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The king would not pay a large dowry for Vanessa.

But how can she make Alyssa and her daughter’s marriage the same

The queen called Sierra, standing next to her.


“Yes, Your Majesty the Queen.”

“How much is Alyssa’s budget for this month”

“It’s about 100,000 gold.”

The queen drooled.

She wanted to curse herself of the past, who measured the money at the lowest level at the thought that the money going to Alyssa is a waste.

Who knew it would be used for emergency money in the future But now, she was an outsider to increase Alyssa’s budget.

‘But this month, next month… After collecting until the new year, I’ll send Vanessa.’

‘This is how I save money.’

Alyssa didn’t know that her situation would be this bad.

The queen trembled with misery.

“I have to write a letter to Count Alberto.

I must tell the king to pursue Vanessa’s marriage.”


“I can’t give what Vanessa likes.

She needs to be sent to the most unassuming family so that it won’t be a bad thing in the future.

Her resentment will be brief.”

Vanessa will later figure out the will of her queen.

She needed a promising young man instead of an unknown Viscount to her liking.

Vanessa, of course, can back the royal family when danger comes.

For now, it was the best for Count Alberto’s second son.

The queen pressed the headache on her forehead.

“In this case, there should be Alyssa… Tsk.”

If Alyssa had been there, she would help Vanessa prepare for her marriage and look over Cruno’s wedding ceremony.

She didn’t know this world where she’s going to need that useless girl.

The queen sighed with her narrow open eyes.

“And we’ll have to hire someone to help prepare for Cruno’s wedding.

It’s a royal wedding, but we can’t play it.

I have to ask Countess Gerald for help.”

The queen shimmered her eyes in a dark mood.

Countess Gerald apparently had a personal affair with Cambridge.

Dania Gerald was Kendrick’s fiancee the other day, but she had a history of being unilaterally separated.

She must have a grudge because Kendrick was blinded by the marriage to the princess and kicked his fiancee.

If the queen makes good use of Dania, she might be able to pull Gerald County on the queen’s side.

The arrogance of the royal family covered the queen’s eyes.

The royal family that forcibly broke Kendrick’s engagement and that Gerald’s resentment was directed towards the royal family, not Cambridge, was a fact that anyone could infer, but she didn’t know it.

The queen thought that Gerald County couldn’t have feelings against the royal family.

“Yes, Your Majesty the Queen.”

Sierra lowered her head and left the queen’s parlor.

To have Countess Gerald prepare for Cruno’s wedding and use her grudge to threaten Cambridge.

Gerald County is a prestigious family with a long history, and they have a lot of connections thanks to their long years in the central government.

If Gerald County moves, most of the central nobles who have no ties with the Queen will follow.

‘They could use Cambridge as a pressure card again.’

Then she could hold Alyssa back in her hand and shake her.

Alyssa seemed to consider Cambridge to be her own family.

The Queen must show the gypsy daughter that she has no family.

‘This is why you have to properly teach the animals you raise not to bite their master like this.’


The queen clicked her tongue.

She rebukes herself for the past, and she ponders the bridle for Alyssa’s neck.

Norfe came to find the queen this time.

Norfe, who has been drunk since the tragedy, was one of the queen’s worries.

Of course, he was a headache before, but not as much now.

The Queen frowned at Norfe staggering with a drunken red face.


“Norfe, the sun hasn’t set yet.

What if the king sees you…!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Is the king interested in me He threw me away to a ruined mansion and drove me out of the castle!”

Others had mansions that couldn’t last their entire lives, but they weren’t even in the eyes of the arrogant Norfe.

Especially on days when the world looks crooked like this.

Even today, he assaulted the maid who works in the mansion.


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