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Yan Yimo felt a little strange.

‘Who is she

She was a proud daughter of heaven since she was young!

She was now one of the top geniuses in the entire Xia country!

Ever since she was young, her peers could only feel ashamed of their inferiority in front of her and try their best to please her.

And now…

A lousy student was actually supervising her cultivation

What was even more hateful was that it was this lousy student who had dragged her down with a grilled fish yesterday!

‘Youre the one who dragged me into this.

Youre the one who persuaded me to turn over a new leaf

“Lin Mo, theres something else I need to tell you!” Yan Yimo suddenly said.

“I ate grilled fish with you yesterday, and it didnt seem to have… a good effect!”

“Whats going on” Lin Mo was dumbfounded.

How could eating grilled fish affect anything How could it affect his style

“I feel like there are rumors circulating in the school,” Yan Yimo said again.

Although she didnt hear any specific rumors, as a fourth-rank illusionist, her senses were very sharp.

She could tell from afar that many people in the school seemed to be secretly discussing her.

“Rumors” Lin Mo understood immediately.

“It must be those boring people from the simp alliance!”

Since Gao Haoran and the angler had bumped into them eating grilled fish together yesterday… With the style of these two simps, it was normal for news to spread.

It would be abnormal if it didnt.

“Then what should we do” Lin Mo frowned and said, “They will definitely come and watch today.

They might even bring the other members of the simp alliance to watch! Why dont… you stop eating”

“How can that do!” Yan Yimo said without thinking.

How could she not eat the grilled fish

“How about this—” Yan suggested.

“Ill carry the barbecue grill or something to the villa first! When you catch a fish later, come straight to me.

Well hide in the house and roast fish with the air conditioner on! Wont that do”

“Eh” Lin Mos eyes lit up.

“What a good idea!”

Lin Mo had come here to freeload off the “Illusion Involution Index”!

In this aspect, the closer he was, the more he would get!

Lin Mo had originally thought that if he could enter the villa, the illusion involution index he would get would definitely be much higher! However, Lin Mo was not familiar with Yan Yimo previously.

He reckoned that… even if he wanted to enter, Yan Yimo would not let him in!

So hell just stay here!

Unexpectedly, after two days, Yan Yimo took the initiative to invite him in.

How could Lin Mo not be happy to have such a good thing

This was a rare illusion involution index!

He had to freeload more inside!

“Then Ill catch a few more fish and come look for you!” Whether it was Lin Mo or Yan Yimo, they were both young and energetic with good appetites.

A man and a woman in a room together would definitely eat dozens of kilograms of grilled fish.

“However…” Lin Mo supervised again,” Leave the fishing and grilled fish to me, but you must work hard to cultivate and not be lazy! Try to become the top scorer of the national martial arts college entrance examination! ”

Im in charge of working hard to stay idle, and youre in charge of risking your life to involute!

“Alright! Ill work hard!” Of course, Yan Yimo didnt know what Lin Mo was really thinking.

After hearing Lin Mos words, she was even a little touched.

Not only did Lin Mo cook grilled fish for her, but he also constantly monitored her cultivation!

They were both friends and teachers!

He could definitely get along with such a friend!

… .

These few days.

Principal Yans mood was very gloomy.

Even now, he could clearly remember—just when he was at his peak, he was splashed by Yin Jians area-of-effect strikes.

That smell could not be washed away!

Over the past two days, Principal Yan had not even eaten much.

A few words echoed in his heart: Im not clean anymore…

Yin Jian, who had caused trouble, was naturally expelled immediately! Moreover, he was reported to the entire school and was not even allowed to enter the school gate.

Unlike Lin Mo, although he was expelled, he could still come to the school to play.


Principal Yan sighed heavily.

The psychological trauma he had suffered might take a lifetime to heal!

“Ring, ring, ring…”

Suddenly, Principal Yans phone rang.

When he saw that the name on the caller ID was “Li Jiaxuan”, he hurriedly suppressed the unhappiness in his heart and adjusted his emotions.

Li Jiaxuan was a distant cousin of Yan Yimos mother.

He was currently in his first year at Jiangnan Martial Arts University.

Jiangnan Martial Arts University was also one of the top universities in Xia country, almost as famous as Qingmu University and Jingdu University.

The students of Jiangnan Martial Arts University were also the cream of the crop.

After graduation, their achievements would not be too low!

And Li Jiaxuan had an even more terrifying identity—a Psychic!

Although his talent as a Psychic was far inferior to Yan Yimos talent as an Illusionist, one had to know that… there were only a few Psychic in Xia country every year!

As long as one was a Psychic, even if they were as stupid as a pig, their future achievements would not be low!

Principal Yan was also fortunate enough to get to know Li Jiaxuan at a family gathering.

He originally thought that it would be very difficult for him to have a chance to deepen his relationship with this genius.

He did not expect him to take the initiative to call him today.

Of course, Principal Yan knew very well why Li Jiaxuan would make this call.

It was all for Yan Yimo!

“Jiaxuan, hows your studies at Jiangnan Martial Arts University Are you adapting well in all aspects” Principal Yan said enthusiastically as if he was very familiar with the other party.

At the same time, Principal Yan couldnt help but mutter in his heart, “Looks like Yan Yimos mothers sides genes are very talented in vital essence! Last year, there was a Psychic, and this year, theres an Illusionist!”

Although one was a “spiritual materialized” and the other a “spiritual illusory,” they were essentially talents in vital essence power.

What Principal Yan did not know was that Yan Yimo was already a fourth-grade illusionist.

Otherwise, she would definitely be shocked by this talent!

“Uncle Yan, hello!” Li Jiaxuan was quite polite on the other end of the line.

After all, he had come today with a request.

After a few pleasantries, he went straight to the point.

“How has Cousin Yimo been these two days in Haicheng City”

“Dont worry about that!” Principal Yan patted his chest and said, “Yimo is giving me a lot of respect by being willing to transfer to my side to take the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination! Of course, I took good care of her in all aspects!”

“Of course I believe Uncle Yan!” Li Jiaxuan continued, “I just want to trouble Uncle Yan.

Can we make a video call and you can take a picture of Yimos life from afar I want to see how she is now.”

“Then why didnt you video call her directly” Principal Yan asked curiously.

“Ahem! Im just afraid that shell be distracted from her cultivation and affect her preparation for the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination,” Li Jiaxuan said guiltily.

The real reason was, of course, that Yan Yimo wouldnt answer his call at all, let alone a video call!

Therefore, although Li Jiaxuan was a Psychic and was extremely talented, he was just a high-level simp.

“I see! Jiaxuan, youve really thought it through!” Principal Yan praised.

On the other end of the line, Li Jiaxuan immediately blushed.

“Alright! Then lets switch to a video call now!” Principal Yan said, “Ill use my 100 million pixels rear camera to show you the environment of our school and… Yimos current life and learning situation!”


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