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Vanessa, who is wrapped up with pride and elegance, called Alyssa.

Her eyes were filled with thoughts.

If Alyssa approaches her, she’ll scratch Alyssa right away.

Her eyes are flashing and staring at Alyssa like a cunning snake.

This is Alyssa, who does not enter the royal family under the protection of Cambridge.

The royal family would have been aware of their need for her.

They have now lost their comfortable things without Alyssa.

Vanessa’s party was not popular among the ladies of her age, and her position was gradually narrowing.

Is that all that

The royal family is a mess because no Alyssa was in charge of the big and small events.

The queen was busy filling her greed, and so was Vanessa, so there is no one to take care of the court.

Alyssa could bet her entire fortune that Vanessa didn’t know how much royal finances are left.

Vanessa, encountering Alyssa in her cold line of sight, swallowed a laugh.

‘Such a lowly girl, so stiff.’

Since she was born with gypsy blood, she doesn’t know who’s above and under.

This is why they shouldn’t let the not fundamental things into the royal family.

Vanessa clicked her tongue and beckoned nervously at Alyssa.

“Come here, Alyssa.”

The nobles caught their breath as they watched Vanessa call Alyssa as if calling someone lower.

Isn’t she from Cambridge, who is dominating the kingdom anew Alyssa was the Duchess, no matter how much she had to do with the Duke.

She was under the protection of Grand Madam Cambridge, and she was the one who was recognized by Ophelia, who had a reputation for being picky.

Vanessa crossed the line at this party, where no one can treat Alyssa with her carelessness.

Alyssa raised her head sharply to see the gaze pouring on her.

‘Nothing has changed.’

She is sick and tired of it.

The Clemore story, which Alyssa contributed, was very popular.

And now, the quick and intelligent people began to talk carefully about the “land without the royal family.”

With the money earned from the novel, she asked Sasha’s younger sister, Maria, to hire an intelligence dealer.

It was to make sure that what Alyssa was doing was working correctly.

The intelligence officers regularly reported to Alyssa, looking at the gentry women’s reactions, including the noble ladies.

And it was as expected.

Alyssa hid behind the pseudonym and began to shake the people from the roots with the power of a pen, stronger than the sword.

As the royal family commits more, Alyssa’s power will grow stronger.

Therefore she can still accept as much beating as she can.

Alyssa’s dry gaze looked directly at Vanessa.

People’s eyes followed Alyssa’s steps.

“What the hell is going on”

“Princess Vanessa is blind, not even a day or two.”

“The Duchess hasn’t been entering the royal palace at all these days Except when she occasionally goes to the royal cemetery.”

“The Duke of Cambridge has issued a ban on going out, but I don’t know for sure.”

The interests of the talkers were directed to Alyssa and Vanessa.

As Alyssa got closer to Vanessa, their interest grew.

“Did you call, sister”

Alyssa talked to Vanessa with a light smile.

“Are you still trapped in the mansion”

Vanessa shot sharply.

“I don’t live in confinement.

It’s like this even back then, right”

“Then Why don’t you come to the royal family My mother wants to see you so much.

You don’t come in no matter how many times she calls.


Vanessa was snaring her words as she groaned and swallowed her breath.

Even though Vanessa didn’t notice how much the gaze was drawn towards them.

Alyssa laughed.


Her turn was her turn to wield the knife that her husband had given, who had never seen her face.

Sid, whom she met in the garden some time ago, had told Alyssa that she needed more courage.

She needs to know how to use what she has.

“Because my husband doesn’t seem to like it very much.

He is not allowing me to enter the royal family.”

“The Duke of Cambridge must be laughing at the royal family!”

“My husband already got permission from the king, sister.

Would my sister be willing to disobey father’s orders”

“Well, that… can’t be….just…”

Vanessa noticed her surroundings.

All the people seemed to have fallen for Alyssa’s words like smooth velvet.

Vanessa gnashed her teeth.

‘You’re supposed to crawl and beg!’

However, Vanessa also had to get confirmation that Alyssa would enter the palace today.

Isn’t the wedding of Crown Prince Cruno soon She needed someone to prepare it.


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