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“The gift is…”

“I wonder if flowerpots are good anyway.

Its winter, but there are a few flower pots available in this places southern part.

I heard that the lady likes gardens, so I think that will be a good gift.”

And with Alyssa, who seems to fill enough of Seidricks mind, and Seidrick that pretends to be okay while he has such an anxious face.

He worked so hard to avoid her, and where did you ever meet

However, she didnt do anything to reveal such curiosity and did not try to antagonize Seidrick because Pauline was a professional.

“But without even a single note…”

Seidrick flinched his shoulder.

He seemed to be struggling for quite a long time over a small piece of paper, and the only thing he had written was two words.

Why did you worry Pauline took the note and glanced at him.



Its just, its a little…

Pauline shook her head.

Press down the words you want to say.


Countess Bordeauxs reaction wasnt that bad.

Karhans response with the Countess was even more.

“I think it would be better to clear up the engagement even on paper quickly.

Like this, the princess could be a witness directly…”

The Countess of Bordeaux put the tea in her mouth.

Ophelia was a child who has been known for a long time as Karhans partner.

When Karhan told her that Ophelia was to marry Prince Norfe, thanks to him, he said he would go to Cambridge right away.

She couldnt sleep all night last night because she was upset and regretful of Karhan and Ophelia.

“The faster, the better.

Even tonight.”

“Since we have confirmed that the will of the princess is certain, we should move too.

Besides, Ophelia also approves… How about meeting in front of the Ministry of Justice at around 4 pm this afternoon”

“Ill tell the Mistress Juliana and Ophelia the will of the countess.”

It was a satisfying ending.

The Ministry of Justice is an independent institution from the royal family.

The royal family will not touch the documents passed to them, so they only need to submit the documents typically.

“But, we were so worried about it, so I want to ask if we can get a marriage certificate rather than an engagement certificate.”

That was a more obvious way.

Alyssa put her eyes down.

Maybe Juliana or Ophelia will also allow it.

On their behalf, they have given all the power of decision to Alyssa, who is standing here.

Ophelia cried and said she would bite her tongue and die if she would be marrying a man like Norfe.

‘Shes the youngest at times like this.

Alyssa smiled a little lightly.

“I think its a good idea, Countess.

It would be safe to use a way that the royal family could never cut.”

“I feel comfortable with the princesss consent.

Isnt that right, Karhan”

“Yes, mother.”

Karhan nodded his head.

One of the worries that had filled his young face seemed to be peeling off.

‘Is he the same age as Ophelia

They are still young, but thanks to Averys royal family, they suffered a lot.

Alyssa moistened her lips with the tea and smiled.

The conversation, which flowed smoother than she thought it would, seemed to make her heart open as well.

The royal family will now blame Alyssa, but this could save Ophelia from Norfe.

If so, she wasnt afraid of their accusations.

Alyssa bites the flesh in her mouth.

The same vein is sometimes creepy and sad and painful.

It wasnt once or twice that it would have been better for her to be born as a poor street girl.


‘You should be glad you werent born outside because of this appearance, like a bitch! If not, wouldnt you be just a prostitute spreading her legs

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Vanessas voice that was shooting at Alyssa was clear.

Indeed, its an uneasy life.

If it were a life that neither fits here and there, it might have been better not to be born.

Alyssa suddenly put down the empty cup.

Now she must return to Cambridge and prepare to go secretly to the Ministry of Justice with Ophelia and Juliana.

The Countess, who had no words, sighed and opened her mouth.

“The Avery royal family…”


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