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However, after adding Cambridge to Alyssa, his heart feels so broken.

Like the cool wind passing through the garden penetrated his heart.

After seeing Seidricks reaction, Juliana sighed.

“…do it.

Did you know that Princess Alyssa took on the banquet this time”


I just heard it now.”

“This is what she ordered.

I was worried at first.

She is also a very tender person, and she was intimidated by the mansion.

Of course, I also played a part there.”

Seidrick touched the teacup without saying anything.

She doesnt know why Alyssa is overlaid over her sons figure.

Juliana gulped down the tea.

Alyssa and Seidrick.

She doesnt know if its okay.

The two of them said they would do it on their own and left them unattended.

Seidrick cleverly avoided Alyssa, and she tolerated his behavior as if resigned.

It wasnt until Juliana emptied the teacup.

“…But contrary to my worries, Alyssa did well.

She already got in touch with the shops and was able to preempt useful items.

Besides, the remaining budget was used very appropriately.”


“She said to give out the remaining money to the employees.”

Juliana once again looked at Seidrick.

She thought he would be a little surprised to hear this story, but he was fiddling with the teacup in a sloppy posture leaning against the chair without any reaction.

With a stubborn look that he wouldnt listen to anything Juliana says.


However, for Seidrick, he couldnt help it.

Even if he thinks of Alyssa Cambridge and Lisa from the garden, he recognizes that the two are the same person.

Lisa in the garden is a good person and has no desire, so she deserved it.

Seidricks reaction seems to have been taken differently by Juliana.

“And even though something bad happened, she continued to promise to take me and Ophelia to the Royal Cemetery.”

Juliana added another word with feeble anticipation.

Of course, she didnt like all of Alyssas background and her situation.

However, she wondered if Alyssa might need a chance too.

Of course, this was also part of the guilt of the weak-hearted Juliana.

Since she poured out such rants on innocent Alyssa, she was constantly feeling sorry.

However, contrary to Julianas expectations, Seidrick had little reaction.

Maybe it was too early.

Besides, the matters between the couple should be left to the two.

Juliana did everything she could.

That Alyssa may be a different person than Avery.

Wouldnt it be enough if she had instilled that thought on Seidrick


Are you listening to me”

“Yes, Mother.”

Seidrick answered immediately.

“Im tired.

I have to go.

The day after tomorrow, I will leave for the south again.”

“Is the business you said in the capital over”

Seidrick nodded lightly.

Seidrick greeted Juliana and left the room.

Julianas line of sight was still looking at the teacup left in her sons seat as if nailed down.

Alyssa and Seidrick.

Maybe he didnt even have the time to drink a cup of tea properly.

She has so many thoughts she cant do anything.

“Give me another drink.”

She asked for another cup of tea from the attendant, who was standing by Juliannas side.

Of course, it doesnt mean she was just as comfortable with Alyssa.

But, what can she do Like it or not, she is now a member of Cambridge.

Juliana soothed her anguish and turned her gaze out of her window.

The moonlight of the night covered with a black veil was flowing in.

It was a light that could not be covered by the torches that were brightly illuminating the room.

Her mind and heart are complicated, so is Juliana.

Alyssa and Avery.

Averys Alyssa.

Averys illegitimate child, Alyssa.

She doesnt know what to do with her.

Even though her feelings for Alyssa soften, her emotions sometimes get tangled like a crazy person.

She used to cry like crazy then get better.

Instead of Avery, she wanted to put her revenge on Alyssa, but she knew it was unreasonable.

She feels again and again that this Cambridge is ruined and messed up.

Is Ophelia okay spending the night with tears

Seeing the skinny face of her youngest daughter, who said she couldnt sleep because her heart pounded, her heart collapsed.

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Kendricks death left them a scar.

Now, just hearing the sound of a horses hoof late at night makes her heart pound.

They say time is medicine.

It seems that this year has been so long that she cant breathe.

Juliana laid down the empty cup and looked down at the cup with a hollow gaze.



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