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It made it easy that it has been in that shape until now.

Alyssa laughed.

The feud between the queen and the king will be to their advantage.

In fact, she and the queen were not related by blood, unlike the king.

But she doesn’t feel any emotions about the fall and death of the king.

It just happened because it deserved it.


The queen ground her teeth.

Kruno and Sarah may have yet to arrive at Seraphina.

The king of Seraphina cares about her, so he will surely do her favor.

To reclaim Kruno’s rightful place, according to the queen’s wishes.

It was apparent that they would be willing to give up knights who would suppress the rebellion.

But why was she so anxious

It’s been a while since Kruno and Sarah left, but she kept getting ominous thoughts.

The queen walked back and forth in her room.

“You over there! What happened to what I ordered”

“…I have commissioned the mercenary guild, so somehow the answer will come.”


There’s nothing I like.”

Nothing goes as intended.

And the queen’s anxiety became a reality.

“The king is coming!”

Behind the panting and shouting maid, the king’s face was seen.

The king never visits the queen unless it is necessary.

The queen laughed scornfully.

To this day, the king was the absolute ruler of this country.

He is the one who holds the right of life or death for the queen.

‘How can you make me so miserable… .!’

The king will meet a tragic death worthy of him.

“Your Majesty…..!”


The king raised his lips.

It was a smiling face, but she realized that what was contained inside was not so sweet.

The queen’s agile sense signaled danger.

The queen took a step back.

“I got a funny letter.”

The king knocked down the paper he was holding in his hand.

The maid picked it up tactfully and handed it to the queen.

The king beckoned to the queen.

The queen read the letter with a pounding heart.

The letter was written openly about the amount the queen had embezzled.

The queen’s lips trembled.

“Your, Your Majesty… I…! This is a conspiracy.

Yes! It is a letter from someone who does not even know the truth! It must be a lie that was created to upset the royal family!”


The king tilted his head.

The king beckoned backward.


The queen covered her lips.

What the servants brought out was another servant covered in blood.

He was working in the queen’s palace.

He bowed his head and vomited blood, shouting with his whole body.

The king pushed the queen against the wall.

The hand gripping her chin is firm.

The queen saw madness in the king’s eyes.

The king raised the queen’s head.

Her neck, which had been forcibly bent, complained of pain, but the queen could not express it.

The queen’s eyelids trembled.


I don’t move without certainty.

Now, should I say something else”

“Your Majesty…”


Would you be able to speak properly if I bring Crown Prince Kruno, whom you cherish the most”

The queen’s heart was pounding.

Kruno’s departure from the royal castle was a matter of top secret.

No matter how, for the king to know…!

“I’m sure he is heading to the border of Seraphina by now Queen.

Do you think I didn’t even know what was going on in my castle”

The king laughed bitterly.

“I’m just closing my eyes and pretending not to know.

Little things like that don’t matter.


the queen crosses the line like this every time.”

The queen tightly closed her eyes.

“You’ll either give the money or…”

She seemed to know without having to listen to what followed.

“Kru, Kruno is Your Majesty’s son!”


Useless son.

Do you mean the guy who has what I don’t have His abilities are not that great, and if he sees his parents well and sits there, he should have the ability.”

At the king’s grip, the queen opened her jaw.

She felt like she would break, but she couldn’t express her feelings, and she just trembled.

“Shooting Heidel to capture the Revolutionary Corps So.”

The king pushed his face closer to her queen’s face.

“So, where did all of my knights go”

The queen’s pupils dilated.

“Why is the royal castle empty”

“That that……”


Did they go to Princess Alyssa The whole country seems to be in turmoil about appointing a new king.”

The king chuckled like a low-quality scoundrel.

“That makes no sense.

The king is from heaven.

You don’t have to worry about such trivial things, Queen.

You just have to give what I want.”

“The…the money…it’s, it’s with Alyssa!”

“Princess Alyssa”

“Yes, yes!”

The queen nodded her head.

“I’ll take it away!”

“Not a bad idea.”

The king stepped away from the queen.

The queen noticed that she had had a very brief ending.

The king will kill the queen if it doesn’t go his way.

Without the slightest hesitation.


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