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Alyssa gulped down one more fruit.

With the fruit in her mouth, Alyssa looked around.

In the distance, she saw the lake where he had been fishing all summer.

Alyssa swallowed away the pieces in her mouth and threw an empty look.

It was a different face from when she smiled and accepted the fruit.

The empty heart was cold as if it could hold nothing anymore.

The day she threw herself into the lake, it felt as if she had left everything there.

Alyssa again bit the fruit.

Still looking at the lake.

However, Seidrick did not notice that gaze.


Seidrick followed Alyssa with his eyes.

It was to monitor whether her small feet walking along the lake were stepping into a vain place.

Since Alyssa threw herself into the lake the previous day, Seidrick was anxious about her being alone in the garden.

To others, Alyssa said she had stumbled, but that’s not true.

Alyssa threw herself at will without a bit of hesitation.

So, Seidrick’s worries were necessary.

Without knowing, he was nervous.

“…After walking, I feel more hungry.

Did you say another egg got laid today”

Alyssa smiled and returned to Seidrick’s place.

There was a sound of fish flapping from a bucket next to him fishing for a plump freshwater fish.

“Yes, Lisa.

I picked only the eggs it laid today and brought them.

This is what I promised.”

Seidrick opened the basket and showed it.

Alyssa walks towards him from the shore and stops.

Even from that distance, he could notice that there were not only eggs in the basket.

“It looks like there’s something else in the basket, Sid”

“Autumn freshwater fish are especially fatty and savory because they have a lot of flesh.

No matter how simple you eat, wouldn’t it be more reassuring if you eat properly”

Seidrick glanced at Alyssa and took things out of the basket.

Spice, pepper, lemon, and herb leaves.

After hearing the story of the maids saying that Alyssa was going to go to the garden, he asked the chef to prepare it.

Unknowingly, the attendants and maids were paying attention to Alyssa, so it wasn’t difficult to find out her favorite herb leaf or seasoning.


After a long time, the bright smile on Alyssa’s face exhaled a breath of relief from Seidrick.

From that day on, she seemed to be walking on thin ice.

Everything she treats was with caution.

Still, when he saw Alyssa’s social career these days, it didn’t seem that bad… The story of Alyssa giving Princess Vanessa a blow was told vividly through Pauline’s mouth.

He was not happy that Alyssa was wronged, but it was fortunate that she didn’t run away from the spot.

Still, he was a little relieved because he was worried about the royal family’s pressure on Alyssa.

It was considered a positive meaning to no longer have regrets with the royal family.

Of course, Cambridge relatives still disliked Alyssa, but if they don’t come to their house, that’s it.

It can’t be helped since Kendrick’s the favorite…

Seidrick stopped working on the fish.

Come to think of it, it was his brother’s anniversary soon.

It’s already been a year since he left.

Seidrick’s movements slowed down.

“I feel like every time I see it, it’s amazing.

How do you peel it off like that”

Alyssa’s voice scattered like smoke and wrapped around his ears.

Seidrick, awakened to his mind, energized his hand, pushing away the fish scales.

His heart is rustling, and it seems as if he can feel the grass on the tip of his nose.


Seidrick bit his lips firmly.

Kendrick took Alyssa to take care of her.

‘I forgot…’

Seidrick bit his lips.

He bowed his head in order not to notice the fluctuations of emotion.

“You’ll get used to it.”

Having said that, Seidrick realized one thing.


They’ll get used to everything.

The fact that Kendrick left and Alyssa came to Cambridge.

He’s more concerned about the one who’s there than the one who’s dead; it’s possible that his worries about Alyssa made him forget Kendrick’s anniversary.

So, time is medicine…

Seidrick’s eyes got hot.

No matter how much he should forget Kendrick.


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