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At Cheon Sa-yeon’s house, there was nothing to eat, so we ate breakfast together with the lunch box that Park Geon-ho bought.

“This is the list of issues we’re talking about right now.”


I put the rolled egg in my mouth and took the tablet PC that Woo Seo-hyuk gave me.

On the screen, about ten controversial issues and undisclosed incidents at home and abroad were listed.

“There’s… no case worth writing about.”


Due to what happened at the museum, we no longer had to worry about Abel and Azazel also disappeared with a space movement item, so we needed a new clue to find the Praus Cult.

They could have been sending out invitations like the last time, but we couldn’t just sit waiting for an invitation that we didn’t know when it would come.

‘More than anything else, considering what Azazel said to Kim Woo-jin… we need to find a clue quickly.’

As soon as Kim Woo-jin was discharged from the hospital, he told us in detail what Azazel had said.

What bothered me the most was the words Samael said during the conversation between Azazel and Samael.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t get anything.

Because I’m making something more important than that.”

It was already confirmed fact that the Praus Cult used Kali’s blood in various places without hesitation.

So, they were probably doing something with Kali’s blood again this time.

It wasn’t easy to catch the tail as it was the Praus Cult that was active all over the world.

Even after reading the cases that Woo Seo-hyuk had been investigating, there was nothing suspicious about it.

“We’re at a loss.”

That was then.

Edward, who was sitting next to me and looking at the tablet PC together, touched a certain part with his finger.

“Oh, I know this.”

Edward pointed out the incident involving the fourth gate.

Recently, there had been people who approached the gate to which had an owner and asked if they could lend it to the manager an hour or two by requesting and threatening.

“Have you ever heard of it”


But it’s not in Korea.”

Edward, who put the lid on the neatly emptied lunch box, continued the explanation.

“Before I came here, I stopped by Australia for a while… There was also a similar story in the news.

There were people asking to rent the gate for an hour or two.”

Australia Was there anything… in common between Korea and Australia

“Has anyone in Australia lend it Or that damage has actually occurred.”

“There must be a few times.

However, the government gave a warning to be careful as it is illegal to borrow it from the manager rather than an official request to the guild which it belongs to.”

“Why are they renting”

“I don’t know.

I heard they just looked around…”

You said you borrowed it to see the inside of the gate It didn’t make sense from start to finish.

Ha Tae-heon, who was listening to my conversation with Edward, opened his mouth.

“If they could get inside the gate, they would be talented people, wouldn’t you be able to immediately identify the identities of those who tried”

“That’s… in Korea, all talented people are registered by the country and managed together with the guild, but this is not the case for overseas.

Especially in Australia, the land is too big and there are a lot of small gates, so it seems difficult to manage them in detail.”

The more we talked, the more uncomfortable there were.

I turned my gaze to Cheon Sa-yeon.

Cheon Sa-yeon, who made eye contact with me, immediately gave orders to Woo Seo-hyuk, as if thinking the same as me.

“Let’s find out more about the fourth case.

Focusing on overseas rather than domestic.”

“I understand.”

Unidentified people who tried to enter the gate by any means possible.

I hope that this incident that Edward informed us about would be a clue to catch the tail of the Praus Cult.

* * *

After breakfast, Edward went back to America, and Elohim, who took us to the Requiem Guild, also returned to the temple where Elahah was.

A day had passed since I returned to the room on the 23rd floor of the Requiem Guild.

Kim Woo-jin approached me while I was sitting on the sofa looking at the documents that Woo Seo-hyuk had prepared for me.

“What do you think”


According to Cheon Sa-yeon’s order, the materials organized overseas rather than domestic were full of information that I had never known before.

This incident was happening not only in Australia and Korea, but also around the world, including China, France, and the America at the same time.

It was said that the frequency was more frequent in countries like Australia, where it was difficult to manage gates due to the large land area.

‘It must be aimed at a loophole in management.’

I didn’t know what they were doing for an hour or two when they got into the gate, but it was a problem I couldn’t let it go.

Especially in Korea, where gate management was strict, there were people who had made such a request, so I had to point it out properly.

“It’s ambiguous because we haven’t found anything in Korea yet.

And I’m not even sure if this case has anything to do with the Praus Cult.”

Kim Woo-jin’s clone sat next to me and clung to me.

Naturally, I was caught between Kim Woo-jin and Kim Woo-jin’s clone, and I patted the arm wrapped around my waist and handed the documents I was looking at to Kim Woo-jin.

“That’s right.

This alone won’t be enough to relate to the Praus Cult.”


Still, it’s the most suspicious, so we’ll have to keep looking into it.”

It seemed that Cheon Sa-yeon was the most concerned about this case.

Roheon with Ha Tae-heon was looking for another case.

She said that Jayna would also help, so if the case related to the Praus Cult was narrowed down, it would be good to ask for help.

‘I still feel like something is missing.’

While Woo Seo-hyuk was looking at cases abroad, was there any other way to find out about domestic cases At least I wanted to figure out the people who were going to rent the gate were.

If we could find out their identities by some illegal means…


Illegal means’

At that moment, a pretty good idea ran through my mind.

Just in time, Kim Woo-jin was right next to me, so it wouldn’t hurt to ask if it was possible.

“Kim Woo-jin.”

As soon as I came to my sense, I raised my head to talk and realized that Kim Woo-jin was too close.

Kim Woo-jin, who was hesitating with both cheeks dyed red, carefully kissed me.

Startled by the soft touch of his lips, I pulled myself back and the clone tightened his arm holding my waist.

“Suddenly what…”

“…can’t I”

Kim Woo-jin, who was looking at my bewildered eyes, asked with a gloomy voice.

Can’t you do it Do you want to kiss me

To say no… I couldn’t refuse Kim Woo-jin because he had honestly confessed that he didn’t want to hide his heart anymore.

When I was hesitating, Kim Woo-jin kissed me again.

The lips that touched lightly and fell straight into deep, just like I did the last time.

Kim Woo-jin’s tongue, which came in slowly, brushed the roof of my mouth and gently pressed my tongue.


There was no place for me to escape because of the clone that supported my upper body firmly as I reflexively moved away.

I was perfectly caught between Kim Woo-jin and Kim Woo-jin’s clone, being kissed and the feeling started to get weirder.

Kim Woo-jin, who clumsily rummaged through my mouth, seemed to be quite excited by that alone and his breathing became harsher.

The clone lying on the sofa in line with my body being pushed back more and more also kept rubbing his lips on the nape of my neck.

The hot body heat was transmitted from back and forth, and even I felt my face became hot.

Chilling goosebumps ran through my spine at the muddy sound was heard in my ear.

“Ugh… stop…”

Even if kissing was unavoidable, it was unreasonable to do so for this long.

As the breath reached its limit, I turned my head unknowingly and tried to avoid his lips, but Kim Woo-jin’s big hand suddenly appeared and grabbed my face.

I avoided his hand grabbing my face and frowned at the kiss that followed.

At Kim Woo-jin, whose eyes turned to unfamiliar stimuli, I bit his tongue with a slight force to mean that he should come to his senses.

“Ah, I, I’m sorry…”

Kim Woo-jin, who shook at the sharp pain in his tongue, opened his eyes and opened his lips.

Kim Woo-jin blinked his eyes slowly with a pleasant look and swept my wet lips with his thumb.

“Are you okay”

“I thought I was going to die of suffocation.”

Even as I gasped for breath, the clone sitting behind me was still there.

The clone who used to kiss the nape of my neck was standing up now after biting it lightly.

‘Kim Woo-jin, this punk…’

Was this why he approached me from the beginning I was very suspicious that he even left the clone behind me.

Anyway, I couldn’t keep it like this, so I raised the upper body that was leaning on the clone.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were going to suffocating.”

Kim Woo-jin, who was glancing at my condition, apologized.

However, contrary to words, seeing the twinkling eyes or the red cheeks, I felt only his excitement rather than regret.

Well, for Kim Woo-jin, I must be the first person he did with all of this kind of skinship.

Thinking about it that way, my anger subsided a little.

Did I really need to break the atmosphere while he liked it Swallowing a sigh inwardly, I lightly tapped Kim Woo-jin’s cheek with my hand.


It’s not like you’re trying to kill me on purpose.”

“Uung… I’ll be more careful next time.”

Next Is there another one What should I answer Yeah, be careful.

Should it be like this

…let’s just change the topic.

“Kim Woo-jin.

I was going to ask you a favour earlier, can you please do it for me”


“You have an acquaintance who used to look for information about gates.”

“Aa… I remember.

Why him”

“I was wondering if he could find out about this case as well.

Very detailed in Korea only.”

Kim Woo-jin, who understood at once, nodded his head when I asked if he could find out even the illegal part.

“I haven’t been in touch with him lately, so I have to check if he can do it.

But he will probably do it.

I don’t know how long it will take.”

“Of course, it would be nice if he could find it sooner, but… I don’t mind no matter how long it takes.

Woo Seo-hyuk-ssi is looking into the basics as well anyway.”


Shall I call him right now”

“It would be good.”

Kim Woo-jin took the cell phone he had left on the table in front of the sofa and called somewhere.

After the ringing tone continued for a while, the other party answered the call.

[What is it.

Kim Woo-jin, were you alive]

A light voice came over the phone.

With a grim expression that Kim Woo-jin didn’t show when talking to me, he opened his mouth.

“If I don’t contact you, will I be lost”

[Um~ it’s not that there’s no possibility.]

Despite Kim Woo-jin’s cold reply, the other person’s playful attitude was still there.

Even in that brief conversation, it was obvious that the person who looked for information was a intelligence character.


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