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“It’s because I’m sad that you seem to neglect us.

Aren’t we a family”

Vanessa put a strain on her last word.

She knew that Alyssa was weak in the word family.

The foolish thing is that Alyssa looked like her mother and embarrassed Vanessa to hear that she is Alyssa’s family.

Vanessa smiled.

Obviously, again, Alyssa will crawl in thanks to Vanessa for putting her as Vanessa’s family.

However, when she confronted Alyssa’s bright expression, Vanessa noticed that she was wrong with her predictions.


“Of course it is.

But, I have a new family member, a sister.

I am no longer Avery.

I am in a position to follow the words of the Head of Cambridge.”


“My father would have accepted my husband’s request, hoping that I could easily adapt to Cambridge.

If you are too close to your family, wouldn’t it be difficult for you to adjust to your marriage”

Alyssa scanned the shaking Vanessa up and down before stepping back.

Her expression exudes a more royal feeling than Vanessa, who is archaic and untouchable.

She knew roughly what Vanessa’s purpose was, but she didn’t want to play with her anymore.

“Well, bye.

Of course, talking with my sister is fun, but there are many people who I haven’t even been able to greet.”

Alyssa turned her body naturally like flowing water.

As soon as she left Vanessa’s sight, many ladies flocked and were anxious to make an acquaintance with her.

Before she knew it, Vanessa trembled as she stared at Alyssa.

“Wait and see!”

I will definitely make you pay back!

Alyssa laughed brightly, ignoring the hostility she felt.

She wasn’t scared at all.

Not a little bit.

If the royal family condemns Alyssa for her sins, she will die sweetly.

Isn’t it a body that is plagued with all sorts of sins anyway

Even when she dies, she will have no regrets.

Alyssa had long since had death in her heart.


“Sid! You were in the garden today”

“I just came back this morning.”

Alyssa laughed brightly at Sid’s blunt answer.

It was because she was delighted to see Sid, who appeared to enter the garden.

Yesterday, the body crowded by the ladies all day was complaining of fatigue.

But she started this path early in the morning in anticipation that he might come.

Her expectations were met so, even if her body was tired, she had no choice but to feel good.

“Good to see you.

The cosmos started blooming yesterday.

How pretty.

It looks like it’s really autumn now.”

Alyssa chartered softly, chasing Sid’s side.

Then, she took the fruit of the tree Sid picked and skillfully put it in a basket.

Now she is getting used to helping him with this kind of work.

As she spent time with Gilbert, Mona, and Sid, she naturally got used to it.

“Can I try this once It’s so appetizingly nice.”

Sid glanced at Alyssa, then wiped the fruit of the tree off his shirt and held it out.

Alyssa, looking at the fruit of the tree with a curious face, bit it with a crunch.

The sweet and sour flesh filled her mouth.

Even though she had little to eat lately, this fruit was sweet enough that she wanted to eat it all away.

The juice was smeared on her mouth, and she swept her tongue and swallowed it.

Her red lips twinkled.

“It is very delicious.”

Sid frowned slightly and turned his head.

It was because her red tongue that slowly swept over her red lips felt sensational, but Alyssa did not do it intentionally.

Sid… Seidrick swallowed a weary sigh.

The longer he spent time with Alyssa, the deeper his contradictory heart was.

Alyssa, who looked like she was about to shatter, gradually permeated Seidrick’s heart.

Even now.

“It would have been nice if I had eaten it last year.”

She smiled as if she was shattering, looking like pure white light.

Seidrick glanced at Alyssa, who had eaten all of the fruit.

She seems to be improving little by little since he prevented her from going to the royal family, but she is still dry.

Seidrick picked another fruit and wiped it off with his shirt.


You want me to eat”

“Because you seem to eat well.”

“Then I won’t refuse.”


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