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Haicheng Martial Arts High School, artificial lake.

A single villa in the style of a Suzhou classical garden was located here, monopolizing the entire lake view.

As the best martial arts high school in Haicheng City, it definitely needed to occasionally invite some martial arts masters to give lectures to the students.

However, this villa was equipped with a highly soundproof training room and various professional training equipment that could meet the daily cultivation needs of martial arts masters.

Now, this villa was naturally given to Yan Yimo to use alone.

In an empty training room that was hundreds of square meters, Yan Yimo sat cross-legged in the center and cultivated with her eyes closed.

She had entered an extremely quiet state.

Even her breathing had become extremely weak.

However, in her sea of consciousness, there were all kinds of intense collisions.

This was some kind of “heart tempering” secret technique of illusionists that could increase the strength of ones mental strength.

Of course, in addition to cultivating the “Heart Tempering Technique”, Yan Yimo also needed to cultivate every day like an ordinary martial artist to improve her punching force and combat skills.

Therefore… although Yan Yimo was so glorious outside, only she knew how hard her life was in private.


Yan Yimo suddenly opened her eyes with deep confusion between her brows.

“Somethings wrong! Why did I suddenly feel that there seemed to be other illusionists nearby But this feeling disappeared quickly!”

Illusionists were very sensitive to “same kind”! And womens sixth sense was also very sharp!

With her dual acuity, Yan Yimo did not think that there would be anything wrong with her senses.

“But I really cant sense the existence of other illusionists now!” Yan Yimo said to herself.

“Maybe its really just an illusion! After all, how can there be other illusionists in a small place like Haicheng City”

What Yan Yimo did not know was that what she had just felt was not wrong.

The reason why she suddenly sensed the other illusionists was because Lin Mo had suddenly activated his illusionist talent.

The reason why he couldnt sense it later was because after Lin Mo successfully etherealized his mental strength, he quickly completely restrained his aura.

Even Yan Yimo couldnt completely restrain her “void mental strength”.

However, Lin Mo, who had just become an illusionist, had done it!

“Forget it, Ill continue cultivating!” Yan Yimo was undoubtedly very focused on cultivation.

She only took a short break and quickly placed all her attention back on cultivation.

“I wonder if I have any hope of breaking through to the fourth rank before the martial arts college entrance examination” Yan Yimo was not very confident about this.

The further an illusionist cultivated, the more difficult it became!

Yan Yimo remembered that it only took her slightly more than ten days to become a first-rank illusionist from the successful transformation of her mental strength.

It only took her three months to advance from a first-rank illusionist to a second-rank.

It only took her about a year to break through from the second rank to the third rank.

However… more than two years had passed now, but she was still only a third-rank, and she could not see when she would become a fourth-rank.

She had no choice but to continue cultivating and strengthen her mental strength!

After all, the strength of ones mental strength directly determined the rank of an illusionist.

“The improvement of mental strength is much more difficult than the improvement of fist strength!” Yan Yimo sighed and gritted her teeth as she continued to train hard.

After training for a while, she felt that she had reached her limit, so she stopped practicing the mental cultivation technique.

“Next, Ill practice the three basic secret skills of an illusionist!”

The three basic secret skills were: Illusion Lure, Phantasmagoria, and Disillusionment!

As the name implies…

Illusion Lure was to guide the target mentally and magnify a certain emotion of the target.

For example, when Yan Yimo first arrived at Haicheng Martial High, she used the “Group Guidance Technique” to guide her inferior emotions, causing the surrounding students to not dare to look up at her.

As for the phantasmagoria, it used mental strength to create a mental illusion for the target.

The difficulty was even higher! Think about it—when fighting with an illusionist, he would suddenly fall into a mental illusion and everything he saw would be fake! Then what was the point of fighting He could just wait for death!

As for disillusionment, it was the most domineering and the most difficult! There was nothing fancy about it.

You could directly forcefully obliterate someone!

Among the three basic secret techniques of illusionists, there were also various subdivided moves that were also necessary for Yan Yimos daily training.

… .

In class 10 of Year Three.

“Im actually a super genius in illusionists” Lin Mo was still not confident.

Suddenly, a system notification in the depths of his mind made him understand what was going on.

“Ding! Congratulations, host.

Your mental strength has been successfully weakened.

You have activated your illusionist talent!”

“Ding! Congratulations, host.

You have broken through to a first-grade illusionist!”

Hearing the beautiful system notification, Lin Mo was enlightened.

“I knew it.

How can I be a genius There were no signs of me becoming an illusionist before! Now it seems… that Yan Yimo had involuted near me and directly turned me into an illusionist!”

Where the hell was the sense in that

He lay in the classroom and did nothing.

For some reason, he became a rare illusionist!

‘Dont you think its infuriating

At this moment, Lin Mo even wanted to thank Principal Yan.

Although he had expelled him and wanted him to not be able to obtain a high school graduation certificate, he had specially found Yan Yimo, who was ranked eighth on the Genius List of Xia country, to help him light up his illusionist talent and activate his “side profession”!

“Principal Yan must have put in a lot of effort to invite Yan Yimo over, right” Lin Mo couldnt help but think, “What a good person!”

Three minutes later.

“Ding! Congratulations, host.

You have broken through to a second-rank illusionist!”

Another system notification sounded.

Lin Mo was dumbfounded.

“Whats going on Is it so easy for illusionists to level up Im already at the second rank”

More than ten minutes passed.

“Ding! Congratulations, host.

You have broken through to a second-rank illusionist!”

Lin Mo was even more shocked.

“Isnt this too easy—Ten minutes ago, I hadnt even begun to etherealize my mental strength! In just ten minutes, Im already a third-rank illusionist”

If Yan Yimo knew what Lin Mo was thinking, she would probably vomit blood.

“Easy Do you know how long it took me to cultivate to the third rank Youre saying its easy!”

Actually, there was a reason why Lin Mo could become a third-rank illusionist so quickly!

The most important and difficult thing to improve the rank of an illusionist was the “strength of mental strength”.

As long as ones mental strength reached the standard, it was not difficult to increase the rank of an illusionist!

As for Lin Mos mental strength, it had long reached the standard of a third-rank illusionist.

In fact, it had already exceeded the level of a third-rank illusionist.

Therefore, as long as Yan Yimo casually involuted few times, Lin Mos illusionist rank would directly increase!

If Yan Yimo had not stopped cultivating the “Heart Tempering Technique”, Lin Mos illusionist rank might have continued to increase today!

However, although the level of the illusionist had temporarily stopped upgrading, the other aspects had begun to improve.

“Ding! Congratulations, host.

You have learned the illusion lure technique!”

“Ding! Congratulations, host.

You have learned the phantasmagoria technique!”

“Ding! Congratulations, host.

You have learned the disillusionment technique!”

… .

Hearing the continuous system notifications, Lin Mo only wanted to say, “As expected of the eighth-ranked person on the Genius List of Xia country! Shes really too hardworking! She cultivated so many things so early in the morning!”


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