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What was he thinking before the surgery

Did he pray that he would not die

Did he pray for something else

Before closing his eyes, the first thing that came to mind was Alyssa’s face.

Apparently, the heartless Alyssa was crying even in his imagination, and he couldn’t erase it.

Seidrick thought with his numb head paralyzed by the anesthetic.

‘Don’t cry….’

Please don’t cry

When you cry, it feels like my heart is being ripped to pieces.

Seidrick slowly closed his eyes.


Early in the morning, the telegram arrived.

As soon as the telegram arrived, a messenger came running from the telegram office who had received a lot of money.

“Thank you.”

The butler handed the money to the messenger.

Some people couldn’t sleep and waited for it, so the butler couldn’t decide who to send the telegram to first.

The butler worked out one trick.

He will deliver the telegram to Alyssa and go directly to Julianna and Ophelia.

The butler took a deep breath.

The sun was shining over Cambridge.

It is the sunrise that rises through the cracks in the open door.

The butler’s pace grew faster and faster.

The butler knocked on the door to Seidrick’s bedroom.

Alyssa hadn’t been out of there all morning.


As soon as the butler called her, the door opened wide.

The pale, tired face is flushed with red.

The butler bowed his head in front of the evident traces of crying.

“The telegram has arrived.”

Alyssa unfolded the folded telegram with trembling hands.

There was only one sentence where her purple eyes were nailed to.

[The surgery ended successfully.]

It ended successfully.

The butler, who noticed that Alyssa was staring blankly at the telegram, secretly glanced at the telegram.

He did not dare to open it at first and did not see the contents inside.

His heart was pounding.

He was grateful that he could pass this news on to Juliana and Ophelia.

The butler bowed his head and chose to step down.

Alyssa won’t hear anything no matter what he says right now.

And the butler’s judgment was right.

Alyssa was digesting and digesting the sentence she had read.

To accept the meaning that the operation was successful.

And after a while, Alyssa understood.

Seidrick is unharmed.

He was not a prisoner of death.

Soon after his recovery… he will return to Alyssa.


Alyssa took a deep breath.

She thought she could live now.

Her breathing was wide open.

She frantically sent Seidrick away.

Even though she knew he was longing for Alyssa’s affection.

Alyssa kept it a secret, thinking that it would have been nice to just show him the love she had inside.

She felt like she was going to be utterly ruined after she was caught by Seidrick.

She didn’t want to be weak to Seidrick.

She doesn’t know why she has such an ugly heart.

Alyssa realized that she enjoyed herself more than she had expected to stand above Seidrick.

She thought of it as a reward for herself.

She wanted Seidrick to hurt as much as he had hurt her.

She had never properly hugged Seidrick as he left for a long way.

Now she realized just how stupid it was from a sane mind.

Alyssa promised.

When Seidrick returns, she will hug him tightly.

She knows that regrets are always late, but why does she do something stupid that she will regret every time.

Alyssa mumbled tearful words.

“Thank God…..”

She had one more chance.


Seidrick blinked.

“Duke Your Excellency.”


“Are you awake The surgery went well.

After taking medicine and watching you recover, I think I’ll go through the immigration process with Avery.”

Seidrick made a blank face.

He had just woken up and didn’t quite understand what Pauline was talking about.

The doctor who accompanied him from the duke’s family for Seidrick stopped Pauline.

“Stop it.”

“Ah… I got too happy….”

Pauline stepped back with a shy face.

She had been stamping her feet to let Seidrick know that his surgery went well and that he would be healthy.

Thanks to that, she was ahead of herself.

The attending physician looked at Seidrick closely.

Fortunately, the cancer was eliminated entirely.

Now, he will be undergoing chemotherapy for a while and watch the prognosis before returning to Avery.

How happy would Seidrick be

He was a man who had always wanted to go back.

Seidrick was genuinely worried about Alyssa, and he was sorry that he couldn’t stay by her side.

Then, he could not sleep with excitement on the day that he often received a telegram full of friendly sentences for Alyssa.


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