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She learned that Alyssa had donated large sums in the name of Avery and Cambridge.

Is that all that

She split her own budget and helped needy employees.

Even when she was preparing for the banquet, the remaining money was shared with the laborers, and she took on the role of a compassionate and fair mistress.

She stood in front of the royal family as if she were a rigid shield for Cambridge, and even after the accident, she defended Ophelia from Norfe, who often came to her with mischief.

She seemed weak, but she was stronger than anyone else.

The more he knew, the more he went through, the more he could not hate Alyssa.

Seidrick shook his head slowly.

“I’m fine.

It doesn’t matter.”

“Then I’m glad… If you’re still feeling really bad, you have to tell me, Sid.

There is nothing good about getting sick.”



Then, let’s think that we’re practicing and let’s cook the fish.

Actually, the anniversary is soon.”

Exactly two weeks later.

It was an autumn day when the cosmos was in full bloom.

“I hope it doesn’t rain on that day.”

The day Kendrick left, the falling rain was pouring.

It seems that Alyssa also remembered it.

“I want to know what else he liked, but I’m sorry to bring it up…”


Although he is grateful for Alyssa’s interest in Kendrick, he hates it.

‘Damn, this is the worst.’

Seidrick laughed.

“At the very best, I want to fill the table.

Even though you can’t pay for the sins you commit with such things.”

Alyssa sighed a little.

“I don’t want everyone to get sick.”

She’s a beautiful person, so he can’t help but look at her in his eyes.

 Seidrick pressed the cold corners of his eyes with his fingertips.

‘I’m sorry, Kendrick.’

Really, I’m sorry.

* * *

“Alyssa insulted you”

“Yes, mother.

Since then, I wondered how I should prepare for my brother’s wedding ceremony.”

Vanessa glanced at the queen.

She mentions Cruno’s name, but in fact, it was nothing but an insistence for the Queen to punish Alyssa for what she had done.

Vanessa trembled.

It seems that her face was still blushing when she thought she had run away in shame.

She would never let Alyssa go for making her look like that.

It seems that she will be refreshed only to see Alyssa kneeling down and begging.

Vanessa gnashed her teeth.

‘In front of everyone… Alyssa, that vulgar thing!’

The queen glanced at Vanessa and took a deep breath.

Now is not the time to care about that.

The king expressed deep regret for the queen’s successive failures, and her position got narrower.

The queen’s forces were also stagnating due to the king’s pressure.

For the queen now, it was more critical that Alyssa turned her back on them rather than the insult to her daughter.

That means that the ties that could reach Cambridge have disappeared because of that.

“Mother! Quickly call Alyssa and scold her.

No matter how great Cambridge is, isn’t mother the queen The cheeky and arrogant Duke Seidrick is begging to be punished.

You have to show the dignity of the royal family.”

Vanessa’s controversial voice is getting annoying today.

The queen frowned at her.

That said, it was hard for Vanessa to notice.

“Come on, mother.”

Vanessa tackles her mother and pouts her lips.

Eventually, the queen, who could not overcome the anger, criticized her daughter with a sharp voice.

“Be quiet! My head is sore and painful.

Ha… Ha, Vanessa.

Now is not the time to care about that!! If you do something wrong…”

The queen swallowed her words and bit her lips.

In this way, neither Cruno nor she could say that they would be ruined.

It’s a lot of people’s throats on the line.

In the royal palace, there are many ears, and the rash Vanessa doesn’t know where to go and talk.

The queen touched her forehead and gestured to Vanessa, who was in tears.

“Look, Vanessa.

I will figure out Alyssa later.”


The queen stared at Vanessa’s back, expressing her dissatisfaction.

She doesn’t know how things will go wrong, so she’ll have to hurry Vanessa’s marriage.

After Cruno got married in the winter, the following calculation was to send Vanessa.


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