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The first floor of the New Talent Tower was empty.

Lin Mos figure appeared out of thin air.

“The punching force is limited to 1,200 kilograms!” Lin Mo sensed this virtual body.

The data of the cell strength was very accurate at 1,200 points.

“It looks like its similar to the novice training field.

Its a place to test combat technique and combat experience!”

The difference was that the opponents matched in the novice training field were all real people in the real world.

The opponents in the Ascetic Tower were the “dummies” set up by the Primordial Universe.


A thief with a short knife suddenly spawned.

Although he was a dummy, there seemed to be real emotions in his eyes.

As soon as he saw Lin Mo, he seemed to have seen an irreconcilable enemy and his killing intent immediately erupted.


Under the pressure of his opponents almost physical killing intent, Lin Mos expression was calm.

Although the cell strength of both of them was 1,200 points, Lin Mos technique of exerting strength was too strong! Moreover, Lin Mo could also unite his punching force, internal organs, power of the blood flow, and power of the bone marrow into one.

Just in terms of “strength, speed, and agility”, he had already completely defeated his opponent!

The two sides were not on the same level at all!


The short knife slashed at him with abnormal ferocity, but Lin Mo did not dodge at all.

He just casually raised his hand and instantly grabbed the wrist holding the knife.

“Ugh!” The short-sword thief felt as if he was being held down by a steel hoop.

No matter how he struggled, the steel hoop did not budge.

“Fall!” Lin Mo squeezed slightly.

The knife thiefs wrist hurt and he reflexively let go of his palm.

The short knife also landed in Lin Mos hand.

The blade cut across his throat.

The first floor was easily cleared!

“His combat technique is probably at the early stages of rank 2! Even if Haoran came, he might be able to pass the first level!” To Lin Mo, it was naturally effortless.

“I also obtained a weapon!”

‘Forgot to bring a weapon.

Is that a problem

He could just snatch it!

And yet…

After entering the second level, Lin Mo looked at his empty hands and was dumbfounded again.

“Damn! Wheres my knife”

Another friendly notification from the New Talent Tower made Lin Mo quickly understand—every time he entered the next level in the Ascetic Tower, all stats would be reset.

The injuries would heal, and the energy consumed would recover.

The items he carried with him would also recover to the state they were when he first entered the Ascetic Tower.

“Looks like I really have to rush through with my bare hands!”

‘Then lets be reckless!

His opponent on the second level was an ancient general at the mid-stage of rank 2.

He held a sledgehammer that looked to weigh hundreds of kilograms.

Just as the general rushed towards Lin Mo, he was sent flying by a punch.

Second level, pass!

… .

Zhou Qingfeng entered the New Talent Tower earlier than Lin Mo.

As a Psychic, Zhou Qingfeng was an influential figure among many geniuses.

Moreover, today, the Xia countrys Genius Ranking had just been announced.

Zhou Qingfengs ranking on it was also a hot topic of discussion.

Therefore, as soon as Zhou Qingfeng started the “Tower Climbing Livestream”, he quickly attracted millions of viewers.

“Zhou Qingfeng is going to livestream himself challenging the New Talent Tower”

“Lets go take a look!”

“Ive also been trying the training mode of the New Excellence Tower.

Unfortunately, I cant even pass the second level! Now that Zhou Qingfeng is livestreaming himself climbing the tower, I can learn from him!”

“Previous poster, forgive me for being blunt, but you really wont learn anything from this live broadcast.

You cant pass the second level because youre too weak, and Zhou Qingfeng can pass because hes too strong! Its that simple!”

“Although Ive seen the video clips of Psychic battles, Ive really never seen a Psychic live broadcast! I think I can broaden my horizons today!”

… .

Seeing that enough people had entered the live-stream and the popularity was gradually increasing, Zhou Qingfeng smiled in satisfaction and said, “Next, Im going to activate the challenge mode! When Im climbing the tower, I cant see the comments on the public chat, so I wont speak! Everyone, just watch my performance in the live-stream!”

Zhou Qingfeng undoubtedly said this with pride.

Of course, he did have the right to be proud! After all, his talent was enough to look down on the millions of viewers in the entire live broadcast room.

Soon, Zhou Qingfeng appeared on the first floor of the New Excellence Tower.

His opponent, a thief with a short knife, also appeared.


The short-sword thief had just shouted “kill” murderously when Zhou Qingfeng raised one hand.

A steel needle the length of a finger flew towards the short-sword thief at lightning speed.

Under normal circumstances, after the hidden weapon left his hand, its speed would definitely decrease.

However… Zhou Qingfeng was a Psychic!

After this steel needle was thrown out, it was stimulated by his psychic power and became faster and faster!

Fortunately, there was a considerable distance between the dagger thief and the steel needle.

This distance also gave him time to react.

The short-sword thief quickly dodged to the side while blocking with his short sword.

However, at this moment, a strange scene happened—the rapidly shooting steel needle suddenly changed directions several times in midair, as if it was moving in a serpentine manner, leaving a “waveline” trajectory.

The short-sword thief was dazzled and had no way to deal with it.

His head was instantly pierced by the steel needle.

Zhou Qingfengs live-stream exploded at this moment.

“Holy sh*t!!” “Whats going on!”

“Dongfang Bubai” [1.

Popular character from a book series, Bubai has the same characters as undefeated]

“Isnt that too strong Is this what makes a psychic terrifying Hidden weapons can change directions How can we fight like this”

“Whats this If a Psychic is willing, its not a problem to send hidden weapons flying instantly!”

“Wasnt this Zhou Qingfeng pressed to the ground and beaten up by Black Earth previously I thought he was very weak! It turns out that hes so strong!”

“Thats because weapons are not allowed in the novice training field! If they meet in theHeaven Ladder Battle, do you believe that Zhou Qingfeng, as a Psychic, can instantly kill Black Earth”

“I see! I thought Black Earth was very powerful! So the real powerful one is Zhou Qingfeng.

Its just that he was tricked by Black Earth last time and didnt have a chance to show his strength!”

“Will Zhou Qingfeng become the number one of the New Talent Towers annual rankings”

“From the looks of it, Zhou Qingfeng is ranked 18th on the Xia countrys Genius List.

This ranking is a little too low for him!”

… .

Zhou Qingfeng could not see the conversations in the live-stream, but he could roughly guess without looking.

“As long as I show my strength, Ill instantly shock everyone! When I finish the New Talent Tower, even the Xia countrys Genius List will be changed for me!”

Zhou Qingfeng was full of confidence and high-spirits.

“Second floor!”

After entering the second level, the steel needle that had been shot out returned to Zhou Qingfengs hand.

He looked at the ancient general that had spawned and raised his hand again.

The steel needle flew out again.

“Second floor!”

‘Third floor!

‘Fourth floor!

… .

Every floor of the New Talent Tower seemed to pose no pressure to Zhou Qingfeng.

The first 30 levels were all insta-killed!

Starting from the 31st floor, some opponents could not be one shot by a single needle.

They could actually block the constantly changing steel needles.

But even so, the steel needles that were blocked and sent flying would instantly change directions and fly towards their opponents again!

It was impossible to guard against!


As for Zhou Qingfeng, he received the praise of millions of viewers in the live broadcast room: A man like a needle!

Soon, this “Needle Man” rushed to the 51st floor with irresistible force.

His online name, “Light Wind”, also appeared in the fourth place of the New Talent Towers annual rankings!

At this moment, the New Talent Tower finally attracted the attention of many geniuses and big shots.

Countless people were paying attention to the changes in the annual rankings.

Would Zhou Qingfeng become the first place tonight


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