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Hearing the news reported on television, the Liang family was stunned.

They put down their bowls and chopsticks at the same time and stared at the news broadcast.

They found it unbelievable.

They all remembered that Shen Shuyi had just said that the school in Beiqiao Town was donated by Lin Yis charity fund.

Now, why did it become her CITIC Trust Charity Fund that was building it

“Daughter-in-law, whats going on Why is it different from what you said” Yang Yuhua asked.

“Didnt you say that Beiqiao Towns projects were sponsored by Lingyun Group Why is it now CITIC Group that is handling the projects”

Shen Shuyis expression was intriguing.

She was first surprised, then she smiled.

“This brat is reminding me that hes not a pushover.”

“So it seems like he doesnt take you seriously.” Liang Xianghe chuckled.

“I told you he was as bold as Lin Jingzhan.

You should believe me now,” Shen Shuyi said.

“If he really works out with Little Mi, even I as a mother-in-law wont be able to control him.”

“I dont think we can interfere with the matter between him and Little Mi even if we want to,” Liang Cunxiao said.

“He doesnt take us seriously at all.”

Shen Shuyi sighed.

Looking at the news, she felt that she had underestimated Lin Yi.

Lin Jingzhan didnt seem to be like this when he was his age.

“Alright, lets eat first.

Let nature take its course regarding him and Little Mi.” Liang Xianghe said.

“My granddaughter has always been stubborn ever since she was young.

Our words are just suggestions to her.

No one can control her.”

Shen Shuyi was also helpless.

From the looks of it, this was the only way forward.

Even her identity as the leader of the CITIC Group could not suppress him, so other methods would prove to be even more pointless.

The next morning, Ji Qingyan prepared breakfast.

At the dining table, Lin Yi said,

“When you arrive alter, just sit with Yuanyuan and the others.

I have something else to do, so I wont stay with you.”

“Okay, do what you have to do.

Dont worry about us.”

After dinner, the two of them drove to Jiangnan Spring Hotel.

At the entrance of the hotel were two rows of flower baskets.

Between them was a long red carpet.

There was an endless stream of guests who came to attend the meeting.

They arrived wave after wave.

Standing behind the crowd, Cao Jingqiu looked at the scene at the entrance of the hotel and muttered to herself,

“How many reporters did Dad invite over If this continues, the venue wont be able to fit everyone.

He really wants to crush Longxin to death.”

“President Cao, all the preparations for the press conference should be done, right” Lu Ying walked over and asked.

Lu Ying was wearing a black dress with flesh-colored stockings on her legs.

She looked very dignified.

If she did not take the initiative to reveal her identity, no one would be able to guess that she was a female professor.

“Everything is ready.

We can start at 9 sharp.” Cao Jingqiu smiled.

“There are so many people here today.

I believe Longxins press conference will definitely be a success.”

“Thank you for your kind words, President Cao.

Weve been working for so long to debug the program.

This is definitely a perfect product.

I also believe that this will be a perfect press conference to announce it.”

“I agree.” Cao Jingqiu replied earnestly.

“President Cao, Ill have to trouble you to keep an eye on the scene.

I have other things to do, so Ill leave first.”


Cao Jingqiu sighed as she watched Lu Ying leave.

No matter how perfect your program is, the patented technology inside still belongs to Cisco.

Longxin, why didnt you just focus on scientific research Why did you have to try to compete with the capitalists You dont have a chance against us!

“Why is he here”

At the entrance of the hotel, Cao Jingqiu saw a Bentley Mulsanne arrive before Lin Yi got out of the car.

Seeing Lin Yi, Cao Jingqius expression immediately turned cold as she walked over.

“What are you doing here”

Because of Lin Yis status as the Lingyun Groups CEO, Cao Jingqiu had always been wary of him.

“Are you insane Cant I come here Is this your house” Lin Yi said.

“After all, Im the person in charge of Sci-Tech.

Its normal for me to come to keep up with the technology industry.”

“Stop pretending.

My father and brother dont know what you are, but I know everything!”

“Who am I to you Are you claiming that I didnt wear a condom, or are you offering to pay me for sleeping with you” Lin Yi said, “Get lost.”

With that, Lin Yi walked straight in, ignoring Cao Jingqiu.

This three-billion-dollar show was still waiting for him to start his act.

It was not worth wasting time on her.

Cao Jingqius expression was cold as anxiety filled her heart.

She had a bad feeling that Lin Yis appearance would make this press conference very chaotic and might even affect Cisco.

However, soon Cao Jingqiu sorted out her thoughts.

She felt that this matter was bulletproof.

It would be impossible for Lin Yi to find a loophole in it.

Ciscos goal was to attack Longxin.

With more than 20 patents in hand, it could be considered an overwhelming assault on Longxin.

Even if Lin Yi wanted to help Longxin, there was no way he could turn the tables in such circumstances.

Moreover, it was impossible that he would help Longxin for no reason.

Secondly, for Cisco, the most important business was dealing with Didi.

This matter had nothing to do with Lin Yi.

No matter how one looked at it, Ciscos plan had no loopholes.

It could even be described as impenetrable.

Lin Yi didnt have the ability to shake Cisco.


Despite this, from the start to the end, Cao Jingqiu did not understand one thing.

Why did he have to hide his identity as the boss of Lingyun Group and hand over full authority to his big brother

Did he really have no time to take care of it

This was highly unlikely!

In reality, Lin Yi didnt carry out his plan perfectly.

He neglected a very important point, which was Liu Chu!

Liu Chu knew who Lin Yi was.

However, Liu Chu didnt participate in certain important internal meetings, and he didnt mention Lin Yis idea.

As a result, Lin Yis identity was never exposed.

If the Cao family really knew about this, Lin Yis plan might have experienced some twists and turns.

However, none of these problems were exposed.

Even if they were exposed now, Cisco would be powerless to reverse the situation.

Since the day they signed the contract, Cisco had already been doomed.

At this moment, the venue was full.

Other than the media in the technology industry, more than 80% of the people were reporters and bloggers in the technology field.

Longxin and Cisco had been fighting for many years.

Now, it was finally time to see the grand finale.

In an inconspicuous corner of the venue, Cao Jiadong and Cao Xiangyu sat together.

Cao Jiadong looked at his watch.

“Theres still ten minutes before Longxins press conference starts.

Have you prepared everything”

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