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“So there is nothing to worry about, Alyssa.

You just need to be still.”


“The queen is a scary person, mother.”


“I am a scary person as much.”


Juliana reached out her hand and carefully stroked Alyssas cheek.

The wounds seemed sore, but the appearance of not blinking an eye caught her heart even more.

What did the royal family do to this delicate child


Just as Alyssa protected Ophelia and Juliana, she did just that, so what bothers her so much.


Instead, this kind of appearance fluttered Julianas heart.



It will be fine.

I promise.”


Only then, Alyssa exhaled her paused breath.

As soon as she heard what she wanted, that it was okay, her body melted where it had hardened by the tension.

As she watched her mouth open, she smiled along with Juliana.


What a pleasant thing to do.


Norfe will no longer be addicted to women and will not insult Alyssa and Ophelia.

Is this what its like to feel good inside


It was pretty good revenge.


But suddenly, that thought came up.


‘If I leave, you guys will think the same way as me.


Thats what she thought.


She will never be able to remove Avery from Alyssa, and Avery will never be able to pay back the guilt of taking Kendrick.

So when Alyssa leaves, she will become invisible.


Wouldnt these people feel refreshed like when the sick tooth gets pulled out


Alyssa bowed her head.


They are the first ones to protect her.

Cambridge was embracing even Alyssa, who was no less than an enemy.

So the contradiction that the more they did, the more she had to leave scrambled her heart.


She gave strength before bursting into tears, and she managed to endure it.


After sending a letter to the royal family as she has been doing these days, she will have to grab the pen she has placed for a while.

To get ready to leave, little by little.

Alyssa needed a surplus of money after paying for all the things she used.

Only Sasha knew she was a writer and sometimes sold books by writing.


The novels written by Alyssa were sold quite popularly, which allowed her to save quite a bit of money unrelated to the royal family.

In the meantime, it was the reason Alyssa was able to help those in need anonymously without being hung up on money.


She said a word to hide her complex mind.


“Thank you, mother.”


It was a word with a heavy resonance.


Soon, two seasons have passed.




Not much time passed, but Cambridge continued to remain unchanged.

Like Alyssa.

As the seasons changed and the flowers blooming in the garden changed, Alyssa was still there, and Cambridge was still there.

As if time no longer flows through Cambridge.


She was still a stranger, and Seidrick often left the mansion.


‘I havent seen my husbands face properly yet…


A peal of awkward laughter struck Alyssas mouth.


The interactions between Alyssa and Seidrick were all about the flowerpot, which he sent her as a token of gratitude a few months ago.

At that time, she may have had useless expectations that the relationship between the two might improve for a while.


But Seidrick did not return after that.


The royal family never answered the contribution.


Kendricks remains seemed to be used as a very useful hostage for Avery to deal with Cambridge.

They are inhumane and are still committing unethical things.


While Cambridge and Alyssa passed through the time, the outside was getting dry.

The royal family raised taxes a little more.


The peoples resentment crossed the royal wall, but it did not reach the kings ears.

Instead, it was Alyssa who heard their voice.


Alyssa gave back some of her money to the community by selling her writings.


Last winter, she helped the poor as she bought grain and cotton clothes.

Alyssa continued her good deeds, feeling that she would repay them for the offenses committed by Avery.

That was the end of winter and spring.

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Alyssa got off the wagon.

The files in her hand seemed to add weight to her, like the weather getting hot.



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