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As a stationery manufacturer, we tend to think that we should make it look like a stationery manufacturer.

What is important in determining the composition is, above all, the theme.


What is it that we want to convey as a company The fundamental theme must be understood above all else.

This is a very difficult task.


Of course, the production itself is commissioned to an advertising agency.

The truth is that even at that meeting, we were not able to fully grasp the concept.


October is just around the corner, and the weather is clear and cloudless.

But the sun is still making us suffer.

It is still hot.

It's hard to believe that it's autumn.

We let it go as it's "summer" when people say it's hot.


It's a great day for a photo shoot, and they are right.

The sunny weather suits the beautiful woman well.


The photographer was hired by an advertising agency to do the shoot, and it seems he is a well-known person in the industry.

I wondered how they could use such a person.

I was very reluctant to pay the commission.


Speaking of commission, she was paid a performance fee this time, of course.

If she had been in the Sakura Romance days, we would have had to pay her a considerable amount of money.


However, she told me she didn't want it.

She said, "It's for apologies for the trouble I've caused you this time," so I replied normally.

"That's a big nuisance."


If it came to light that we had made a no-fee appearance, we would have been slammed for it.

But I managed to convince her that this was a contract and that she was an adult.


Come to think of it, this was the first time I'd ever been allowed to sit in on a poster shoot like this.

The crew was moving around in a flurry of activity.

Reflective panels staring at the sun, hair and makeup artists decorating her.

It looks like a drama shoot, which is a little amusing.


This park is located in the suburbs of Tokyo.

The cosmos were at their best, and the staff and others gave it high marks when we were on location.

The cosmos were in full bloom, so much so that it would not be surprising if we could say that they are at their peak now.


Yes, they are in full bloom.

Just imagining Momoka Aimi in a cosmos field was a picture-perfect moment.


But we couldn't use the name "Momoka Aimi."


I had completely forgotten about it, but that stage name had been invented by my former agency.

So I needed permission to use it, but it would be strange to go all the way to ......

and ask the place she left.

I don't like it enough to be told to call the company she left from.


She laughed at me when I told her I'd come up with a different stage name then.


"I'm in, Yamamoto-san!"


She chose her real name.


She said she would be on the front page as Yamamoto Miina.


I was the first one to deny it.

Fujiwara, who was standing next to her, and the people at the ad agency who were listening to her, both shot back that it was not a good idea.


But she wouldn't listen to them.

When I asked her why, she said,


"I don't want to regret it anymore."


She want to take off her peach-colored mask and challenge herself as the real her.

It's not hard to understand that feeling.

It's something that a person who has regretted once would think about.


While I was thinking about this, Yamamoto appeared in front of us.

She was bowing her head in various directions, saying, "I look forward to working with you." It was hard to believe that she was that person who was drunk.






So, this is what it's like to be speechless.


For the first time in my life, I'm a sucker for people.

Back then, I was afraid to make eye contact, but now I can stare into Miina Yamamoto's eyes.


I was so fascinated, and my heart was pounding.

Her shimmering black hair blown by the autumn wind, her white one-piece dress, her light makeup, everything was so beautiful that I couldn't hear anything around me.


"Well then, let's start shooting."


"Please do!"


I look at her from a distance as she stands in the cosmos field.


What a painful realization I have once again.

That girl lives in a different place than I do.

In the end, this probably pushed her back.

But there was a part of me that could not be honestly happy about it.


That's also true.

I had become acquainted with the idol of my dreams.

Such a coincidence, or rather a miracle, would never happen again.

I felt a little sad.


"She's a beautiful, isn't she"


"Yes, she is."



I'm sorry for coming out of nowhere."


As I was admiring her, a woman spoke to me.

She was a slender person with a short blonde cut that suited her well.


"It's you, isn't it The one who suggested that we appoint that girl."




My gut feeling was that this person must also be in the entertainment business.

Living in the city, one often encounters this kind of photo shoot.

Maybe that's why there were no onlookers at all.


And yet, this person went to the trouble of standing alongside me to watch.

Could it be that she was a scout


"I was in charge of styling that girl."


"Oh, you're a stylist ......"


I was totally wrong.

I'm embarrassed.


I guess that's true, too.

I knew about the appointment, so there was no way I was an onlooker.

I'm so flustered.

It was just like when I was shaking hands with her.


"She's not even wearing any makeup.

I can't believe there's a former idol like that."


"I think she's the prettiest girl in the world."


She giggled.


"That is what you say to your girlfriend.

Is that the kind of relationship you have"


"Well, no way.

It's not like that.



"You're pretty naive for your age, aren't you"


I felt like I was being ridiculed, but I decided not to say anything.

Somehow, I felt that I would regret selling the fight.


I returned my gaze to Yamamoto.

Various poses, I say, but she looks so natural.

It's not like I'm looking at an idol, but rather, I feel like I'm looking at her itself.


"--There is a mysterious charm to that girl."


"I'm sure she does.

She's my idol."


"Oh, I see what you mean.

I see."


I felt bad about just observing the shooting in the middle of a weekday, but I couldn't take my eyes off of .......


The fact that I was a Momo-chan fans was also revealed in this case, and the press may have heard about it.

So I'm even more sorry.


"How do you see her as an idol"


"That's a very abstract question."


"No ......

it's not every day I get to hear a stylist's opinion."


"That's true."


With her out of the picture, Sakura Romance is now flying by the seat of its pants in terms of media exposure.

Looking at online reviews, there are more than a few idiots who write, "Because Momoka Aimi left."


I am tempted to respond that there is no way that is true, but I always hold my tongue and swallow.


Arguments on the Internet produce nothing.

All that is left is the remains of the printed word and the emptiness.

People who enjoy it are not human.

They are like machines that don't think.


It must be the practical weak who diss others on social networking sites.

We should never direct our daily stress at others.


In short, I want to know if Momo-chan became popular because she left.

I didn't want to think that the popularity would increase even though such a cute and beautiful girl disappeared.


"The voice of the fans and the opinion of the performers are different.

That's how this industry works."


"--That's right."


"It's common to manipulate impressions.

Media exposure is a great strategy.

I think it's Sakura Romance that does it so well."



Wait a minute.


If you believe that story, you can't miss it.

I'm going to ask with an open mind.


"--Have you been using Momo-chan as a springboard"


"To put it bluntly, I guess so.

Do you watch the Internet"


"In a manner of speaking.

But she told me that the office is old and not familiar with it."


Then she laughs bitterly, "No way."


"You can't do an entertainment agency today if you're not online.

It's like wiping out one of their strategies."



That" s."


"The world is not as pretty as you think.

I know that when I'm in this business."


If you think about it dispassionately, you're right.

If you don't keep up with the leading edge of the times, you will soon be left behind.

Such is the industry.

But it's not as beautiful as the light of the moon.


The structure of the industry is completely different from that of ordinary society.

From common sense to everything else, the world in which we live itself is different.

Therefore, my common sense that I seek in that world is not common sense from their point of view.

It is, so to speak, a beautiful thing.


I wonder if she was aware of her state of mind and dared to leave her alone.

The Internet was lightly stormed with allegations of infatuation, but they released the innocence of the reports.

And then she withdrew from the group.

If you look at that alone, you get the impression that she was protective.


--- But no.


The office was thinking about what would happen after Momoka Aimi quit.

In their position, it is only natural.

Because they have to continue to exist and generate profits in the future.


That's why they cut Momo-chan off Did they think they were making a story and creating a tragic idol group


"That's--too much."


"Yes, it is."


The stylist went away.


I wanted to complain more.

She could have given me information that only she knew.


I wonder if she, in the cosmos field, knows about this fact.

What good would it do if she did It's not even a fact yet.

Yes, it is.

It's too early to tell.



I could say one thing for sure.


That is - the day will definitely come when they regret having given her away.

Although there is no basis for this.


Even so, Momoka Aimi - or rather, Miina Yamamoto - possesses a beauty that is as beautiful as the cosmos.

You idiot.



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