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“As far as I know, I’ve heard that there are new imported crystal glasses.”

Of course, it was a fact that all the ladies here knew.

In fact, information about expensive valuables tends to be the first to spread to the social world.

Rumors were circulating that after some time, there would be an auction for it.

Alyssa knew the story, too.

No matter how much she cut off ties with the outside world, she lived in Cambridge with Juliana and Ophelia.

Merchants have never neglected to send brochures to Cambridge.

And Ophelia was a cute girl of her age, she was interested in those things, and she often told Alyssa about what she had seen.

Alyssa had the property to obtain such a precious thing.

Her writing has a strong readership, and Maria, who manages Alyssa’s money, had a good sense of investment.

Maria had Alyssa’s money multiplied.

She could feel the eyes of the ladies all turning to this side.

In the past, she would have cringed at such gazes, but now there are many people who protect Alyssa’s back.

So are Ophelia and Dania, who gently hold Alyssa’s hand.

She continued to talk.

“I’d like to give it to you… as a gift.

Will it be enough for today’s broken glass”

“You don’t have to…!”

The Countess covered her mouth.

Alyssa smiled softly and shook her head.

“No, Countess.

You have to take it.

If you like this gift…”

Alyssa grabbed Ophelia’s hand and led her in front of her.

“Please take good care of Ophelia.”

“Of course, Duchess.

Ophelia is like our daughter… …she’s more precious than that…’

“I’ve heard that the white bear’s bile is also valuable.”

Alyssa whispered softly.

Then the Countess reluctantly nodded.

Of course, that wasn’t the end.

Alyssa spoke to the servant.

“I’m sorry.

I’ve caused you harm.

So, I want to make amends for it.

I’ll send someone to the County tomorrow morning.

Accept what they gave you.”

“….thank you.”

The servant bowed his back.

The Countess moved the people quickly.

The employees who attended the banquet hall promptly cleaned the floor.

The tempo of the music was fastened to clear the broken glass and rekindle the excitement.

There are no more traces of Vanessa here.

Vanessa was messy, the opposite of the calm and noble Alyssa.

People looked clearly.

Who is fit to be their leader

“Are you okay”

Ophelia asked in tears.

“Of course.”

Alyssa replied politely.

These things were always common.

If there’s one thing that’s different from before, it’s that people are now on her side.

Alyssa smiled bitterly.

It’s the first time she’d tasted the power of power like this.

But it wasn’t as sweet as she thought.

There are the ones who can turn their backs on Alissa at any time.

She couldn’t loosen her vigilance at any time.

That is the noble society that Alyssa learned.


The queen stroked her hair.

No matter how much she bites her finger, no matter how much she sends her servant, Edmit never comes back.

Now it was only a matter of time before this matter reached the king’s ears.

Kruno returned only disgraced, and he did not even come out of his place, calling himself sick.

The queen’s heart shrank.

What he had done before was something Kruno had suggested, and the Queen said it was good.

The king will surely punish Kruno.

The queen quickly beckoned her maid.

“Send Kruno and Sarah to Seraphina right now.”



The queen cried out in a hoarse voice.

The Duchy of Seraphina was the queen’s home.

They will definitely be on her side.


The queen’s eyes gleamed blue.

She guessed she’d have to ask Seraphina for help.

The rebellion must be suppressed.

The queen shook her head, thinking of several numbers.

‘We’d rather kill the king.’

And she will seat Kruno in its place.

Why didn’t she think of this before

She now has an empty royal family, and no one will be able to protect her.

Take this opportunity to kill the king she doesn’t like.

The queen trembled.

“Prepare to write a letter right now.

And tell Kurno and Sura as soon as possible.”

Once she put them in a safe place…

The queen swept her hand over the table and cleaned it.

With her trembling hands, the queen wrote a letter.

“Send this to Kruno.”

“Yes, Queen.”

“And you.”

The queen beckoned to her other maid.

“Go out and find secretly useful mercenaries.”


The queen’s hand gripped her maid.

In the queen’s gleaming eyes, the maid read fear and horror.


Something dangerous was happening.


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