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[Revolt of the Revolutionary Group.

Where do they end]

The remnants of the heretic temple, which had lost its majesty and turned into mere stones, were published in newspapers.

Weekly, daily, magazine.

Regardless of whether it’s about the heresy temple or the revolution group, which were all covered with full articles, the heretical beliefs held by the king spread throughout the country.

People also found out.

Where their taxes have been leaking to.

The king, who should be the kingdom’s protector, was distracted, wasting taxes and putting pressure on the temple.

It is a temple that has served as spiritual support for the people of the domain.

The people were angry on behalf of the temple and praised the achievements of the revolutionary group.

The fact that no one was injured in the process ignited even more fire.

People were talking about the ‘humanitarian revolutionary group.’ They even saved the lives of their followers by destroying the heretical temple that had grown by sucking blood.

Just before the demolition, a small fire was ignited in the temple and drove my people out.

People began to think of the revolutionary group as the saviors for those who have gone mad and lost their faith in heresy.

Of course, there was also the ‘king’ among those who should be saved.

Of course, as a king, public opinion against him was harsher than that of other citizens.

“It’s a blast.”

Seidrick smiled a sly smile.

Caradella did a bigger job than promised.

The temple was blown up in broad daylight.

In fact, because of heresy, the temple did not take the form of a regular temple, and it was impossible to remodel a commercial building.

It was demolished from the ground up.

It was blown up from the inside so that it collapsed inside out.

Restoration would probably be impossible unless a new one was built.

How much effort did she put into that

It was clear that delicate and expensive gunpowder was used.

It became clear where the money Caradella had requested went.

“Pauline, I have to pay a reward.”


“I’m thinking of donating to the revolutionary group.”


“I think we will do a lot of things together in the future.

If they work hard, won’t this rotten royal family be shaken To do that, the revolutionary group must become a hero.”

“I have no idea what you are thinking.”

Pauline shook her head.

She knew that Seidrick was a brilliant guy.

Perhaps he was thinking about the distant future.

Pauline can’t keep up with Seidrick’s plans and extraordinary brain.

She just silently follows him.

Seidrick just wrote 100 million gold on a blank check as she didn’t know what he was thinking.

The revolutionary group will represent the voice of the people in the future.

They were the ones who would play the most prominent role in establishing a parliamentary state.

After the fall of the royal family, there would be chaos for some time, so they had to play the role of rallying the people.

It was impossible to destroy the status system.

It only creates more confusion.

Moreover, to win the support of all nobles, the rank system must be maintained even if it is weak.

The nobles who will remain in the privileged class will maintain their status.

Still, if only the royal family disappears, they will probably contribute to establishing a parliamentary system.

They also know about the rotten royal family…

The nobility enjoyed many things as a privileged class.

Among the things they have enjoyed, there was also something called ‘personal connection.’ Other nobles and celebrities spread across the country.

They will surely help this country to develop into a new country.

Seidrick handed Pauline the check.

“Tell Caradella.”

“Yes, Your Excellency.”

Seidrick took a breath as he saw Pauline sandwiching the check between the books.

Now the king will raise taxes to build a new heretical temple.

But there could be no more money coming from the people who had been squeezed out so far.

Those who have been immersed in heresy will soon come to their senses.

They will find out that those who have made their already challenging life even more dreary are none other than the heretic gods.

Some will be fine.

But the remnants of the failed royal family could not be dragged away.

The mob will increase, and the king will need money.

Caradella will be in charge of calming the mob.

It is enough that the revolutionary group gained the support of the people through this incident.

Now, Seidrick only has to wait for the king to become impatient.

And the opportunity soon came.


The king accepted Seidrick’s request for an audience.

Everyone knows that Seidrick made a lot of money this time, so it was evident that the King thought something would come out if he robbed Seidrick.

Seidrick refined his clothes.

He was going to finish everything today.

That is why he requested early morning as an audience time.

Even if he spends too much money, just today,

He will bring Kendrick.


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