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Pauline sighed and handed the organized files to Seidrick.

“These are the documents you need to look at.

These are the ones set by the royal family as compensation for Kendricks death.”


Seidrick sighed briefly and accepted the papers.

It was pretty heavy.

“Most of the problems are in front of Princess Alyssa.”

Paulines face was dark.

When the royal family sent documents such as notification in the name of compensation, she couldnt stand but laugh.

The royal family is said to console Kendrick on the surface, but by cleverly using Alyssas position, Cambridge prevented him from receiving even a decent compensation.

If Princess Alyssa and Seidrick divorce, Alyssa can easily bring back the property to the royal family.

Seidrick looked over the documents with a dull face.

Its been a long time since he heard the name Alyssa.

In the South, even deliberately, he tried countlessly to avoid thinking of the woman.

Looking at this file folder, he felt like his head hurts even more.

He doesnt know what the Cambridge family did wrong with the Avery royal family.

Seidrick threw it onto the chair.

A carriage had just passed through Cambridges iron gates and was passing through a desolate boulevard.

Seidrick blinked his eyes.

“Stop the carriage.”


“Ill walk.

I cant stand it anymore.”

Pauline opened the small window leading to the horseman and stopped the carriage without a word.

Seidrick, who took off his hat and put it on the chair, waved his hand lightly as if to let her go first.

“Come in as soon as possible.

The lady will be waiting.”

“Okay okay.”

Pauline sighed as he saw Seidrick disappear into the garden.

Pauline looked sadly at the back of Seidrick as he moved away.

She picked up the file that Seidrick was looking at.

The sentence written on the last line stood out and caught her eye.

-This time, the list of all compensations is handled under the name of Princess Alyssa, who must have been the most heartbroken after losing her husband before marriage.

If Princess Alyssa leaves Cambridge, all of the higher-level properties will be returned, and the owner cannot be changed.

Oh, they have no conscience.

Princess Alyssa the most heartbroken Does she really know about Kendricks unfair death The two have never even met before…!

Moreover, the most important thing was that the list of rewards also contained the estates Kendrick had been given in exchange for victory in the war.

Things that should have been Kendricks from the start.

The royal family was doing everything in their power to make Kendricks death futile.

It was admirable that Seidrick didnt jump off the carriage.


Pauline covered the folder with a rough hand.


Seidrick stopped by the gardeners hut, changed into comfortable clothes, and brought out the necessary equipment for ice fishing.

The gardener who saw him for the first time after a long time brought his clothes out too to go with him, but Seidrick dissuaded him.

Seidrick stepped lightly and headed for the lake.

Ice fishing was pretty exciting.

Breaking frozen ice, catching fish swimming under it, and grilling them over a bonfire.

It was something his father did when he was very young.

Seidrick still couldnt forget the happiness of that day.

However, it seems that there were already visitors to the lake.

Princess Alyssa, who was looking at the Lake, raised her head.

“Oh…! Its been a while”

Alyssa stood up and said.

The gardener with blue eyes and blond hair who she had not been able to see was approaching.


I was away for a while.”

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Seidrick replied obediently.

In fact, it was still uncomfortable to see the princess.

However, he didnt want to bother Alyssa, who would be lonely enough in Cambridge.

As much as he hated the royal family, Alyssa was uncomfortable, and that much made him feel indebted to her.

Alyssa was like being punished on behalf of the royal family.

He knew it wasnt her fault in his mind, but he didnt have the intention of treating the princess more friendly.

Seidrick continued his work in silence.

He took a good spot, broke the ice, and threw a fishing rod.

While he was working on a series of tasks, Alyssa was lingering around him.

As if she has something to say.


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