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Everyone was looking forward to seeing if they were lucky enough to witness history today.

However… no one would have thought that “Black Earth” was not carrying any weapons and had blasted his way through with his bare hands.

“70th floor!”

“71st floor! Black Earth is still moving very fast, showing no signs of slowing down!”

“Is an opponent above the 70th floor at the mid-stage of the fourth rank”

“Too strong! Black Earths method of fighting is definitely desperate and abnormally fierce! Otherwise, it wouldnt be so fast!”

“Hes already passed the 71st floor! Black Earths speed of clearing the level is too fast.

His ranking has already surpassed the Ultimate Human-Crushing King, who was also on the 71st floor, and hes ranked second on the historical rankings! Hes charging towards the first place throne!”

“72nd floor! Pass! Black Earth! Historical Ranking! First place!”

“Can you reach the higher seventy-third floor”

Everyone was looking forward to it.

However, they waited for a full ten minutes, but the number of floors behind “Black Earth” still did not refresh to 73.

“It seems that Black Earth has fallen on the 73rd floor!”

“It hasnt refreshed in more than ten minutes.

He must have lost!”

“Black Earth is fighting with his life on the line.

He wins quickly but loses quickly! I guess he was already defeated a few seconds after entering the 73rd floor!”

“Since hes already lost, why didnt we leave a message on the rankings We waited for nothing!”

“He probably wants to show his character, so he deliberately didnt leave a message!”

However, had Lin Mo really been defeated on the 73rd floor

… .

Jingdu City.

Ye Yi was still watching Zhou Qingfengs live broadcast, but his mind was obviously not on it.

“The 72nd floor” Ye Yi looked at the rankings on the historical list and was quite surprised.

“The dummies above the 70th floor are all at the mid-stage of the fourth rank, and their combat intelligence is very high.

For Black Earth to be able to pass the 72nd floor and finally fall on the 73rd floor, it means that his combat technique has definitely reached the mid-stage of the fourth rank!”

Ye Yi originally thought that among the geniuses in Xia country this year, he was the only one who could control the power of the blood flow!

“This Black Earths critical thinking talent is indeed a little shocking!” However, Ye Yi did not take it to heart.

“If he wants to walk the path of martial arts far enough, he needs both brain and physical growth talent! Black Earths partiality is too serious.

After entering a martial arts university, he will only be left further and further behind by me!”

In Ye Yis opinion, a person of the same age who was severely biased was not worthy of his attention.

“Alright! Ill let him take the first place on the history rankings first!” Ye Yi thought.

“When Im slightly more prepared, Ill activate the challenge mode.

At that time, I must leave a record on the history rankings that will be difficult for future generations to surpass!”

Ye Yi was ambitious.

He did not treat the other geniuses of the same era as competitors at all!

Even though he knew that Black Earth was already at the mid-stage of the fourth rank, he still did not take him seriously.

… .

The genius excavation department of the Xia countrys Martial Arts Administration was in an uproar.

“Black Earth actually cleared the 72nd floor of the New Talent Tower”

“Hes so good at hiding! We all thought that his combat technique was only at the early fourth rank!”

“Zhou Qingfeng didnt lose to him in vain!”

“Lets get down to business first—Black Earths genius level will definitely be reassigned! Also, where are the people from the Genius Lists management team Hurry up and update Black Earths ranking in real time!”

The Genius List Management Group was a second-level department under the Genius Exploration Department.

It was similar to the Beginner Village Management Group under the Primordial Universe Management Department.

“Then the question is, how should Black Earths genius level be set”

Several staff members hurriedly discussed.

Even the chief in their department, who had already come home from work, was pulled over for a video conference.

“Logically speaking, if one reaches the mid-stage of the fourth rank before the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination, they are completely qualified to be the highest-leveldemonic genius and are on the same level as Ye Yi! However… Black Earths physical growth talent is too poor!”

“Thats right! A few days ago, Black Earth was only a martial arts apprentice! Hes really trash!”


“Its too serious!”

“The path of martial arts is filled with difficulties and dangers.

One can only walk steadily with both feet together! And Black Earth is so biased.

Its like hes crippled in one leg.

How much can he achieve in the future”

“Hes a good seedling.

Unfortunately, he grew crooked!”

“Then keep the original rank aselite”

“Mid-stage rank 4, first on the New Talent Towers historical rankings… If hes still anelite, it really doesnt make sense!”

The members of the genius excavation department discussed for a while and finally decided to classify Black Earth as a “quasi-demon”.

It meant a demon with a crippled leg.

As for the Xia countrys Genius List, it adjusted Lin Mo to “second”.

After all, he was the only quasi-demon genius, second only to Ye Yi.

… .

In the depths of the mountains, the Internet signal was extremely weak.

However, more than a hundred killers disguised as backpackers could not stand the loneliness.

They ran to the top of the mountain where the signal was slightly better and scrolled through their phones.

This swipe naturally showed them the news about Black Earth.

“The 72nd floor of the New Talent Tower”

“First on the historical list!”

“Second on the Genius List of Xia country”

The killers were shocked!

From 47th place to second place on the Genius List! This increase was a little too great!

“Hahahaha…” Suddenly, the number 47 assassin laughed.

“What did I say What did I say Captain, do you believe me now about the barrel principle—as long as the longest piece of wood is infinitely long, then the barrel can be tilted so that it can hold infinitely much water!”

The leader didnt look happy.

He waved at the people around him and didnt say anything.

He just winked.

The lackeys immediately understood and surrounded Killer 47.

… .

At this moment, Zhou Qingfeng was still working hard in the New Talent Tower, unaware of the changes in the outside world.

“Ive finally passed the 59th floor!” Zhou Qingfeng let out a long breath.

He fought hard on this floor for more than ten minutes before finally grinding his opponent to death with his advantage as a Psychic.

“Lets challenge the 60th floor! What if I succeed in a sneak attack” After a short break, Zhou Qingfeng walked to the next floor.

Previously, Zhou Qingfeng had tried the 60th floor many times in the training mode, but he had lost more than he had won.

This time, he was just trying his luck and did not have much hope.

Sure enough, ten seconds later—




Zhou Qingfeng was beaten to a pulp by the green-robed heroines whip.

In the end, he was whipped to death in front of millions of viewers.

“This is considered an honorable defeat!” Zhou Qingfeng was not ashamed.

He was already quite satisfied with the results on the 59th floor.

Before leaving the New Excellence Tower, he did not forget to leave a message on the annual rankings.

However, Zhou Qingfeng did not know that “Black Earth” had already become the first on the history and annual rankings with the results of the 72nd floor.

He thought that his 59th floor was the first place!

After some thought, Zhou Qingfeng wrote an arrogant message with a smug expression.

“Successfully reached the top, temporarily ranked first!”


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