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That is why she noticed that it was almost impossible for the queen to come forward to take care of the royal family.


“That’s right.

The chance to close the gap with the royal family and bring Gerald back to be forgiven by the royal family.”

Countess Gerald realized that the queen was serious now.

The queen sincerely thought that Gerald had sinned against the royal family and needed to be forgiven.

“First of all, it is important to strengthen the relationship between Gerald County and the royal family.

Thus, I would like to promote the marriage between the royal family and Lady Dania.”

Oh, this was unexpected.

She really didn’t expect this.

“Although Lady Dania is flawed, I decided to accept her with an open heart.

In the future, it would be good for her to come as the concubine of Prince Cruno or as the Princess Consort of Prince Norfe.

Whatever her choice, I will graciously accept Lady Dania’s choice.

Who would dare to choose between royalty.”

Countess Gerald dumbly listened to her.

* * *


It looks like a guest is coming.”

The mansion began to return busily with the anniversary ritual preparations.

The ritual only had three days left.

Most people didn’t come into the estate, but it must be urgent.

‘Gerald County’

Ophelia was on the way to Juliana’s parlor.

Alyssa tilted her head, seeing the carriage through the window.

Gerald County was Dania’s family.

Although they were close to Cambridge, they were not the ones who went back and forth to each other’s families without a single message.

However, it didn’t seem easy to see the momentum of Countess Gerald and Dania as they got off the carriage.

Alyssa knocked on the door of Juliana’s parlor.

“Come in.”

Ophelia and Juliana’s faces were full of water for some reason.

Her chest sank.

Only the royal family could cast shadows on their faces at this time of the year.

What ever did the royal family do

Gerald County and the royal family.

What could be the connection between them

“Sit here.”

Juliana beckoned to Alyssa.

Juliana thought that if she would later learn that Countess Gerald and Juliana were meeting, she might have a strange misunderstanding.

And Dania Gerald insisted on listening to Alyssa’s advice, so she couldn’t help it.

Alyssa is the only one who knows well about the royal family.

And Juliana called her in because she was convinced that Alyssa would surely side with them in this case.

“What is going on”

Alyssa asked, moistening her prickly mouth with her tongue.


Two of Gerald’s people arrived while Juliana hesitated.

They knocked on the door of the parlor and came inside.

The pale Countess and the furious Dania.

“It’s been a while, Juliana.”

“Yes, Sorend, your expression is not good… Please sit down quickly.”

“Grand Madam Juliana, long time no see.”

Dania was polite and courteous.

The five people who thought they would never get along were seated around.

Alyssa squeezed her dress in tension.

Of course, only the royal family could bring them together.

‘What did the royal family do’

Dania, who could not overcome the silence, opened her mouth first.

“Grand Madam Juliana, the royal family has made great demands.

They wanted to take me to be Prince Norfe’s Princess Consort or to Prince Cruno’s concubine.”


Ophelia dropped a teaspoon.


A swear word flowed through Ophelia’s little lips, but no one pointed it out.

“Fortunately, I refused, but I have to guess what the royal family will do in return.

After that, I asked for the Duchess, regardless of shame.”

Dania made eye contact with Alyssa.

If it were as planned, Dania would be in her seat.

However, Dania looked as clear as the person who had taken her lingering regrets off.

If she doesn’t have Kendrick, she wouldn’t be useless anyway.

“…Although the queen is belligerent, she is a cautious person.

She won’t move around recklessly.”

“I’m glad that’s the case….”

“That’s all she asked for”

Then Alyssa carefully asked a question.

Dania looked straight into her eyes and opened her mouth.


They asked for help with the wedding preparations.”

“…It would be better to accommodate it because you shouldn’t let your guard off with the queen.

I’m sure that the queen will take it as an opportunity, and she will think about pushing the same thing once again.”

“What’s next”

Alyssa’s expression was blurred.

Then… then.

“I hope there will be an incident that will remove the royal spirit.”

Ophelia spat out.

An event that will take out the royal spirit.

Dania and Alyssa’s mouths were shut in a straight line.

Not just the royal spirit, but to shake it out from the roots.

That day, Alyssa never knew that she had gained a friend without knowing.

Dania has pledged that she will take the bullet.

‘For me to marry a royal man! I would rather die cleanly.’


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