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At the schools artificial lakeside.

Lin Mo threw some bait on the lake and began to fish.

“Brother Mo, you know how to enjoy yourself!” Gao Haoran also picked up a fishing rod and imitated him.

“Know how to enjoy yourself” Lin Mo smiled but said nothing.

After all, lying idle was also a skill!

Similarly, Gao Haoran was lying down like a salted fish, relying on Brother Mo to carry him.

As for Lin Mo, the more he lay down, the stronger he became.

He was practically flying up to the sky to be shoulder to shoulder with the sun.

Like now…

Gao Haoran thought that Lin Mo was just here to fish.

In reality, Lin Mo had an ulterior motive—not far behind him was the only lake villa in the school.

Lin Mo had already found out that Yan Yimo was living here now.

“After coming here, the overall involution index hasnt changed much, but the illusion index has increased!”

Lin Mo thought to himself.

He silently looked at his data panel.

[Lin Mo:

Cultivation: Unranked Lifeform Body (one-star martial artist, third-rank illusionist)

Realm: Peak of the Fourth Rank (Currently advancing to the Fifth Rank)

Punching force: 2086 kilograms

Overall combat power: …

… .

Idle Index: 1

Involution Index: 80 (details as follows)

Punch index: 70

Illusionist Involution Index: 8

Combat technique index: 2

Leveling Speed:

Punching force: Increase by 14 kilograms per hour

Illusion: Slowly improving

Combat technique: Slowly improving

Note: Idle index and involution index both affect the speed of leveling up in real time.]

Lin Mo nodded silently.

He was quite satisfied with this data panel.

“Compared to in the classroom, the fist strength involution index has decreased by four points, but the illusion involution index has increased by four points!”

The total involution index did not change, but in Lin Mos opinion, it was definitely the “Illusion Involution Index” that was more important! After all… where couldnt the punching force be involuted But if it was an illusion, there really was only this one place!

No matter what Lin Mo said, he had to freeload off Yan Yimo!

Actually, if he could enter the villa, the illusion involution index would definitely be even higher.

Lin Mos improvement in illusion would definitely be faster! However, Lin Mo estimated that the other party would definitely not let him in!

So hell just stay here!

“However, this Yan Yimo is really involuting!” Lin Mo was secretly speechless.

“She provided me with an 8-point index alone! As expected of a genius!”

In the entire school, everyone else together only provided 72 points of involution index!

Yan Yimo alone gave 8 points!

Lin Mo speculated that not only was the involution index related to the surrounding involution degree, but it was also related to the strength of the “involutioner”!

The stronger the involutioner, the more the involution index would be given.

“Brother Mo!” Gao Haoran squatted at the side and suddenly said worriedly, “The martial arts college entrance examination is around the corner, but we came here to fish… If were caught, will we be punished”

“Punishment” Lin Mo said disdainfully.

“Ive already been expelled.

Why would I be afraid of punishment Why would I be punished”

Lin Mo was now sneaking into the school to freeload off classes and the involution index.

In fact, he had already been expelled and was no longer a student of Haicheng Martial Arts High School.

“Thats right!” Only then did Gao Haoran remember that Brother Mo was fearless.

“But Brother Mo, I havent been expelled yet! What if Im punished”

“What are you afraid of” Lin Mo comforted him.

“Youre already guaranteed admission to a top school.

Will the school bear to punish you Besides… isnt your father a Silver Lunar Martial Artist Even if you go and slap Baldy Yan a few times now, you probably wont be punished!”

“Although my father is powerful, hes still far inferior to my Uncle Lin!” Gao Haoran seemed to be humble and showing off.

At that moment, the old Alliance Leader of the Simp Alliance, “Angler”, ran over from afar.

He carried a rack in one hand and a sack in the other.

“This is” Gao Haoran was puzzled.

“Alliance Master, Im here!” the angler shouted from afar.

“Ive got the barbecue grill and charcoal you wanted, and the barbecue stock!”

Gao Haoran was dumbfounded.

“Angler, where did you get these things from”

Fisher smiled enigmatically.

“After being a simp for so many years, if I dont even have this little trick, how can I survive”

An excellent simp could satisfy all the unreasonable requests of the goddess at any time.

As for the angler, he was an excellent simp, so he still had some tricks up his sleeve.

When he heard that Lin Mo needed barbecue, he found a way to get the equipment over in minutes, even in school.

“Dont tell me this fishing rod is also yours” Gao Haoran looked at the fisherman and couldnt help but ask.

The fisherman glared.

“Ive already called the angler, how could I not have fishing rods”

Suddenly, Lin Mo felt a fish biting the hook.

He quickly and gently lifted the big fish onto the lake.

It was a big green fish that seemed to weigh three to four kilograms!

“So fat!” Gao Haorans eyes lit up.

“Angler!” Lin Mo said.

“Lets eat grilled fish together before you leave!”

“No, no!” The angler waved his hand.

“You guys are idle.

I still have to work hard! By the way, Alliance Master—”

The fisherman glanced vaguely in the direction of the lake villa before saying meaningfully, “Alliance Master, do you have a new goal”

“What are you thinking!” Lin Mo was speechless.

The angler looked like he had seen through the truth.

“Do you dare to say that youre just here to roast fish”

Lin Mo really didnt dare to say anything!

He was really not here just to roast fish, but to freeload off the “Illusion Involution Index”.

… .

Illusionists were very sensitive to their surroundings.

Lin Mos arrival quickly attracted Yan Yimos attention.


After Yan Yimo saw the situation by the lake through the huge French window, even someone as cold as her widened her eyes and her expression became dull.

Clearly, her worldview had been refreshed!


Was this what a high school martial arts student should do

Not to mention that he was fishing in school!

What kind of trashy martial arts high school was this Their style was too bad!

Yan Yimo returned to her seat and continued to cultivate in peace.

She no longer looked at the outside world.

Out of sight, out of mind.

But not long after…

The fragrance of roasted fish was blown into the villa by the lake breeze.

Poor Yan Yimo.

She had lived a luxurious life since she was young and had almost never eaten any hardcore junk food.

She couldnt help but widen her eyes again.

“Whats this smell It smells so good!”


Yan Yimo felt like she was about to drool.

“No! Calm down! My Dao heart cant be messed up!” Yan Yimo suppressed her hunger.

“If this little thing can mess up my Dao heart, how can I become a powerful illusionist”

Of course, Lin Mo didnt know how tormented Yan Yimo was in the villa.

He only knew…

“It increased, it increased!” Lin Mo saw that the illusion involution index had increased from 8 to 13 points.

“The grilled fish is indeed useful!”

With 13 points of illusion index, Lin Mo could level up his illusion even faster.

“Ding! Congratulations, host.

The illusion lure technique has reached lesser mastery!”

“Ding! Congratulations, host.

Your phantasmagoria technique has reached lesser mastery!”

“Ding! Congratulations, host.

The Disillusionment technique has reached lesser mastery!”

Lin Mo smiled in satisfaction as he listened to the system notification in his mind.

He had reached the initial stage of the three basic secret techniques of illusionists so quickly! This meal of grilled fish was not in vain!

Hes going to come here tomorrow to roast fish too!

… .

Of course, grilling fish during the day would not affect the “Hot Pot Barbecue” at night.

When Yan Yimo practiced illusion techniques for the entire day and turned to cultivating punching force… Lin Mo brought Gao Haoran to the prep class of the stadium and began the second banquet of the day.

With Gao Haorans help, the involution index of the prep class broke through 100 again!

But even so, after two to three hours of hotpot roasting, Lin Mos combat technique still could not break through to the fifth rank!

Rank 5 was indeed too difficult!

Breaking through to the fifth rank was like crossing a natural chasm! It was probably not something that could be resolved with one or two hotpot barbecues!

However, Lin Mo was not discouraged!

If one or two meals didnt work, he would eat eight to ten meals!

Brother Mo had just earned tens of millions in the Primordial Universe yesterday, how could he not be able to afford it Besides… wasnt his eldest nephew, Gao Haoran, still around How could his uncle personally foot the bill

“Brother Mo, look, theres news in the Primordial Universe again!”

Lin Mo had just finished eating and was about to go home when Gao Haoran suddenly handed him his phone.

This was news about the “New Talent Tower”.

Just a few minutes ago, Ye Yi, who was ranked first on the Genius List of Xia country, had surpassed “Black Earth” on the New Talent Tower.

With a score of 74 floors, he was ranked first on the New Talent Towers historical rankings!

Ye Yi even left his ranking speech very arrogantly.

“Its your sorrow to be born in the same era as me!”


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