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“Where Yimo lives now is still a distance away from our office building!”

“I was also considering that when illusionists cultivate, they need an absolutely quiet environment.

Therefore, I arranged for her to be by the schools artificial lake.

Its quite remote over there and very few people usually go there!”

“However, Jiaxuan, dont worry.

Although its quite remote, because its inside the school, we dont have to worry about safety!”

Principal Yan used his phone to take photos of the scenery on the campus while introducing Yan Yimo.

On the phone screen, Li Jiaxuan nodded repeatedly.

“Uncle Yan, youve arranged it very well! If youre free later, come to Jiangnan City to find me.

I must treat you to a meal to thank you!”

“Were all family.

Arent you treating me like an outsider by saying that” Principal Yan smiled and said, “However, when the martial arts college entrance examination is over and Im free, Ill definitely go to Jiangnan City!”

This was a rare opportunity to get closer to Li Jiaxuan.

How could Principal Yan give up on it

“Alright! Uncle Yan, tell me before you come.

Ill arrange everything for you!” Although Li Jiaxuan said it politely, he was actually just patronizing him.

After all, he came from a wealthy family, so he was already familiar with the ways of the world at such a young age.

“The villa by the lake in front is where Yimo lives now!” As they chatted, Principal Yan had already arrived at the artificial lake and filmed Yan Yimos residence.

“This is the only villa in the school.

Its usually empty and will only be opened when receiving important guests! Yimo lives alone now…”

As Principal Yan spoke, he suddenly couldnt continue.

On the phone screen, Li Jiaxuan also realized that something was wrong.

The two of them saw a young man walk into Yan Yimos villa almost at the same time.

“Uncle Yan” Li Jiaxuans face was filled with question marks as he hurriedly asked, “Didnt you say that Yimo lives alone Why did you arrange for a boy to take care of her”

“I didnt make any arrangements!” Principal Yan hurriedly denied.

“You didnt arrange it” Li Jiaxuan was a little suspicious.

His cousin, Yan Yimo, had been very cold since she was young and rarely interacted with anyone of the opposite sex.

Even as her cousin, he would not be treated well if he wanted to get close to Yan Yimo.

And now, a boy had actually walked into Yan Yimos villa

“No!” Principal Yan explained hurriedly, “Its not like I dont know Yimos personality! If I really arranged for a boy to take care of her, Im afraid she would have turned around and returned to Shanghai on the spot!”

“Thats true!” Li Jiaxuan agreed with him.

“But whats with this boy Could it be that… Yimo just ran to your school and met a boy she liked”

“No! Thats impossible!” Principal Yan comforted him.

“I know this male student.

His name is Lin Mo.

Hes a famous bad student in Haicheng Martial High.

I just expelled him a few days ago.

How can a bad student like him catch Yimos eye”

However, not only did Principal Yans consolation not have any effect, but it also had the opposite effect.

“A bad student Yimo has never come into contact with a bad student! Perhaps this novelty attracted her” Li Jiaxuan panicked.

“Besides, bad students are the most dangerous! Although theyre not good at studying, they often focus on other aspects… Especially when it comes to coaxing women, theyre especially good at it! My Cousin Yimo is so innocent, shes easily fooled by bad students!”

The more Li Jiaxuan thought about it, the more afraid he became.

This lousy student called Lin Mo looked like he wanted to live off his cousin!

“Uncle Yan!” Li Jiaxuans tone became unpleasant.

“Is this how you take care of Yimo You even arranged a boyfriend for her”

“Dont be anxious, dont be anxious.

This should be a misunderstanding!” Principal Yan rolled his eyes and found an excuse.

“Im guessing… a light bulb in the house might have broken! With her status, its impossible for her to fix it herself, so she casually pulled a passing student over!”

“That seems to make sense!” Li Jiaxuan could accept this.

“Maybe this Lin Mo was under Cousin Yimos illusion technique! When he finishes fixing the light bulb, he might not even remember what happened!”

“Yes! Yes!” Seeing that comforting was effective, Principal Yan continued.

However, just as he said “right”, Principal Yan was suddenly stunned.

On the screen, Li Jiaxuan was also stunned.

They saw through the huge French windows of the villa—Lin Mo and Yan Yimo.

They actually opened a bottle of beer each and clinked them.

“This…” Principal Yan was at a loss for words.

He really didnt know how to explain this scene.

‘Fixing light bulbs

‘You need a beer to fix a lightbulb

“Yimo actually drank alcohol” Li Jiaxuan felt like his head was about to explode.

“My cousin never touches alcohol, but now shes drinking beer And directly through the bottle”

Li Jiaxuan really broke down!

But immediately after, something that made him collapse even more happened—Yan Yimo in the villa actually drew the curtains!

He and Principal Yan could no longer see the situation in the house!

“Pull the curtains”

“Why are the curtains closed in the middle of the day”

“What do they want to do in the villa!”


Li Jiaxuan couldnt help but imagine some inappropriate scenes in his mind.

“Dont think too much! Dont think too much!” Principal Yan comforted him.

“The style of our Haicheng Martial Arts High School is very outstanding! Its impossible for something like what youre thinking to happen in school!”

“But…” Li Jiaxuan said in despair,” Didnt you just say that this Lin Mo has been expelled from your school Moreover, my Cousin Yimo isnt from your school! ”

No matter how outstanding your Haicheng Martial High is, the two people who just drew the curtains in the villa are not from your school!

“Uh…” Principal Yan was instantly speechless.

“Anyway, dont think too much.

Ill go over and see whats going on!”

Principal Yan rushed to the lakeside villa in a hurry.

Of course, he didnt dare to break in directly.

After all, the person inside was his niece in name, but she was actually his “great aunt”!

If he angered her and went back to the Demon Capital… wouldnt he be on the verge of tears

Principal Yan forced a smile and was about to knock on the door politely when his “great aunt” Yan Yimos cold voice came from the villa.

“Dont look for me! Its not convenient for me now!”

Principal Yans chubby hand retracted as if he had been electrocuted.

In the video, Li Jiaxuans face turned green!

‘What did he hear

‘Not very convenient

What did he think Cousin Mo was doing to say that it was not convenient now!

“Also, stay away from me.

Dont look for me today! Dont affect me!” Yan Yimos voice sounded again.

“Alright, alright! Ill leave now!” Principal Yan smiled apologetically and left.

In the video, Li Jiaxuans face had already turned green.

It was difficult for him not to think in some ways with Yan Yimos words!

The more he thought about it, the worse he felt.

He couldnt help but grimace.

“Uncle Yan, try your best to disturb them!” Li Jiaxuan said with a green face.

“Ill rush over from Jiangnan City now!”


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