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Alyssa read the worried look on him.

Even Marie and Gilbert, who are not interested in the world, cannot be unaware of the commotion that is taking place in the mansion.

Besides, it had only been one more day for the Royal Knights, who were encamped outside as if to protest, withdrew.

Edmit didn’t leave until after he had promised that he would contact Alyssa.

Alyssa said awkwardly.


I’ll try.”

“Thank you, madam.”

I’m the one who should be thankful…

Alyssa swallowed her words.

Marie and Gilbert’s friendly worries seemed to break her heart.

Her heart stood as sharp as her thorns.

Perhaps it is because of the magic of this garden.

Alyssa passed Gilbert and ambled.

As she gently listened to the rustling of the leaves.

She’s used to it, even though it’s been a long walk.

The lake that seemed to open her heart was still there.

The water was not yet frozen, but the waves were swaying in the wind.

Alyssa took a step back.

She is captivated by the beautiful light, and she may jump in at any time.

Alyssa hovered around.

The lake that changed its shape depending on the viewing angle was very pretty.

It was a good thing to come out.

That was then.


Alyssa turned her head at the sudden call.

Seidrick, pale white, was running towards her.

Alyssa blinked her eyes.

Alyssa used to chase Seidrick like that.

She was afraid of missing him, and she wanted attention.

It took her a long time to realize she likes him, but Alyssa has had Seidrick in her heart for a long time.

But now…

Seidrick was chasing Alyssa.

When she saw his earnest face, her heart fluttered.


“….I heard you went to the garden….

Fortunately, I met Gilbert and we didn’t lose each other.”

Seidrick laughed softly.

In fact, from a distance, Alyssa looked too close to the lake.

The memory of the day before came to mind, and he ran like a madman.

However, Alyssa was terribly peaceful, and Seidrick couldn’t interfere.

Seidrick swallowed a gulp.


It seemed that Alyssa was going to tell Seidrick to go back at any moment.

This was also the place where the memories of the two were buried, but it was also where Alyssa discovered Seidrick’s lies.

A long silence passed.


Maybe it was for a while.

However, Seidrick felt that the time was very long.

Only when Alyssa flapped her lips did he breathe.



“Catch a fish and cook it for me.”


“I want to eat it after a long time.”

Alyssa wrinkled her nose as if begging like a child.

Seidrick read in Alyssa’s purple eyes that she was struggling now.

She was struggling not to mess up the memories in this garden.

And if that’s what Alyssa wants, he’ll have to sympathize with her.

Sedircick nodded his head.

“Let’s put a bunch of herb leaves and sprinkle with lemon to bake.”


It will be delicious…”

Alyssa smiled as brightly as before.

Seidrick held his breath.

The purple eyes were curved, and the scattered rays of light seemed to seep into Seidrick.

It’s been a while since Alyssa smiled like that.

He wanted to stuff this moment.

It was a brief moment, but just looking at that smile made him happy.

Seidrick nodded slowly.

“I’ll go to the hut.

I’ll go and get what I need, so stay here… No, would you like to go with me”

“Um… Alright.

Marie said she baked scones, so I’ll bring.

I’d like to eat them with grilled fish.”

Seidrick nodded his head.

It was clear that the magic of the garden had done something to both of them.

Seidrick’s heart sank.

It was invaluable now, having a good conversation with Alyssa and walking together.

All the complicated and painful things were forgotten.

They just walked side by side as if they had returned to the past.

No, Alyssa’s steps were a little faster.

Seidrick hesitated in impatience, and then he took Alyssa’s hand.

He twisted the corners of his eyes at the heat transmitted between his overlapping palms.

Seeing Alyssa looking back with a surprised look, Seidrick smiled as if he was about to cry.

“…I’m afraid you’ll leave me…”

Alyssa’s pupils dilated wide.

Seidrick’s voice was wet and trembling.

“…don’t leave me alone.”

Seidrick struggled to smile.

“It’s a little scary without you.”

Saidrick murmured.

It was such a pathetic voice that Alyssa couldn’t let go of her hand.

As expected, she couldn’t shake it off, and it made him happy.

Seidrick fixed his hand.

As if he would never let go.


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