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The fact that Alyssa helped someone and that it produced this kind of fruit warmed her heart.

The early winter cold was completely forgotten.

The biting wind that penetrated through the thick cotton clothes that Sasha had put on was completely forgotten.

Doing a favor to someone is difficult.

Its probably because shes hoping for a price.

Alyssa has repeatedly been disappointed with innumerable favors.

She pushes her hand out to those who need her and gets hurt again.

Alyssas lips trembled.

The same was true this time.

She went to the cemetery for Ophelia and Juliana, but the results were disastrous.

She hoped that the relationship between the two would improve a bit, but that hope disappeared like a bubble.

‘Because I had an expectation…

She herself was also a weak-hearted person, so it was so difficult to do a favor without a price.

But she didnt even want anything so big… Alyssas heart, who has always been disappointed, is like a mountain in the winter.

But looking at the egg that returned like this, it seemed that this man was repaying Alyssas expectations, and her heart melted.

She felt warm.

This winter was warm.


“Norfe! Isnt it time for you to wake up  Have you forgotten that the king is listening to your conduct”

“Ah, mother… ”

Norfe called the queen in a split voice.

The women scattered with him in his bed jumped up to the voice of the Queen, packed their clothes, and ran from his room.

The queens face, heated with Norfes debauchery, trembled.

“If you continue to act like this without dignity, leave the palace.

Its better if I cant see it with my eyes!”

“My mother.

How can you live without looking at my face.”

Norfe put a blanket around him and stood up from the bed.

“…Meet people who fit your status.

Id rather you be engaged! Or, get married!”

The queen cried hysterically.

The crown prince has always been beyond her queens expectations.

He was an elegant child more royal than anyone.

But in return, Norfe is so stupid.

The queens heart was burning.

Even now, the king could barely soothe his complaints about Norfe.

In this way, it was self-evident that if he was completely out of the eyes of the king, he would not even receive the title of count which he could receive as a prince and would be driven out.


Norfe, who was always running away when the wordmarriage was always mentioned, shone strangely in his eyes.


For the first time, the queens anger subsided at the attention of Norfes marriage.

Now get your head on straight.

“Some time ago, I saw Alyssa, who was married.”

“…I dont want to hear about her.”

The queen quivered her lips again.

Alyssa was beautiful because she resembled her mother.

Thats why she didnt like her.

She naturally caught the attention of other men.

There is no way other nobles will not notice that the queen recognized it too.

They were all interested in that daughter she couldnt have.

Thats why Alyssas marriage was decided so abruptly and quickly.

She doesnt want to see the vulgar veins being given attention and sympathy in the royal castle anymore.

The most important being in the royal family should have been her blood.

No matter how prodigally she plays, she wasnt born through the Queen.

Her gaze does not fade as she sways in front of men with her pretty and natural atmosphere.

So when the king chose a princess to send to Cambridge, she highly recommended Alyssa.

She wants to get rid of that girl from her sons eyes for a while.

Even if she hid and suppressed Alyssa, her atmosphere did not disappear.

“You didnt give birth to her, but youre too hard on her, Mother.”

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“…stop it.”

“By the way, mother.

There was a woman who came with Alyssa.”

In the beginning, Norfes eyes had never seen the Cambridge Princess.

She was just a bridesmaid in the situation.

Norfe looked at the woman next to Alyssa.

A pretty and beautiful girl standing with her eyes full of tears.

Of course, Alyssa couldnt be left out of her beauty, but the appearance of a young Cambridge Princess who was new to Norfes gaze was as beautiful as that.

A princess with tearful eyes.

He wanted to see her crying and running under Norfes feet.

The Queen, feeling weird at her sons words, raised her head.

Not Alyssa, but the girl she brought


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