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Xia countrys Martial Arts Administration.

**Genius Excavation Department**

This was a “first-level department” in the headquarters, on the same level as the Primordial Universe Management Department.

The Beginner Village Management Group was a second-level department under the Primordial Universe Management Department.

Late at night, the genius excavation department was still brightly lit.

This was because this department had to monitor the entire Internet.

Once any particularly powerful super genius appeared, they had to respond immediately to ensure the absolute safety of the super genius.

“Oh Zhou Qingfeng has begun to challenge the New Talent Tower, and its a live broadcast online”

The staff chatted.

Although these were only ordinary staff members, anyone who could work here had to be at least a Radiant Solar Martial Artist with extremely high standards.

“Zhou Qingfeng Not bad! He came from a special training channel and is this yearselite genius!”

“Which floor do you think Zhou Qingfeng can reach”

“Not that high! Hes only at the early fourth rank in terms of combat technique, but hes a Psychic after all, so he has a considerable advantage in actual combat!”

“A Psychic does have an advantage when challenging the Ascetic Tower!”

“Lets see! Lets see if we can get any surprises!”

In the office, the five of them chatted about other things as they watched the live broadcast.

“By the way! Youve all heard, right Those assassin organizations are starting to cause trouble again this year!”

“These people are really… at a time like this, theyre still not working together and thinking of assassinating the geniuses on our Xia countrys Genius List Dont they know that if theyre not careful, the entire Blue Planets civilization will come to an end”

“Why would those small countries care about this In their opinion, this is their only chance to surpass our Xia country! I reckon theyre thinking that theyll either take the opportunity to seize control of the Blue Planet or drag us back to the Stone Age!”

“In their dreams! The future of the Blue Planet is not up to a few small countries to decide!”

“But… our Xia country really doesnt have a genius who can satisfythat person!”

There was a sudden silence in the office.

After a long while, someone said, “Ye Yi, how is it”

“Although Ye Yi is ademonic genius of the current era, hes still quite a distance away from obtaining that persons recognition!”

The Genius Exploration Department had set up a total of three levels: Ordinary, Elite, and Demonic.

However, that persons requirements were too high.

Even a demonic genius was not worthy of his attention.


They sighed with heavy hearts.

They could not predict where Xia countrys future and the future of the Blue Planet would lead.

… .

At the same time, in Jingdu City.

The number one genius on the Genius List of Xia country, Ye Yi, was also watching Zhou Qingfengs live broadcast.

“Hes not slow!”

Ye Yi was burly, like a giant bear in human form.

He watched Zhou Qingfengs live broadcast with disdain on his face.

Clearly, he did not treat Zhou Qingfeng as an existence of the same level.

At this moment, Zhou Qingfeng had already fought his way to the 58th floor.

He was currently ranked first on the New Excellence Towers annual rankings.

His opponent on the 58th floor was a monk.

Zhou Qingfeng waved his sword and fought with the monk with a long stick.

At the same time, he used his psychic power to control the steel needles and kept ambushing the monk from behind.

However, in terms of combat technique, it was obvious that the monk with a long stick was superior.

Therefore, even though Zhou Qingfeng had the enhancement of his psychic power, the two sides were in a stalemate.

“Zhou Qingfeng is about to win!”

Ye Yi had already determined that.

“Psychics indeed have the advantage in combat! With Zhou Qingfengs combat skills and combat experience, if he wasnt a Psychic, he might not even be able to pass the 51st floor! But because hes a Psychic, he can probably reach the 60th floor and above!” Ye Yi shook his head enviously.

“Unfortunately, Im not a Psychic! Otherwise, I might be able to break through to the 80th floor!”

As he was lamenting, Ye Yi saw Zhou Qingfeng rely on the sneak attack of the steel needles to seize the weakness of the martial monk and kill him with one strike!

“As expected!” Ye Yi was not surprised.

Although the staff monks combat technique was slightly higher, it was still limited.

It was not enough to defeat a fourth-rank Psychic.

Ye Yi glanced at the annual rankings of the new fashion tower.

Zhou Qingfeng, who was already ranked first, had already broken the level record from 57 to 58.

“Eh” Ye Yi was about to look away from the annual rankings when he was suddenly shocked.

At some point, the “fifth place” on the annual rankings had become a new name: Black Earth, Level 50!

“Black Earth The one who won thirty consecutive victories in the novice training field” Of course, Ye Yi had heard of the name “Black Earth”.

After all, he was the person who had once pinned Zhou Qingfeng, a Psychic, to the ground and beaten him up.

He was also on the Xia countrys Genius List.

It was difficult not to have heard of him.

However, Ye Yi actually looked down on “Black Earth”!

In his opinion, Black Earth was too narrow-minded! As a fourth-rank genius, as long as he had some foresight, he should not go to a place like the novice training field to bully newbies!

How shameless!

“Black Earth is also challenging the New Talent Tower Could it be that he wants to compete because he saw Zhou Qingfeng challenging it” Ye Yi laughed.

“Hes still too naive! He actually wants to compete with a Psychic with similar combat skills in a place like the Ascetic Tower Ridiculous!”

But after a few seconds, Ye Yi stopped smiling.

The record of the levels after “Black Earth” first went from 50 to 51; then, in just ten seconds, it went from 51 to 52; and then, in another ten seconds, it went back to 53.

“What the hell” Ye Yis eyes widened.

“How did it happen so quickly”

… .

Ye Yi was not the only one who noticed this.

In Zhou Qingfengs live stream, some viewers had long noticed that “Black Earth”‘s name had appeared on the annual rankings and was climbing rapidly like a sky monkey.

The live-stream exploded!

It was clearly Zhou Qingfengs live-stream, but the screen was filled with discussions about “Black Earth”.

“Holy sh*t! Look, Black Earth!”

“What speed is this”

“This level changes so quickly! Its even faster than a sky monkey!”

“54th floor!”

“55th floor!”

“Second place on the annual rankings!”

“How can it be so fast One floor in ten seconds Doesnt it take time to enter the next floor and spawn an opponent Doesnt that mean the real fight only took a few seconds!”

“Hes already on the 56th floor, but hes still so fast I dont think Zhou Qingfeng was much faster than Black Earth when he was on the first 30 floors.”

“Is Black Earth still insta-killing at this level”

“How is that possible!”

“57th floor! Hes touched Zhou Qingfengs anus!”

“58th floor! The Heaven Monkey has gone up!”

“59th floor! Zhou Qingfeng is dead!!”

“Black Earth! Hes already first on the annual rankings!”


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