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When Sasha did not respond, Alyssa lay back with an awkward smile.


Maybe I shouldnt have said that.”

“How about seeing him early in the morning tomorrow”

“In the early morning”


Alyssa contemplated for a while at Sashas cautious suggestion.


Seeing Ophelia and Juliana gave her courage.

After a while, her heart filled with excitement.

The fact that she was facing her husbands face made her excited.

‘Am I finally seeing Seidricks face tomorrow

Alyssa, who was not able to attend properly even in the social world due to the queens decision, enjoys wandering and has never seen his face in the social world except for the wedding ceremony.

She cant believe shes finally seeing a face that she hadnt properly seen since then.

Her heart began to pound.

Seidrick sighed.

When he returned from the garden and looked over the documents, a thick wrinkle was found in his forehead.

“Whats wrong”

Seidrick looked up at Paulines question.

Its been a long time since the sun has been set and the darkness in the room is deepening, but Pauline hasnt left work.

“Youre not home yet”

“Its not like that.

I think you should go down to the south again…”

Pauline put a new document on top of the pile.

“Hah… Thats quite a pain.”

Seidrick put a cigar on his finger like a habit.

Even now, three months later, his head was stiff due to the mining rights fight.

Everyone was drooling while looking at the iron ore.

In fact, Kendrick has been interested in iron ore for quite some time.

Thats why he jumped on his feet and scored this place.

However, as they noticed, small crowds of people gathered and disturbed Seidricks work.

If this business succeeds, he thinks he will have a chance to stand in front of Kendrick…

It was hard to meet the budget as the transaction price kept increasing.

Now, compared to the amount initially presented, it was in a state of being double.

The mining owners, which decided to sell the mining rights, were gradually increasing the transaction price by measuring it here and there.

It was 500 gold more than before.

Seidrick touched his forehead with his thumb.

Contracts have already been concluded with factories that will process iron ore.

If this is overturned, all of this will be broken… The damage will be disastrous.

“I dont know how to get these hyenas off.”


Pauline ran through the papers.

“Actually, its a problem that can be solved with money.

You just have to increase the amount they call.”

“We dont have that much money.”

“Dont you have any hidden money”

“…If there was such a thing, would we be doing this now”

Pauline laughed at Seidricks mischievous words.

Thats right.

If he had that amount of money, he wouldnt have felt so sick until now.

This iron ore business was also related to other businesses.

The dreams that Kendrick and Seidrick have had from the past are deeply linked.

Seidrick, who liked to ride a boat, had been to other countries several times by boat.

Kendrick saw a transcontinental train in the Chamore Empire.

The brothers, who were talking about each others experiences, wondered whether the two could be connected as a business.

A train crossing a wide continent.

It was Kendrick and Seidricks dream to bring it to this country.

The beginning is iron ore.

This would surely bring a big repercussion to the kingdom, and it would make more money than Seidrick thought it would.

He expected it would be difficult in the first place.

However, now that there is no Kendrick who supported him, the weight was quite overwhelming, and it was quite difficult.

“I know.

I dont think well get an answer like this.

Are you going down tomorrow”

“Lets eat lunch and go down.”

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“Then Ill be a little late for work.

You should go to the bedroom now.”

Seidrick hesitated.

Pauline glanced at Seidrick and shrugged off.

The bedroom, the bedroom Pauline was talking about, would not be the bedroom Seidrick used alone.


He was sure she was talking about the sleeping room Alyssa is using.

Pauline knew that Seidrick had never met Alyssa.

And isnt that true Pauline had told Seidrick several times it would be better to face the princess and see if theres something to gain from her.


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