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In the first place, Alyssa wouldnt have thought of taking over Julianas work, so she wouldnt have intended to decorate the space.

Lets pretend we dont know rather than do it and get hurt.

She thought so.

The office room, which was decorated in a refreshing ivory color, had a clean and modern atmosphere that young people of Alyssas age would like.

She felt enough consideration.

Youve been so considerate of me…

Thanks to this, Alyssa was able to gain some courage.

“Sit down please.”

At Alyssas beckoning, the butler and the maid sat down while hesitating.

They didnt come because they wanted to, but it was awkward enough to know that they were forced to come by Juliana.

Alyssa tried to smile.

“I know you are here to prepare for the banquet next week.”


If it seems difficult, I will…”

She thought it was unlikely that either the butler or the maid or Alyssa were going to work well together.

Werent they loyal

So, of course, they thought Alyssa would hate troublesome work.

Theyd rather just do it alone.

Besides, no matter how illegitimate she is since she is a dear princess, would she have done this herself

However, Alyssa shook her head firmly.


I know this is my job to do.

Im sorry, but if you help me, Ill try my best.”

The butler sighed and handed out the documents he had prepared.

There are so many things she needs to pay attention to.

‘Isnt this going to double the work

It was time to think so.


What was the budget for this time”

Alyssas eyes, who only looked delicate, sparkled.

The queen was always worried about where Alyssa was going to fall short, and her education was at its best because of it.

Of course, in the process, if she showed a little shortage, she will also be struck by a beating.

Even though she hadnt fit in, she thoroughly remembered the course of education she had received.

When asked by Alyssa, the butler quickly retrieved the budget documents.


Thats good enough.

It would be nice if I had a deal with the shops on Calliope Street in the capital.”

Calliope Street was a street where stores trading high-quality items, if not the best.

There were plenty of items of class that would not be too much to be formal.

“For disposable items, it would be okay to use the Schuedlader Street next door, not the shops on Calliope Street.

Butler, what do you think”

At Alyssas question, the butler nodded blankly.

The noble princess who grew up in the royal castle knows the street The Schuedlader Street was the street that trades intermediate and low-end products.

Usually, noble families also used the items on the streets for single use.

However, the imperial family is different.

The imperial family only used products on Tudliger Street, which only handled the finest products.

So, he was worried the Princess would insist on the Tudliger Street without considering the budget of her household, Thats why the butler said he would rather do the work himself.

The butler and the chief maid‘s view on Alyssa have changed.

“…youre right.”

“But, in the case of the dishes that the guests are most likely to encounter, we might want to buy it on Tudliger Street.

It is the best way to show the dignity and wealth of the family at the banquet…”

Neither of them had any disagreement.

Alyssas words were correct.

Shes saying shell cut down on useless spending and focus on whats most useful.

The chief maids and the butlers eyes met again.

“Can you prepare a list of stores and bring them to me tomorrow”

“Yes, Madam.”

Alyssa, asking for the favor, paused.

In fact, it should be Alyssas deputy, not the butler, who should do this request.

However, the royal family and the queen had considered her unnecessary so she has been excluded from the affairs.

Besides, she wasnt given such benefits since her childhood in the royal family.

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Eventually, Alyssa had to do everything herself if she needed anything.

It left a bitter taste.

So there was something better.

The queen often had a nasty habit of putting off what she had to do to Alyssa, and each time Alyssa was able to use it as an opportunity to develop and improve herself.

She wanted to have enough knowledge and culture as a mistress to build a family when she got married.

‘It was a vain dream.


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