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Alyssa came to the Royal Cemetery.

She knew she left her record.

Then the ones that accompanied her would be Juliana and Ophelia.


Marriage and the woman.

Marry the woman.

The queen’s lips curled smoothly.

The scandal surrounding Norfe could be suppressed by his marriage.

There were no young people who offered to marry Norfe.

However, Cambridge was nothing more than a sinking ship, except in the eyes of a king.

So, it would be a great honor to have their family come to the royal family.

Ophelia, Ophelia Cambridge.

The queen’s voice softened like a velvet dress.

“Tell me more, Norfe.�

“She still looked young.�

“Everyone grows up.

In the near future, the Princess of Cambridge will also be a part of the socialite and will be holding her coming-of-age ceremony.�

Norfe is 28 years old.

The queen did not hesitate, even though the Lady was not of age to covet love.

Who will stop the royal family’s pursuit In addition, she had the power of the queen.

“I could see why she liked Cambridge.

Kendrick and Seidrick were excellent in appearance.

Who would have thought there is such a brilliant Lady hiding in the family�

Norfe said gracefully as the queen wanted.

And that subtle change succeeded in making the queen’s heart completely entangled.

“I’m going to put a connection in Cambridge.

From Alyssa to Norfe.

There’s no better honor than this for Cambridge.

I will tell her to prepare dowry, and she’ll have the priestess do her bridal lessons so she can marry her two years after becoming an adult.�

“Two years…�

That’s too long.

Norfe smacked his lips.

The queen, who noticed his appearance, spoke a little urgently.

“Not long, Norfe.

Besides, to be engaged, you can do it right now.�


Norfe laughed round and round.

“What about making the fiancée live in the royal palace in advance Or give me a mansion.

It would be nice if she stepped in there and I would teach her slowly.�

The queen smiled brightly.

This is the first time that Norfe stands up and says such a mature thing.

She doesn’t know if it’s true that marriage makes people mature.

The queen, whose heart was in a hurry, arose.

“I will speak to the king and convey Norfe’s will.

Please wait a bit.

I will take the Princess of Cambridge and put her next to the Prince.�

“I believe in you, mother.�

Norfe raised his lips.

With a face that resembles the queen, with a shameful thought.

‘If I could dream of that pretty princess under me, I would sell even my soul.’

When such insidious discussions were going on in the royal family, Alyssa was spending time with the gardener named Sid.

She was touching only the egg that Sid handed over.

Eggs that have cooled down after a while…

Seidrick was watching her quietly.

It was because he didn’t want to disturb that smile on Alyssa’s face.

He doesn’t know what that egg means to her, but what’s certain is that it’s the first expression he’s seen.

“…I heard that freshly laid eggs are delicious even if you eat them raw.

It doesn’t even smell fishy.

Sid, have you ever eaten it like that�


Seidrick nodded his head.

Alyssa, who seemed to have no energy, lit her eyes.

As she touched the warm egg, it seemed that it gave her an appetite.

Thinking about it, after she woke up, she hadn’t eaten anything but the milk and porridge Sasha boiled.

In a little while, it looks like a rumbling sound will come out of her stomach.

“How do you eat it�

“By breaking the egg… �

Seidrick stopped talking.

Because he saw Alyssa staring at him blankly.

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‘Ah… ‘

Come to think of it, Alyssa was a royal princess.

She is a princess who will never break the shell of a boiled egg with her own hands.

In fact, it should be the same for Seidrick in terms of status, but he has a personality that likes to roam so much that he has done everything himself.

Seidrick took an egg from Alyssa and broke the tip.

He made a hole small enough to fit Alyssa’s little mouth.

“You can suck it here.�

Alyssa, who was handed the egg to her, was curious and tried to put the whole egg hole in her mouth.


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