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“Haha, dad, thats a great choice of words.

With our current status, its perfect for us to go and read them a eulogy.”

“Ciscos stocks are rising to the limit every day.

My net worth is already as high as 50 billion.

If I openly watch them make a fool of themselves, Ill lose my status, so Ill go in secret.”

“That works too.

After all, your status is extraordinary.

You are no longer the same as before.”

Cao Jiadong nodded.

“Have you all finished preparing the patent Remember to give Longxin a fatal blow at the press conference tomorrow.

You cant make any mistakes.”

“Ive long been prepared.

Ill definitely be able to pin them to the ground!”

“I wont micromanage such a small matter.

Lets split up tomorrow.

I want to witness this historical moment.”



Just as the two of them were in high spirits, Cao Jiadongs phone rang.

Cao Jiadongs expression turned serious when he saw the caller ID.

“Son, you can go back first.

Ill take this call.

If theres anything else, contact me by phone.”

“Got it, Dad.”

Cao Xiangyu didnt know who his father was going to speak to, but he still walked out obediently and didnt ask anything.

The office fell silent.

Cao Jiadong picked up the phone.

“Director Zhao, you were looking for me.”

“I heard that Longxin is holding a press conference tomorrow.

How are your preparations going”

“Dont worry, Director Zhao.

Everything has been arranged.

After tomorrow, Longxin will become history.

They wont pose a threat to us in the future.”

“Are you sure Longxins ambitions are not small.

They once wanted to buy the photolithography machine that A**R had eliminated.

In the end, I secretly stopped them.

In order to avoid any other small tricks in the future, I want to see them disappear from the the technology circle.”

“I wont give them any openings.

I can guarantee that.”

“Ill go to Zhonghai in a few days.

Ill talk to you about future development issues then.”

“Good, good, good.

Ill welcome you in Zhonghai.”

After hanging up, Cao Jiadong heaved a sigh of relief and muttered to himself,

“People from big families have different auras.”

Naijing, Military Region.

A military green SUV with white words on it drove in.

Then, the car door opened.

Liang Cunxiao and Shen Shuyi got out of the car and walked toward the family building.

Liang Xianghes house was very big.

It was more than a hundred square meters, but its design was very old.

The floor under his feet and the furniture in the house were made of old mahogany.

In every corner of the room were dozens of military medals and awards.

These were all honors that Liang Xianghe had risked his life for.

It was also the reason why he could sit in his current position.

There was a square table in the room with more than ten dishes of fish and meat on it.

It was very sumptuous.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Were just waiting for the two of you.”

In front of the square table, other than Liang Xianghe, there was also a white-haired old lady.

When she smiled, her wrinkles were on full display.

The old ladys name was Yang Yuhua.

She was Liang Ruoxus grandmother and one of the key members in the development of Huaxias first nuclear weapon.

“Dad, Mom.”

After getting out of the car, the two of them greeted each other in unison and sat down at the square table.

“Youve been flying around the world for the past few days.

I was too embarrassed to call you.

Hurry up and tell me about what happened in Zhonghai.” Yang Yuhua asked hurriedly.

“Whats the rush Shuyi just got off the plane.

Let her have a meal first,” Liang Xianghe said.

“Im just concerned about my granddaughter.

Shes already 30 years old this year.

Its time for her to consider marriage.”

Liang Cunxiao looked at his wife with a smile.

“Hurry up and tell Mom about your trip to Zhonghai.

Otherwise, she wont be able to focus on her meal.”

Shen Shuyi pondered for a moment.

“I met Lin Yi by accident and even had a meal with him.

This young man is indeed not bad.

Hes eloquent and smart.

Other than being a little talkative, I cant see any flaws.”

Hearing Shen Shuyis evaluation of Lin Yi, the Liang family was relieved.

Shen Shuyis taste was unquestionable.

For her to give such a high evaluation, it was enough to show how outstanding Lin Yi was.

This was because Zhao Mo, who had always been interested in his granddaughter, had never received such an evaluation.

“His looks are alright, right” Yang Yuhua asked, “He should be able to match Little Mi.”

“Hes not bad-looking either.”

“Im relieved to hear that,” Yang Yuhua said.

“Let the two of them develop freely in the future.

As adults, dont fuss about this.

Little Mi is thin-skinned.

Lets not waste our breath worrying about her.”

“Mom, I have something else to tell you,” Shen Shuyi said.

“What is it Im listening.”

“I rejected Lin Yi.”


Hearing this, the Liang family was surprised.

Such a perfect young man would definitely be compatible with Little Mi.

As a father, he hadnt even rejected him yet, so as a mother, why did she reject him in advance

“Why did you reject him Did he do something that made you unhappy” Yang Yuhua asked.

The Liang Family was a very special family.

If the other party had a flaw in any aspect, it would be more difficult for him to be together with Liang Ruoxu.

“He did very well, and he took care of everything.

At the very least, I didnt notice any flaws,” Shen Shuyi said.

“The reason I rejected him was that he was too ambitious.

A man like him wont be able to juggle his career and family.

Id rather Little Mi found a man who is slightly inferior to her.

That would put her in a very advantageous position.”

Hearing this, the Liang family fell silent.

People were contradictory.

They always hoped that their children could find a perfect partner.

That he would have a successful career outside and could take care of his wife and children at home.

However, no one could perfectly balance these two aspects of life.

The scales would always tilt in one direction.

If the disparity was not great, there would be no problem at all.

However, if the candidate was completely biased toward a particular side, it would be an issue.

For Shen Shuyi to give such an evaluation, it was enough to prove Lin Yis ability.

The Liang family knew this very well.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to force the six major pharmaceutical companies to retreat and exchange for that name list.

However, they were also Liang Ruoxus closest loved ones.

Naturally, they hoped that she would be protected and loved by her man for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately, this Lin Yi fellow in front of her didnt seem to be able to give her such a life.

Therefore, this matter was very difficult to handle.

They wanted to give up on him, but they couldnt bear to.

However, the honest truth was that he really couldnt satisfy the Liang familys prerequisites.

“Dad, Mom, dont look like that.

Theres something I havent told you yet,” Shen Shuyi said with a smile.

“After had a meal in Zhonghai.

Im sure of one thing.

Lin Yi might really be Lin Jingzhan and that womans child.”

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