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Principal Yan was quite pleased with himself today.

Yan Yimo, ranked eighth on the Xia countrys Genius List, had transferred to Haicheng Martial Arts High School.

This news naturally spread throughout Haicheng City immediately, and it was even rapidly spreading to the entire Jiangnan Prefecture.

Everyone knew that Haicheng Martial High had already reserved this years top scorer of the citys college entrance examination in advance! Moreover, it was very likely to break the college entrance examination score record.

As for Principal Yan, who had single-handedly facilitated the transfer of schools, with this “great achievement”, his status in the martial arts world of Haicheng City would definitely increase.

At this moment, Principal Yan was lying on the leather chair with his feet raised on the solid wood principals desk.

He stroked his shiny bald head with one hand and held his phone with the other.

He was talking to the hook-nosed principal of Haicheng Second High with a face full of glory.

“That Liu Zhonghao from Second High is not bad.

Tell him to work harder and he should still be able to compete for second place in the city!” Principal Yan said loudly into his phone, “I just hope that his score wont be pulled too far away from first place! If theres a difference of 180 points, it will be a little ugly.


He mocked the principal of Second High before hanging up.

Principal Yan thought of how angry the principal of Second High was but did not dare to say anything, and his mood became even better.

“Let this hook nose show off in front of me last time!” Principal Yan was still quite petty.

Not long ago, when Second High produced a student of “Liu Zhonghao”, an official martial artist, the principal of Second High ran over to show off.

Of course, Principal Yan would not forget this matter so quickly.

Today, he finally showed off!


“Ring, ring, ring…”

The phone hed just put down rang again.

Principal Yan picked it up and looked at it.

“Its Zhao Xu from the MAD!”

His eyes narrowed slightly, and a hint of ruthlessness flashed across them.

Now, this Chief Zhao Xu was his enemy!

Why did Principal Yan want to transfer Yan Yimo over at all costs To a large extent, it was because he was forced by Zhao Xu! He didnt know what was wrong with Zhao Xu, but he actually insisted on removing him from his position as principal.

If it werent for the fact that the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination was imminent and it wasnt suitable for him to change positions, Principal Yan wouldnt have been the principal anymore!

“Chief Zhao, why are you calling me today Do you have any instructions” Although Principal Yan was filled with hatred, he was still facing his superior.

Therefore, after the call was picked up, he still had to say a few words.

“Old Yan, you cant blame me for some things! I had no choice!” Zhao Xu went straight to the point.

“Its not that I want to remove you from your position, but… its Boss Yus idea!”

“Boss Yu” Principal Yan trembled slightly.

He had a guess, but he still asked, “Which Boss Yu”

“Who else could it be Of course its the one from Jiangnan Prefectures Martial Arts Department (MAD), my immediate superior!” Zhao Xu naturally called to make up for it.

“So, you should think carefully about whether you have offended Boss Yu in any way!”

Then he hung up.

As for Principal Yan, he held his phone and fell into a daze.

“How did I offend Boss Yu”

While he was in a daze, the door to the principals office was suddenly kicked open.


The sudden commotion shocked Principal Yan, who was in a daze.

Principal Yan looked up and saw Yin Jian walking in with a bucket.

He was even more furious and reprimanded, “Yin Jian, what are you doing”

“Old thief Yan!!” Yin Jians eyes were bloodshot.

“What did you say!” Principal Yan was so angry that he slammed the table and stood up.

“Hehe!” Yin Jian only sneered and glanced at the bucket in his hand.

Although he had been affected by Lin Mos “Illusion Lure Technique”, it was only magnified in a certain aspect.

His intelligence was still online.

He knew very well that if he directly came to look for Principal Yan to cause trouble, there would be no other outcome than being beaten up.

After all, the difference in strength between the two sides was obvious!

Therefore, on the way here, Yin Jian specially went to prepare a “great killing weapon”.

He first found a bucket, then specially ran to several toilets to collect half a bucket of collective ingested essence before aggressively killing his way to Principal Yan.

“No matter how strong you are, can you avoid my range attack” That was what Yin Jian was thinking.

“Old thief Yan! Ill curse your eight generations of ancestors!!!” Yin Jian roared again and instantly activated the killing weapon in his hand! A bucket of red “firepower” directly covered Principal Yan.

Principal Yan was dumbfounded.

Was this a situation he could think of

What kind of grudge was this

Moreover, not only did he have no grudge with Yin Jian, but he had also helped Yin Jian the day before yesterday!

It was one thing for Yin Jian not to give him a gift to thank him, but he actually repaid kindness with ingratitude and splashed him with such a ruthless “weapon”

Under the range attack and the small space… No matter how good Principal Yan was, where could he hide


Principal Yan was splashed in the face.

“Hahahahaha!! Old Thief Yan, does it feel good!” Yin Jian was very happy to see that his revenge had been taken.

However… what Yin Jian did not know was that Principal Yan had no grudge with him at all! In fact, his mother did not even know Principal Yan!

Of course, after this battle, it was hard to say if the two sides would meet again.

“What situation”

“What happened!”

“What happened”

The teachers in the office building rushed over and saw this unbearable scene.

“Principal Yan, you…”

Principal Yan was so angry that his lungs were about to explode.

“Yin Jian! Youre crippled!!!”

At this moment, the effect of the “Illusion Lure Technique” on Yin Jian gradually dissipated.

He quickly regained his senses and realized that something was wrong.

“This… Principal Yan, let me explain!”

… .

Lin Mo would never have thought that Yin Jian, who had been poisoned by the “Illusion Lure Technique”, was so ruthless! He originally thought that Yin Jian would at most run over and scold Principal Yan to vent his anger.

At this moment.

Lin Mo and Gao Haoran, the two idle fish, had already arrived at the schools artificial lake.

“Brother Mo, what are we doing here” Gao Haoran asked curiously.

“Isnt it boring in the classroom I brought you out to play and find something to do!” Lin Mo said as he opened the handbag in his hand.

It was actually a set of fishing equipment.

“What the f*ck” Gao Haoran was dumbfounded.

“Brother Mo, its class time! You brought me to the schools artificial lake to fish And… where did you get your fishing rod from”

“What does class have to do with you” Lin Mo rolled his eyes.

“Where it came from is none of your business.

There are other equipment later!—Do you know how to fish If you do, lets fish together!”

“I can learn if I dont!” Gao Haoran chuckled.


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