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Nobody wants Seidric to make Alyssa look good.

Alyssa didnt think she would live to see it too.

Shes just counting the moments as things get dull.

She just does it.

Alyssas will has never been accepted.

Even if she disobeyed, the king and queen would not budge.

Rather, it will cause more pain for her for disobeying.

‘Because you were born of low blood, you have to be taught properly.

A ladys handbook, which had to be copied over to the back of her hand, whip marks that never dried, taught Alyssa about the virtue of silence and obedience.

Alyssa, a princess who has lived a life other than a princess.

She had to protect herself in silence and to avoid being beaten she had to learn to be obedient.

It was the same this time.

Today, less than a week after Kendricks death, the leaves turned red, stirring peoples hearts.

Alyssa became an autumn bride…

Alyssa smiled bitterly with a crushed bouquet in her hand.

Alyssa was left alone in the newlyweds bedroom.

All she had left was this little bouquet.

Cool autumn with a cool breeze settled in the Cambridge mansion.

Autumn has also arrived at the largest mansion on the outskirts of the islands, chosen by the king himself for Kendrick and Alyssa.

Wide enough to be called a small forest

The Silver Garden also started wearing scarlet-colored clothes.

Squirrels with acorns crossed the tree trunk.

It was a sweeter and better autumn than ever.

The cosmos colony is reflected in the early morning sun.

She could see it from this distance.

It was a beautiful scenery.

Its such a waste to be depressed here.

“Its okay, Alyssa.

You can live well.”

Alyssa mumbled in a faint voice.

Until the morning sun rose and the morning light came, Seidric didnt come.

It was the next morning that she heard the news of Seidric.


Seidric was gone.

(Ripping my hair off aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

As soon as he exchanged wedding rings with the bride, he drove off recklessly on a horseback, shrugging his chains.

In the Kingdom of Castor, no one was unaware that Seidric Cambridge was married today to Averys princess.

But is it because of compassion Or is it because he became the husband of the princess No-one stopped Seidric.

“Its Seidric Cambridge.

Open the door.”

It was the same with the last gate.

The iron gate to the royal cemetery that never budges under the name of the King was opened.

Seidric stepped into the cemetery after he had left his horse to the cemetery keeper.

Fallen leaves blown by the soft autumn wind were wandering in the air with a rustling sound.

It couldnt be a less lonely sight than his own.

Seidrics gaze wandered in search of the cleanest, least traceable tombstone.

A new lilac bouquet was in front of him.

The king said that he would honor the hero and gave him a funeral at the royal cemetery.

However, his brother Kendricks grave was more desolate than anywhere else.

The marble covering the ground didnt have a single inscription or national crest, and the tombstone just had Kendricks name on it.

As lonely as an abandoned grave.

‘Isnt the sky scary, Avery is…!

The king, who took Kendricks life and took his remains hostage, urged Seidric to marry the princess.

What options were there The body of his brother, who died on the battlefield under the direct order of the royal family, and Seidric could not even see his brothers last face.

The king laughed meanly and whispered.

‘The choice is yours, Sir Seidric.

Its a problem that will all be solved if you inherit the Dukedom and marry Alyssa.

Is there any reason to go round and round This is not bad for you either,

The invisible chain that tied his neck was vivid.

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The king added, watching Seidric like a snake.

‘I am also deeply mourning the death of Kendrick.

Thats why Im trying to give you this rare opportunity.

Condolences and opportunities.

Is this the correct word used in this case Seidric laughed.

His fingers, digging into the ground, were stiff.

“Fuck Avery.”

If he had the ability, he wanted to kill the king who presented this terrible tragedy.

He wanted to see the king crawling on the floor and pay for his mistakes in front of his brothers tombstone.

His heart seems to be twisting when he thinks of his brother who died unfairly and alone.


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