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Whether the queens lies are that her mother is dead or that she is alive.

It was certainly something that would make Alyssa upset.

Her lips trembled.

“…Do you not want to meet”

The queen tapped the portrait with her fingertips.


Once again, the queens voice, who was picking up, was as sweet as a sugar cookie soaked in honey.

It is so sweet that she has no choice but to swallow it even though she knows it is poisonous.

Alyssa gave in.

Alyssa was selfish.

After all, she was Averys blood.

No matter how hard you struggle.


He knew that Alyssa had been called by the queen and entered the royal palace.

And everything flowed into his ears, even the story they had shared.

Seidrick planted a man in the royal family after Alyssa was beaten in the cheek by the queen.

Maybe Alyssa overthrew Norfes work or returned with a cheek that turned purple.

The news of Ophelia to Seidrick was enough to arouse his anger.

Complicatedly, it was.

Although Alyssa has Avery on her back, she belongs to Cambridge.

She became a person who had a deep connection with Seidrick.

But the queen, brazenly wielding violence against Alyssa, aroused his anger, and Seidrick bought a royal man.

For Alyssa, Ophelia, and Juliana.

Of course, all of this was possible thanks to Pauline, who was in contact with the royal lady-in-waiting.

Anyway, Seidrick sat down and listened to the conversation between Alyssa and Queen.

Pauline looked at him.

Alyssa is said not to give any answer at the end of the queens words.

However, Pauline seemed to know for some reason Alyssas choice.

Seidrick, who always had a strong smile, had a crooked smile on his lips.

It was not clear whether his anger was towards Alyssa or the royal family.

“Its always the worst, this damn royal family.”

He knew in the first place that the king was starting to pay attention to Cambridges iron ore business.

Before putting such pressure on Alyssa, Seidrick had already been asked to attend several royal meetings.

It was an attendance that had never been required since the decision to abandon Cambridge.

It was self-evident without asking what the king was aiming for.

When he rejected the kings request, Seidrick thought the King would use a different method, but he didnt know the King would pressure Alyssa.

Its also in such a mean and dirty way.

Seidrick also seemed to know what Alyssa would have chosen.

He would have made the same choice as well.

Isnt all hes working on in the steel industry now is to get Kendrick back

He was a coward who couldnt face Alyssa properly, but she was a victim like him.

“What should we do”

Seidrick sighed and said.

“What do we do Do not do anything, do nothing.”


“Its okay, Pauline.

Just one request.

Find Alyssas birth mother.”

Pauline kept her mouth shut for a while and reluctantly nodded her head.


This sucks.

Alyssa mumbled quietly.

The queen worked hard on her manners education, but now she couldnt stand not swearing.

If a royal family cannot protect its people and instead exploits them, why should there be a royal family

Alyssa gave in.

She was disillusioned with the fact that she was the byproduct of the royal family.

In addition, her loathing for herself soared in Cambridge for not being able to reject the queens words at once with her favor.

As expected, she was with Averys veins.

Just as others are pointing their fingers.

Alyssa exhales a long sigh, leaning her head against the carriage.

She was suddenly passing through the door of the Cambridge mansion.

With Seidricks return, the related documents probably came to the estate as well.

There must be a certificate of ownership of an iron ore mine somewhere here.

She cant even remember her mothers face.

She looked like her, so she only guessed.

The person she saw through the portrait seemed to resemble Alyssa, but affection did not spring up.

But, still…

Even though it is wrong affection, she doesnt know why the queen, who does anything for her children, keeps getting caught in her eyes.

If Alyssa can get such a heartwarming love at least once…

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