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Alyssa stared at Seidrick.

As he deceived Alyssa, he thought that somewhere in there would remain a heart that mocked and deceived her.

No, she hoped so.

No, she hoped not.

Alyssa clenched her teeth in her contradictory mind.

She wished it was a question with an answer, but there was no perfect answer because it was a matter of faint emotions.

Let’s be more honest.

‘Alyssa Cambridge, shameless.’

The truth is, she wanted to blame the whole thing on Seidrick.

Alyssa wanted to leave Cambridge, and Seidrick was the most powerful of those holding her back.

So she wanted to blame him for falling in love with Sid.

She wanted to pass her feelings on to Seidrick.

Alyssa’s emotions that she had been trying to cover up suddenly popped out.

A tender and warm feeling that wet her feet wrapped around Alyssa.

It was the feeling of love that she had been trying to hide and pretend she had forgotten.

If Seidrick and Sid are peeled off, it’s just him.

He is a person with beautiful white-blonde hair and cold blue eyes that seem to be blind.

A heart that cared for people and the lips that spoke nice words to Alyssa.

The person who always stood by her side when she needed it.

He has such a solid back, the kind of person she can lean on at any time.

Alyssa’s fists trembled.

Alyssa’s face turned white.

“Take the path you want, Alyssa.

So far…”

Seidrick licks his lips.

He will again bring out what she wanted to hear.

“It’s been enough so far.

Alyssa has done the best she can, so it’s okay to leave the rest to others.”

Alyssa’s fists loosened.


Really, that person makes it impossible.

Alyssa’s voice cut through the weeping.

“They can’t do it without me… They say I’m the only answer.

Everyone says so.

No matter how much I hate them, they say that’s the answer.

If that’s the case, then aren’t they right A lot of people have the same voice.”

Alyssa asked.

“…it’s their selfishness.

No one can force Alyssa.

You are free to choose what you want.”

“That would be my selfishness.”

This time, Alyssa countered.

‘Will you still be on my side”

Alyssa’s heart fluttered helplessly.

Each and every word from Seidrick was piling up inside Alyssa.

“What does that matter They’re also pushing their selfishness.

Alyssa, don’t think you’ll be just like them.

Alyssa has done her best, and you deserve to ignore them.”

“…what if this country collapses because I disappear”

“They’ll make it somehow.

If they had Alyssa in mind in the first place, why would the Revolutionary Corps itself have arisen You have to think of yourself.”

“……Huu… .”

Alyssa buried her face in her palm.

‘Damn Cambridge!’

Useless swear words erupted.

Why is he so sweet and warm ….He was so peaceful that she couldn’t give up.

Those who say that they will be by her side unconditionally are so sweet.

Tears burst out.

Her heart, which had been split to the bottom, was wet with moisture.

Alyssa’s frozen world began to move again.

“…Do, don’t cry…”

Seidrick jumped to his feet in surprise.

It wasn’t that he said this, hoping Alyssa would cry.

He just wanted to be her strength.

He tried to tell her because no one stood by Alyssa.

He’ll be by her side, and she can do whatever she wants.

That way, of course, he knows Alyssa will leave.

She will take off her shackles, and she will leave this place and disappear.

‘If she disappears… .’

Alyssa’s words ripped through Seidrick’s heart, but it didn’t show.

Even if she disappears, after that, it’s up to Seidrick.

It was not her responsibility.

Of course, the thought of that still makes him breathless.

When he slept at night, and when he woke up, he would run up to the front of Alyssa’s room and back.

He feared that Alyssa might leave while he was asleep.

Even so…

“Then what shall I do”

With that thought, he tumbled back to his room.

He can’t help but think he has to get used to the situation without Alyssa.

Is it not a situation he can face at any time That’s what Seidrick brought up on his own.

That’s how he scolded and slapped himself.

Seidrick took Alyssa’s hand carefully.

He wants her to know that he is sincere.

“Alyssa… I will always be by your side.”

“… stupid… ”

Alyssa burst into tears.


Dania got off at the front door of Cambridge.

The knights in front of it stared at Dania.

“…don’t look at me like that.”

“… Lady Dania”

It was Edmit who recognized her.

“Sir Edmit.”

“…..Are you here to see Princess Alyssa”

“What do you mean, Princess Alyssa Nevertheless, you guys are shameless.”

Dania shook her head.

“Don’t call her that until she chooses.

She’s been a mistress in Cambridge for a long time now.”

Dania said sharply.


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