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“Do you like him that much”

“Huh No.”

What do you mean no You are already smiling.

As she walked through the garden’s bumpy path, Alyssa showed no sign of difficulty.

A walk in this garden would have helped her quite a bit.

Doctors say Alyssa’s condition is getting better.

If she eats well, she will get better.

Perhaps it is thanks to her steady walking exercise.

Sasha followed Alyssa diligently.

It was because Alyssa’s excited footsteps were too fast for Sasha to catch up with.

“Go slowly, madam.”


Alyssa blushes her cheeks and nods her head.

It’s nice to see that lively look… Sasha bit her lip.

In the end… she couldn’t erase the desire that the person her master had in her heart was the duke.

Sasha covered her eyes from the scorching sunlight as it pierced her eyes.

Her steps were getting slower.

It was because of the ominous feeling of the strangely serene garden.

Sasha pursed her lips.

“Madam, please go slowly….”

Alyssa’s pace slowed down, and Sasha followed her.

And they saw someone’s back in the distance.

There was also a smile that spread like a flower on Alyssa’s face.

Alyssa raised her hand and waved it.


It was like a flower in full bloom.

Sasha had never seen Alyssa smile so much.

The neatly curved purple eyes sparkled like jewels.

Alyssa let out a bright smile.

‘She is smiling….’

There was not even the slightest smell of death from her.

Sasha slowly turned her head.

To the man who is staring blankly at them.

Considerable stature and incredible physique.

Old but neatly dressed clothes.

The fishing rod he was holding in his hand stood out as good as a picture—a person who magically permeates this garden.

Sasha slowly blinked her eyes.

The sunlight, which seemed to pierce her eyes, covered the man’s face.

Once, twice, three times.

Sasha rubbed her eyes.

And then it completely collapsed.

‘Duke Seidrick of Cambridge…!’

A scream that couldn’t come out was caught in Sasha’s mouth.

Not seeing Sasha’s reaction, Alyssa ran away.

“Sid! Are you out early”

The man, Seidrick, seemed to have noticed Sasha’s gaze.

There was a dim resignation in the eyes, looking at Sasha with a troubled face.

It was certain.

The man Alyssa liked, the man who kept her alive, was Duke Seidrick!

Sid, who was thought to be the man who would make Alyssa live, was the man who would rather kill Alyssa.

Sasha slowly backed away.

It would have been better not to know.

Or should she be happy that the duke is the other person, as she thought Whatever it was, the truth made Sasha despair.

* * *

Seidrick bit his lip.

He did not manage to catch Sasha as he walked away.

What would he mean by holding on to her anyway He didn’t know what to call her or what to say to her.

Why the hell is Sasha here

Alyssa didn’t even notice the signs from Seidrick; she just smiled prettily.

Alyssa still seemed unaware of his identity.

But, Sasha noticed.

Seidrick sighed and ruffled his hair.

They say that life is impossible to see one inch ahead, but he always faces the worst situation like this.

Seidrick’s lips trembled.

He now knows he has to tell Alyssa the truth and apologize.

He knew that Sasha could reveal the truth if he didn’t confide.

The truth of what had been delayed by Alyssa’s smile, and the truth he could not tell because of fear, was pulling Seidrick into the depths of the swamp.

After sinking like this, would he rather be comfortable

Seidrick blinked slowly.

Brighter than the sunlight, she looked at him and smiled.

Seidrick smiled at that smile.

“I have something to tell you, Lisa.”

“What do you mean”

Seidrick barely raised his trembling lips.

Where should I start Seidrick didn’t know what to do with his hand and then covered his face.

No words came out.

It wasn’t a secret to be revealed so easily.

The conversations, breaths, and each other’s body temperature in the villa not long ago made Seidrick tingle.

He should have revealed before this happened.

Before Seidrick takes Alyssa to her heart and he takes her to his heart.

Both should have revealed when they could have been less hurt.

But regret is always late, and time is irreversible.

Seidrick opened his mouth in a weak voice.


It was a ruthless day.

He wished it wasn’t like this

It is.

However, before anyone else can tell her, Seidrick must come first.

That was the way Alyssa will be the least hurt.


Seidrick swallowed a tear.

He threw up the words he couldn’t say.

“I’m not the Sid you know…”


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