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It seemed that Kendrick would have been treated the same in the royal family, so he burned himself to the core.

Kendrick, who knew it was a trap but had to walk toward death because of the kings command…

Ophelia shook her head.

Even so, they shouldnt be like that to Alyssa, who was innocent…

Ophelia turned her body with her stiff shoulders.

As Alyssa became like that, she repeatedly reflects on her attitude toward her.

‘I was too much…

The fact that Alyssa is a descendant of Averys royal family will not change anyway.

However, Alyssa first brought her and her mother to the royal cemetery.

The fact that she had taken them kept grabbing Ophelias ankle.

She thought she would be the same Avery, but she seemed as good as she was.

She seemed to be the only royal person that was sorry for them.

“Im so sorry… I apologize on behalf of Avery.

Sorry… ”

At that time, the apology from Alyssa was still lingering in her head.

Ophelia rubbed her cheek wildly in agitation.

Alyssas skinny face, who repeatedly said that she was sorry, flickered in her eyes.

When she first came here, she wasnt that skinny.

She knows that too.

Why is Alyssa getting emaciated as the days go by Shed rather scream.

Be as arrogant as Norfe or the rest of the royal family.

Why is she so good that she cant even hate her to the fullest…

Ophelia gave a long sigh.

Since Alyssas collapse, the mansion was drowning in a strange stillness.

The united hatred on the princess seemed to collapse and some even wondered if Alyssa was okay.

‘Wake up quickly…

Ophelia took her step sullenly.


Fortunately, Alyssa soon came to her senses.

Perhaps thanks to Sashas sincere care.

Still, because of her sickness for two days, her cheeks got skinnier and a sharp jawline was revealed.

As soon as Alyssa got up, she washed her entire body.

She was sick, but after washing, thanks to the sweating, she felt even cooler.

She combed her moist hair and dried it gently.

A small smile was caught on Sashas face as she served Alyssa.

“Thank God, madam.

You woke up early.”

“Is it really luck”

Alyssas lips stretched weakly.

“…What the hell happened to you This Sasha will scold them all!”

Alyssa barely smiled because she was grateful just for her words.

The memory from the cemetery, which she had forgotten when she fainted, came back to mind.

Her heart was bitter again.

“Well… ”

Whatever she said, it would just backfire on Alyssas face.

Prince Norfe was her line and her blood.

No one sees Alyssa as Alyssa.

The people of Cambridge only regard her as a by-product of Avery.

She is called Alyssa but is not seen as herself.

Rather, shes seen as a hateful Avery family member.

Now that shed realized that fact…

Alyssa grabbed the hem of her skirt with her skinny fingers.

Even though she is alive, she feels like shes being eaten bit by bit and is dying.

Alyssa laid her blank eyes down.

She then threw her gaze out.

Sasha caught her, pale like a broken doll.

“Madam… !”

Sasha burst into tears.

Her breath choked on Alyssa, looking like she was going to disappear soon.

Often she had a face like this.

Even when she lives in the royal family, she often…

Sasha bit her lips.

She often didnt know what she was thinking when Alyssa looked like this.

Was she thinking of her birth mother, who is said that immediately after giving birth to Alyssa, she was taken to a dungeon and died terribly Is it a reflection as a mockery of the royal blood and living her life in a cage

It was a lifeless expression that seemed to be struggling with loneliness.

What is certain is that even if Alyssa makes a look like this, she knows that tomorrow Alyssa will laugh as if shes okay.

Of course, her eyes are still empty.

Sasha burst her tears.

What happened at the cemetery Her heart was pounding.

“I want to go to the garden.”

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Alyssa mumbled her lips.

The gardener will be there.

He may be wearing shabby work clothes and a fishing rod with a face that looks precious enough to be believed to be a noble.

Or maybe hes climbing a precarious ladder and picking fruit.

Or maybe hes pruning.

No matter what he is doing, she wishes that the gardener was there.

He was the first person to need Alyssa.


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