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All the doors of the Duchy’s house were closed.

Alyssa’s fever, which Seidrick carried on his back, was great, but the bigger problem was Seidrick himself.

The heat was seeping all over his body.

It was because when Seidrick’s nervousness eased after telling Alyssa the secret, the things he had been suppressing poured out.

Something that could not be expressed outwardly and swallowed up eventually became an illness.

It was sitting on Seidrick’s stomach and gnawing at him.

Even Pauline, who was always beside him, didn’t even notice, so who knows.

“I don’t know how he put up with it…”

Doctor Kallit shook his head with a sad expression on his face.

“It must have been excruciating.”

Ophelia muttered in tears.

“…he wouldn’t even know it was painful.

He must have pushed himself that much.”

Ophelia’s fingers trembled.

“Can he get better The exact name of the disease is….”

Among the instruments that Kallit brought, there were also magic spheres that could see through the body.

He examined Seidrick closely through the magnifying glass in his hand.

However, no matter how many times he looked at it, the result was….

It was the same.

“Gastric cancer.

Simply put, stomach cancer.

If you do not eat properly and are constantly under stress, the cells in your stomach transform into cancer.

It is a disease in which the deformed mass gradually increases in size.

The question will be whether this will spread to other places.”

Ophelia took a breath.

It was a disease she had even heard of.

And she knows that a lot of people have died because of it.

Ophelia grabbed the doctor’s forearm with her small hand.

“Can you save him Please say yes.”

Cambridge’s tragedy is enough.

At this rate, she couldn’t even lose Seidrick.

Ophelia’s voice trembled.

“I will do anything to save Seidrick.

You can bring anything from Cambridge and use it.

So, I mean…”

Kallit’s eyes darkened.

“It is not possible in Avery.

Our medical technology has not yet developed to that degree.”


“There is a medical article published in Belgium not long ago.

Belgium has achieved medical development by combining magic tools and medicine since ancient times.

So, there was a new announcement a while ago, and it directly removed the cancer mass and cut the part with a magic tool….”

He looked at Ophelia’s expression.

He realized that what she wanted was a certainty, not a list of knowledge.

Kallit laughed awkwardly.

“I can’t be certain because I’m just a doctor and not a god.

However, I want to tell you that the chances are high.”

At that moment, Ophelia, who had been crying in dismay, took her hand from Kallit.

Her eyes were gloomy as she looked at the lying down Seidrick.

“Is it urgent”

“Fortunately, it is benign, not malignant….”

Oh, this is not it.

He stopped talking.

They keep forgetting that this kind of medical knowledge works only for those working in the same industry but not for the general public.

Kallit shook his head.

“It’s not like that.

The sooner it is, the better, but fortunately, it’s not very advanced yet.

It doesn’t look like it will spread anywhere else.

However, leaving the country within two months…”

Ophelia wiped her tears away.

It was a relief.

Seidrick’s personality will not listen even if he was told he had to leave the country immediately.

Two months was enough time to convince him and hand over his duties to someone else.

Ophelia nodded her head vigorously.

It wasn’t the time for her to cry.

Now Cambridge needs her.

Ophelia said in a crying voice.



Please stay in the Cambridge mansion.

I’ll pay for whatever you need.

Also, please prepare to leave the country within a month or two.

If possible, I think it would be good for Mr.

Kallit to leave the country with him.

I can’t trust him going…”

“I will do that.”

Kallit nodded his head.

He also had a grateful heart for Cambridge.

Kendrick defended the country, and Seidrick revitalized commerce and industry.

It was a matter directly related to the development of the country.

Contrary to the collapse of the royal family, the lives of the people are gradually improving.

In addition, the good deeds that Alyssa Cambridge has done for the private sector are gradually being revealed.

Alyssa Cambridge’s name began to be sung among the people.

Cambridge, not Avery, is saving the Avery Kingdom.

If anyone has as much patriotism as a rat’s tail for the kingdom, they can’t help but feel an indebtedness to Cambridge.

Ophelia breathed a sigh of relief.

How should she convey this news to Alyssa and Juliana Cambridge’s tears are about to get wet once more before they dry.


Brother… Save Seidrick.

Hmm Brother also loves Seidrick too.

How can we live without Seidrick… I can’t stand it any longer.’

Ophelia grabbed Seidrick’s hand.


Ophelia swallowed tears as she prayed that Seidrick would survive all these ordeals and that he would return safely to Cambridge again.

* * *

It was after a full day’s sleep that Alyssa came to her senses.

Thanks to that, her head and body were refreshed.

She was just passing the time as she stared out the window blankly.

She felt empty as if she had ripped her entire chest out.

She seems to be venturing into an open place.

Alyssa smiled bitterly.

Her wish for happiness itself was greed.

She knew that heaven was not always on her side.

Alyssa wiped her face with trembling hands.


As Sasha entered her room, she found Alyssa awake.

She jumped in, and Sasha grabbed her two hands.

“Are you okay”

She dare not guess Alyssa’s heart.

However, she is aware of Alyssa’s heavy heart toward Sid the gardener, so she was worried.

She hates herself for constantly forcing Alyssa to put up with it, but it’s better than dying.

If Alyssa wants to leave Cambridge, she will follow, and if Alyssa wants to leave the country, she will follow wherever Alyssa goes.

However, it must not be the underworld.

Sasha held Alyssa’s hand eagerly.


This is nothing.

Alyssa has been brought up with countless misfortunes worse than this.

So this is nothing.

Is it her life without family and friends Alyssa’s life it’s just like that.

“I’m okay.”

Her smirking face pierced Sasha’s eyes.

It feels like her heart is being choked.

Alyssa asked with a sigh.

“……How about Seidrick”

She couldn’t help but ask because that was the last time she saw him.

However, she was not used to her mouth trying to call him Seidrick instead of Sid.

Alyssa’s transparent gaze turned to Sasha.

Sasha doesn’t know what the emotions were in those eyes.

Sasha bit her lips tightly.

The important thing is that Seidrick isn’t in good condition right now.

Can Alyssa withstand this news

Can Alyssa be able to withstand these damned misfortunes one after another

Just because Seidrick was Sid doesn’t mean that the feelings she had for him disappear instantly.

Her heart won’t be so light.

Sasha clapped her lips.

Ophelia told her not to tell Alyssa until her health was restored, which is just another deception.

She decided that it would be better for her not to deceive her master.

She said it was a misjudgment.

Sasha squeezed her eyes shut.

“……that is……”

“Why Hasn’t he come back We were together.”

“Now… the doctor is here.”

Alyssa frowned.

Of course, she could understand that the doctor was here since she collapsed.

But what’s so strange about that…

But Alyssa’s heart was heavy as if it was full of pebbles.

It rattled with fear and anxiety and pounded her head.

Alyssa looked at Sasha with a gloomy feeling in her gaze.

Because heaven was not always on her side.

This time, heaven betrays her.

It is not surprising.

“What’s going on”

“…His Excellency seems to be very ill, Madam.”

But, this isn’t it.

Alyssa’s face turned pale.

She can’t even hate it as her heart pleases.

Heaven has abandoned Cambridge once again.

Is Seidrick sick Then where, how

Sasha parted her lips with difficulty.

* * *

Alyssa fell, then got up and ran.

This was the first time she had been to Seidrick’s bedroom, and she had no idea it would be like this.

The words Sasha had said circulated in her head.

‘He has stomach cancer.

Fortunately, he can get better… But they said he had to go to Belgium.”

She couldn’t do anything.

She couldn’t hate him.

She couldn’t blame him, and she couldn’t forgive him.

Only profound love and lingering affection remain, scratching Alyssa down.

By the way, they don’t let her do anything.

Alyssa opened the door to Seidrick’s bedroom.

‘However, they said that it was a relief that it was found this time.


Alyssa exclaimed, gasping for her breath.

“Please… no, Seidrick.”

Alyssa’s eyes widened, and Seidrick turned around.


He was obviously calling her name.


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