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The twintailed reporter was from Xia countrys martial arts television station.

Because it was an official media outlet that was popular, it was also extremely popular on the Internet.

Every time it was broadcasted live, it would be popularized by various live-stream platforms and short videos.

Like this interview with Ye Yi.

The martial arts college entrance examination was imminent, the Xia countrys Genius Ranking had just been released, and the New Talent Towers history rankings had been refreshed… These three major events collided, so Ye Yi naturally became the focus of attention!

In addition, it was an official live broadcast room.

As soon as it was broadcasted, its popularity exploded!

The number of online viewers directly exceeded 10 million!

Originally, these ten million plus viewers were here to watch Ye Yi flex!

Unexpectedly, halfway through the crowd, there was a sudden change in style—a large-scale brag scene instantly became a large-scale car crash scene!

“Isnt Ye Yi so miserable He was pressed down by Black Earth in front of tens of millions of viewers and slapped repeatedly!”

“Isnt that so Ye Yis face darkened!”

“To be honest, the fact that Ye Yi can still sit in the live-stream shows how strong his mentality is! If it were me, I would probably find a hole to hide in.”

“Black Earth is too mean! He waited for Ye Yi to start the live broadcast before continuing to challenge the New Talent Tower!”

“Everyone, quickly go and see Black Earths climbing speed! Its so scary!”

… .

The discussions of the surrounding netizens originally revolved around Ye Yi.

But after a while, they all turned to Black Earth.

Black Earth was too terrifying!!

Because Black Earth did not start a live broadcast when he challenged the New Talent Tower, the netizens could not see the specific battle scene.

They could only see… the number of floors on the New Talent Towers history rankings constantly refresh!

76th floor!

77th floor!

78th floor!

The extremely fast refresh meant that Black Earths tower challenge speed was extremely fast!

What was even more terrifying to the netizens was that no matter which floor it was, Black Earths speed had never slowed down!

“How strong is Black Earth”

“Could it be that his combat technique has already reached the late-stage of the fourth rank Otherwise, its impossible for him to clear the tower so quickly!”

“An eighteen-year-old late-stage fourth rank And a high school student who didnt take the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination”

“I suddenly seem to understand why Black Earth deliberately stopped at the 72nd floor yesterday! He probably wants Ye Yi to surpass him first and then overtake him again.

This way… he can get another additional reward for being first on the historical leaderboard! Thats 20 Primordial Universe points!”

“Isnt this operation too flashy Doesnt Ye Yi care about his reputation”

“Im begging to know Ye Yis area of psychological trauma!”

“If Ye Yi had known that this was Black Earths goal, he probably wouldnt have gone to the New Talent Tower!”

“In the end, its not that Ye Yi is too weak, but that Black Earth is too abnormal!”

“Being born in the same era as Black Earth is really the greatest sorrow for the other geniuses!”

… .

The other geniuses on the Xia countrys Genius List indeed felt very sad.

“80th floor!”

In Jingdu City, Ye Yi had already ended the live broadcast.

When he saw the number of floors after the name “Black Earth” become 80, he couldnt help but feel despair.

“According to the information of the Primordial Universe, those who can pass the 80th floor of the New Excellence Tower must have reached the late-stage of the fourth rank!” Ye Yi deeply understood the gap between him and the late-stage of the fourth rank.

“What kind of terrifying mental talent is this Moreover… Black Earth hasnt entered a martial arts university yet! After he enters a university, what will happen!”

When the gap was not very big, Ye Yi might be jealous and unconvinced! But when the gap was too big, Ye Yi did not even have the heart to compare!

‘How can we compare

Late-stage fourth rank!

If Ye Yi was given another half a year, he would not dare to say that he could definitely reach the late-stage of the fourth rank!

Moreover, was the 80th floor the limit of Black Earth

It wasnt!

Ye Yi saw that the levels of Black Earth were still rushing up like monkeys!

The speed of its rise suffocated Ye Yi!

And yet…

At this moment, Ye Yi was not the only genius in Xia country who felt suffocated.

Because of the sudden appearance of “Black Earth”, the geniuses on the entire Xia countrys Genius List were suppressed until they became dim!

… .

Xia country, Jiangbei Prefecture.

The genius “Su Mo” who was ranked third on the Xia countrys Genius List and first on the Jiangbei Prefecture was currently looking up at the sky and sighing.

“I wonder if its considered lucky or sad to be born in the same era as a genius like Black Earth”

Fortunately, Su Mo could clearly see the gap between him and the top geniuses.

In that case, he would never feel arrogant on the path of martial arts and could always maintain a humble heart.

The sad thing was… no matter how hard he worked or how outstanding he was in the future, he could only become a background wall of Black Earth! And Su Mo had to learn to bear this from now on!

“Im under a psychological pressure that I shouldnt be under at my age!” The immense pressure from Black Earth made Su Mo feel suffocated.

… .

Jiangnan Prefecture, Haicheng City.

In Haicheng Martial Arts High School, Yan Yimo also felt the pressure from Black Earth.

“The 82nd floor.

How did he do it” Yan Yimo was in disbelief.

“Because Im an illusionist, my mental strength is especially strong, so its relatively easy for me to comprehend combat techniques! But even so, Ive only just entered the fourth rank.

Im far from the mid-stage of the fourth rank, let alone the late-stage!”

The gap!

The huge difference made Yan Yimo, a rare illusionist, feel less confident.

“I originally thought that if I revealed my true strength to the public, Ye Yi would be the only one stronger than me in the same batch!” Yan Yimo thought.

“But now it seems that even if I can break through to a fourth-rank illusionist before the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination, Im still far inferior to Black Earth!”

However, even in the face of the immense pressure from Black Earth, Yan Yimo was not discouraged.

Instead, it stimulated her fighting spirit.

“I have to work harder to involute!”

… .

Jingdu City.

Zhou Qingfeng looked at the number of floors in Black Earth with a dumbfounded expression.

“86th floor!”

“Where did I get the courage to compete with such a genius”

“A genius like Black Earth doesnt belong to any era at all.

He belongs to the history of the entire Blue Planet!”

In the history of the Blue Planet and Xia country, there had been geniuses as dazzling as Black Earth.

The dazzling geniuses shone in different ways.

Some might only start to shine after entering a martial arts university, and some might even erupt with their talent after entering the outer realm battlefield!


As long as it was a dazzling genius like Black Earth, without exception, they were existences that could suppress an era!

He suppressed the other geniuses until they could not breathe!

It suppressed the other geniuses until they dimmed!

“But then again, I was lucky enough to compete with such a era-suppressing genius.

Even if I lose badly, I will have no regrets in this life!”

Although Zhou Qingfeng was a proud Psychic, he still lowered his head in front of Black Earth.

… .

The Martial Arts Administration of Xia country even started operating overnight.

“89th floor!”

“A peerless genius!”

“Black Earth is definitely a peerless genius!”

In the headquarters genius excavation department, there were a total of three levels of geniuses: ordinary, elite, and demonic.

However, even if they were both “demonic”, there was still a difference in strength.

For example, Ye Yi was a relatively ordinary demonic genius.

As for Black Earth, he was the highest “peerless genius” among the demon-level geniuses!

Every peerless genius was an existence that could suppress an era!

It was worth paying any price to nurture a peerless genius!

“No matter how bad Black Earths physical growth talent is, its still worth us piling all our resources on him! With his brain and thinking talent, he might be able to obtain that persons approval!” The head of the Martial Arts Administration couldnt help but say excitedly.

It was really too difficult for a peerless genius to appear!

Especially peerless geniuses in combat technique.

They were even more precious and important! Up until now, there had not been such a peerless genius in Xia country!

“Lets see which floor Black Earth can reach on the New Talent Tower!”


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