcast online.


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