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Magic of the garden.

The magic that Sasha believed in worked again this time.

Alyssa returned with a relaxed face.

It’s different from when she looked at the garden with a desolate expression on her face.

Plus, Alyssa and Seidrick.

The two were together.

“…I’ll just go.”

Only when Seidrick came in front of Alyssa’s room, he let go of her hand.

Seidrick nodded his head.

“See you tomorrow.”

Since they had been in the garden until the evening, Seidrick said goodbye for the day.

Alyssa waved her hand slightly.

She was only fiddling with her doorknob, thanks to Seidrick, who didn’t move when she tried to get inside.

Alyssa said with a sigh.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Seidrick laughed awkwardly.

He knew he had to let Alyssa go, but he couldn’t.

How long has it been since he spent time with her like this Besides, the opportunity to hold Alyssa’s hand like this was scarce.

Seidrick laughed sadly.

“Good night.”

He once again said the same goodbye.

Alyssa blinked her eyes at the face that approached her cautiously.


Alyssa’s breath stopped as his lips touched her forehead lightly and fell.

Seidrick smiled softly in front of Alyssa; her eyes widened.

“Sweet dreams.”

Alyssa exhaled her breath only after Seidrick, who had been looking back sadly, ran away from her like he was running away.

Alyssa pressed her forehead and bit her lips.

A kiss on the forehead is a kiss of love.

A kiss with the meaning that I will protect you.

Alyssa’s cheeks slowly glowed red.

That was all, but she was so excited.

For this moment, the problems that had been scattered between Seidrick and Alyssa had collapsed to no avail.

Alyssa slowly lowered her hand.

She knew.

Occasionally, Seidrick would stare at Alyssa as if he couldn’t stand it.

He looks at her as if to swallow her and smiles as if it’s nothing when Alyssa shows her presence.

Her eyes still follow him.

It hurts, it hurts…

Obsessive and extreme.

Alyssa covered her face with her palm.


Now she really doesn’t know.

Seidrick and Alyssa.

Why are they voluntarily walking on such a difficult path

She just wanted to close her eyes for now.

She pretends not to know anything.

To become a lover who is happy with Seidrick’s love.

Alyssa closed her hot eyes, ignoring the wriggling darkness.

No matter what was at the end of this road, for now, let’s just think of the happiness.


The morning was bright.

Today, Ophelia, who had fallen asleep in Juliana’s bedroom like a child, started the morning.

Ophelia is the weakest in the morning, and she has never woken up early.

Ophelia opened Alyssa’s bedroom without permission.

“Ophelia… ”

“I came here because I thought you were sleeping.

Alyssa, wake up!”

Then she opened the curtains by the window.

“It’s too early…”

Alyssa yawned and stood up.

Ophelia smiled and sat down on Alyssa’s bed.

“Still, wake up, Alyssa.”

Ophelia grabbed Alyssa’s hand.

“Today is the last day.

We eat breakfast together and go to the salon.

Let’s dress up beautifully and go to the wedding hall together.”

She decided to host the wedding at the temple.

In fact, if they want to have a wedding in the temple, they have to make a reservation a year in advance, but now the temple is in debt to Alyssa.

They readily accepted Cambridge’s polite request.

Ophelia didn’t know about the circumstances under the water.

“Today’s bride is Ophelia.

So only Ophelia…”


Alyssa, the sisters usually work together in this kind of thing.”


Alyssa blinked.

She had never had such a tumultuous and happy wedding for her.

Alyssa just sewed a white dress on as the queen told her to go to the wedding hall.

She remembered that the excitement of the early morning and the expectations of the night before were crushed in an instant.

Alyssa licked her lips.

Ophelia nodded her head broadly.


We’re one family.

Hurry up.

Alyssa, I need to pick out my headdress too.”

Ophelia urged Alyssa.

“And Alyssa should be beautiful, too.

People are looking at you!”



Ophelia hugged Alyssa tightly.

“Alyssa, come with me and dress up so that no one will ignore you.

You’re going to wear something better than the dress that Princess Vanessa soiled.”


“I don’t know if you think it’s a big deal, but good shoes and a dress still give a lot of strength.

Show people who the new king is.”


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